Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 69


[Damiel]: “Fufufu, how regrettable.”

Walking down the stairs while humming with a light step……was that pervert Count Damiel.
In the end, the investigators must have gone home without ever finding us. I suppose it would be easy to write-off the noise we were making as a rat.

[Rose]: “…..”

[Damiel]: “And so your hope has turned to despair. Fufufu, that face of yours is irresistible.”

Count Damiel looked ecstatic as he advanced on me.

(Uuu, disgusting. I’m getting goosebumps just looking at him.)

[Damiel]: “I can’t hear you cute voice with that cloth in your mouth though. ……There, all better. Now there’s nobody around to disturb us. Fufufu, don’t make that kind of face. I’m not going to force myself on you.”

[Rose]: “Hii!”

My whole body freezes up whenever he starts whispering in my ear. Even if I weren’t chained down I wouldn’t be able to run away. And even if I did manage to escape, I have no idea where I could go.

(I might……have to prepare myself for the worst.)

[Damiel]: “Those eyes, good. You’re finally considering coming to my side. Oh! Yes, if you and your maid service me to my satisfaction, I am willing to release your important maid. She isn’t my type anyway.”

[Rose]: “…..ser, vice?”

[Damiel]: “Yes, service. Simply put, you’ll need to make me feel good. Easy right? Now of course, rest assured that I am in no way aiming for the maid’s virginity. And I’ll be sure to let her go once you’re both done.”

[Rose]: “……are you…dissatisfied with me alone?”

[Damiel]: “No no, of course not! I want you to devote your life to me. The rest of your life as my sex slave. You should feel honored. Do that, and I have no need for the maid.”



[Damiel]: “Now come. Take my hand, and everything will work out.”



(If I take that hand…..then everyone…..I won’t be able to see everyone else anymore if I take that hand. Mother and Father…..Allen and Alto…..since it’s the end, I really wish I could’ve seen El one more time. …..El…..)

It’s painful, and sad to think about how I’m never going to get to see the most important people in my life ever again. But, if it means I can save my important Anna, then giving myself up is a small price to pay. There’s no need to weigh the scales on that one.





[???]: “What hand should she take!!!”

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3 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 69

  1. Doggies? 🐶

    Wait… should include the girls in the list too. So…
    The girls that canceled their engagements?
    Can’t think of any other girls 😭.

    Or… another kidnapper?


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