Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 73


Will-sama moved on, telling us what he had managed to find during his own investigation.

[Will]: “Rose, I’ve more or less managed to procure a list of people who’ve bought the type of doll that was sent to you. I was also able to locate the store which deals in the type of stationary used in your letters. We should be able to locate the culprit if we compare the names listed on each list.”

[Rose]: “Thank you so much for all your hard work Will-sama. Would you mind giving me those lists?”

[Will]: “You’ve always been like a cute little sister to me Rose, so it’s no trouble at all. And I know Sophia thinks the same way. You can rely on us anytime. But, do you intend on finding the culprit yourself then?”

[Rose]: “…..yes, I want to look this person in the eyes myself!”

[Will]: “I understand. Just please remember to come to us if you ever have any issues.”

[Rose]: “I will”

I received my own copies of the list, and while Will-sama continued to talk with Father and the others, I returned to my room.

(Quite a few people bought these curse dolls……and even more people bought this stationary. What’s going on that this many people have a grudge to work out? If you have a problem with someone, you should just say it to their face!)

[Rose]: “Well, let’s get to work.”

Taking a seat at my desk, I got to work comparing the doll list to the stationary one.



*Knock Knock*

[El]: “Rose?”

[Rose]: “………”

[El]: “Rose~”

[Rose]: “Huh!? El?”

[El]: “I knocked, but since you weren’t answering, I decided to come in.”

[Rose]: “Eh!? I didn’t notice at all. Sorry about that.”

[El]: “Just goes to show how focused you are. Would you like to take a break though? I asked Allen to make you some tea.”

[Rose]: “……yeah. I can take a small break.”

Finding a good place to stop, I made my way over to a table where Allen was setting down some sweets and pouring me a cup of tea.

[Allen]: “Are you feeling well Rose-sama?”

[Rose]: “Yes, I’m already feeling fine. Just a little tired after looking through those lists. ……Allen, how’s Anna?”

[Allen]: “Be sure not to push yourself. Okay?”

[Rose]: “Y-Yeah”

(Allen feels scarier than usual…… His face is smiling, but those eyes……)

[Allen]: “Anna woke up a little bit ago and immediately asked how Rose-sama was doing. When I told her you were safe and sound, she was able to calm herself and immediately fell back asleep.”

[Rose]: “As long as she’s safe, then it’s fine. I’ll go see how she’s doing myself tomorrow.”

[Allen]: “I’m sure she’ll be delighted. However Rose-sama’s well-being is our number one priority, so please wait to make any plans for tomorrow until we see how you’re feeling.”

[Rose]: “…..s-sure”

[Allen]: “And allow me to help you with the lists. It’s impossible for one person to sort through all this information. You should rest for now, and we can take a fresh start in the morning.”

[Rose]: “Eh? B-But, this is my problem. ……I wouldn’t want to bother Allen with it.”

[Allen]: “Let’s work together tomorrow.”

[El]: “I’ll help too Rose”

[Rose]: “I can’t bother El too.”

[El]: “Can’t we work together tomorrow Rose?”

Allen and El were clearly not going to take no for an answer, so instead of trying to fight them, I smiled, “Thank you for the help,” and accepted their offers.

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