Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 74


Anna came to visit me the next day.

[Anna]: “…..Mistress…..I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you. Even though I was right there with you….. You remained firm the entire time, yet I was nothing more than a burden. I didn’t know how I could possibly face you Mistress, but when I woke up, Allen-sama said I should at least meet with you and apologize. ……even though I’m sure you had no interest in seeing this useless face……”

Just when I was thinking that she had come to visit, she lowered her head and started apologizing.

(I thought I would go see Anna today since Allen said she was doing well, but I can’t even see her face with her suddenly coming in and bowing down like this.)

[Rose]: “Anna? Lift your head.”

Anna slowly raised her head at the sound of my voice, showing me the pool of tears accumulating at the edge of her eyes.

[Rose]: “Anna, I’m not mad.”

[Anna]: “Mistress is kind. But, you can tell me how you really feel. Hurl your abuse at this worthless, useless maid.”

[Rose]: “No no, I’m being honest here. I’m really not mad. I just wanted to make sure you were doing okay.”

[Allen]: “Anna, calm yourself. You are troubling Rose-sama.”

Just I was wondering what to do, Allen walked next to me and offered a helping hand.

[Allen]: “You can sit their and beg as much as you want. However, Rose-sama is not without mercy. So calm down for a moment and listen to what she has to say.”

(No, he’s not helping. And why is he bringing up mercy here!? What kind of person does Allen think I am!?)

[Rose]: “……A-Allen?”

[Allen]: “It’s okay, Rose-sama. Anna’s grown somewhat meek for the moment, so please say whatever you need without reservation.”

[Rose]: “Without reservation…….. Well, it’s fine. Anna, how are you feeling? It doesn’t hurt anywhere?”

[Anna]: “……no.”

[Rose]: “Good, I’m glad to hear it. It sounds like you’re misunderstanding something though. I have no plans to fire you. You’re my personal maid after all Anna. I’d be in trouble if you were to quit on me.”

[Anna]: “Eh!? M-Mistress? Are you sure? You were made to go through a dangerous situation all because I wasn’t able to protect my important mistress.”

[Rose]: “Sure, but there isn’t much you could’ve done. Plus it was a crime specifically aimed at me, so this was the natural result. And besides, you being there with me, giving me someone to talk to, helped me to stay sane during all of that. You were a huge help. I’m grateful Anna.”

[Anna]: “Uuu……M-Mistress~”

Anna’s legs gave out from under her, her butt hitting the floor as tears spilled down her cheeks.

[Rose]: “Come now, fufu. Did you think I was going to fire you?”

[Anna]: “…..I wasn’t able to protect you Mistress. So of course you could…….and Allen-sama told me I should be prepared.”

So you’re the culprit! I threw a glare behind me, but Allen was looking away, pretending that he hadn’t heard anything.

[Rose]: “Oh ⋅ Al ⋅ len?”

[Allen]: “Yes? What is it Rose-sama?”

[Rose]: “What kind of things are you saying to Anna!? You almost made her resign!”

[Allen]: “Rose-sama is my number one priority.”

Having averted his gaze until a moment ago, Allen now locked his eyes with mine and responded as if his answer were obvious.

[Rose]: “What do you mean by that?”

[Allen]: “Rose-sama, our master, is the number one priority. As such, someone as important as Rose-sama should never be thrust into such a dangerous situation. Unable to prevent exactly that from happening, Anna must be met with a corresponding punishment.”

[Rose]: “…..Allen, so serious…… I mean, there isn’t any reason for her to be punished! …..but, it doesn’t look like either of you are going to be satisfied with that.”

Personally I don’t think any blame should fall on Anna, but even she seems to be wracked with guilt at being unable to save me. There’s a kind of obligation there, and my words aren’t enough to convince her.
And then there’s Allen who looks like he isn’t going to forgive Anna no matter what without some kind of punishment.

(Allen, where is all this overprotectiveness coming from!? ……Oh, this… probably from that. Back when we were kidnapped for the dark auction. Allen has taken things too seriously ever since, and he has put everything he has into being my personal butler……)

[Rose]: “……okay. Oh! Then how about having Anna train up her body a bit? Have her learn some self-defense.”

[Allen]: “In that case, let’s have her join in on Germa-sama’s morning training. I can agree to that. How does that sound Rose-sama?”

How does it sound? It’s not like my real opinion holds much weight here. Anna seemed okay with it though, nodding her head, “Yes!” at Allen’s suggestion.

(Anna will be training together with Grandpa……I wonder if she’s really going to be all right……)

Anna immediately left to ask for Grandpa’s permission. For his part, Grandpa was apparently ecstatic to hear that the number of trainees was going to increase again, and he got to work thinking up a suitable training regimen at once.

[Rose]: “…..Anna, don’t overdo it okay? It’s just for self-defense. I don’t want anyone besides Anna taking care of me.”

[Anna]: “Yes Mistress! I will train hard so that I may become a wonderful maid and guard you can be proud of!”

I’m getting a little worried for Anna’s future, but there’s no way I can stop my motivated maid at this point.

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    1. Really! Same goes for Allen. But somehow the whole security of the ducal house is a mess. Don’t they at least send a few guards with her? I mean she was abducted once before and her family is one of the most important families after the royal family. It’s just weird she doesn’t have bodyguards.

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