Grimoire Master Ch. 94


Section 4: Sisters’ Quiet Conversation Part 2

With the peaceful air of the church flowing around me, I offered my thanks through prayer to the Goddess for everything she has done for me.

For sending me to Iris-san. And then for allowing me to meet Sally-oneesama.

Carol-san asked me once.

“Why do you pray so much every day?”

What answer did I give her back then? I fear I may have evaded the question with an ambiguous answer.

My prayers are always of a personal nature. Never for more grand designs such as world peace.

And that is why whenever I pray, there is one thought that will always run through my mind.

I, am a selfish person.


It is because of my own personal feelings that I feel the need to thank the Goddess for allowing me to meet Sally-oneesama. I do not wish to lose this connection. I do not wish to be separated from this comfortable spot. So please watch over me.

I carry no sublime convictions. I need her so that I might fulfill my goal, so that I might become a priestess.

You could call it a kind of obsession.

And yet the Goddess would accept even someone like me. So please watch over me.

“Oh deep and merciful Goddess, to you……I offer my eternal loyalty.”

And so…….I bet my life as one of the Goddess’s followers.

“That was a long prayer.”

I heard a voice calling out to me as I stood up.

Turning around, I found Aunt Yuhanna standing behind me.

“How do you do Rosalith? I see you are ever the ardent believer. I am relieved.”

“How do you do Aunt Yuhanna. Are you here to pray as well Auntie?”

“Could you stop calling me that? I am only seven years older than you.”

She knit her brows together when I called her Auntie. Unfortunately that is how I have always referred to her as, so trying to think up a new way at this point leaves me a tad bewildered.

“Do you understand what it did to my heart to have been called ‘Auntie’ in front of other nobles when I was only fifteen years old?”

Auntie and I used to play together all the time whenever our parents had a meeting with each other.

I cannot remember any specific incident, but I am sure it has happened more than once.

“I apologize for back then. Um……”

“Oneesama……should be good enough right?”



If I had never met Sally-oneesama, I would probably not have hesitated to call her in that way.

But now, I have a splendid oneesama in Saluena. I understand that Aunt Yuhanna isn’t using ‘oneesama’ in the same way, but I still feel some resistance to the idea.

“Unfortunately, Rosa already refers to me as her sister. It’s too bad, but I’m afraid you’ll have to think of something else.”

As I was having difficulties, Sally-oneesama walked over and spoke up…….which I did appreciate, but since she wrapped her hand around my waist at the same time, I was also feeling surprised and embarrassed at the same time.

“…….hm? W-What is the meaning of this? Why is the Dark Violet Knight your sister?”

Sally-oneesama’s words and presence caused Auntie to show a rare, befuddled look. However if you know the name and legend of the Dark Violet Knight, that kind of reaction would be normal.

I was like that at first as well.

“Umm, that is……well…..”

But that only makes it even more difficult to describe my and Sally-oneesama’s relationship.

The relationship created between two people when they perform a sisterly pledge is one deeper than a normal bond between master and apprentice. It is a traditional ceremony with a thousand year history behind it, but it is unfortunately a tradition held only with the church and monasteries, so there are not many people who know of its existence.

As I was trying to find the right words though, Auntie patted my shoulder.

“Ah…….I see how it is. I’ve asked a rather boorish question of you. Truly the greatest mistake of my life.”

“……um, Auntie? Sally-oneesama and I are…….”

There was something about that “I see” that caused me to panic and my mouth to drop open……but Auntie blocked my mouth with her hand.

“No, you don’t have to say it. Even if I look like this, I am a person with a wide understanding of love.”


I think there is a sharp difference between my and Aunt Yuhanna’s perception of things.

“Um, please wait Auntie. Sally-oneesama and I are……”

“S-Speaking of which, I was wondering why that small red-headed Hero-chan isn’t with you today~!?”

As I was trying to explain, Auntie gave me a wink as if to say, “You don’t have to give me the official explanation. I understand,” and then forcefully changed the subject.

“No, please, before that Auntie. We……”

“If you’re asking about Iris, she isn’t with us today. Around now she is probably reading a book in her room.”


And then out of nowhere, Sally-oneesama interrupted me as I tried to give an explanation and went forward with the misunderstanding.

“Oh my, is that how it is? Wait, hold on a second.”

That last part is something I would really like to say aloud as well Auntie.

“Who is acting as the Hero-chan’s escort right now? That elf knight?”

“She’s moaning in bed with a hangover.”

“T-Then that young werewolf girl?”

“She’s playing nurse for our drunkard.”

“……then, who is guarding her?”

“Right now, nobody.”

It is impossible for me to block this person’s mouth. So Auntie’s eyes opened wide after receiving Sally-oneesama’s answer.

“What’s that!? What’s that!? What are you going to do if something happens to Hero-chan and nobody is around to protect her!?”

“Iris is no longer a weak, bookish girl. Nothing is going to happen even if she is left alone in the city for a while.”

So Sally-oneesama says, but Auntie does not look like she is in a “Oh, okay then” mood.

“Oh so there’s no problem then!! Well what if right at this moment, a huge dragon is dropping down on that girl’s head!?”

“I really don’t think something like that is going to happen.”

“Oh yeah!? Oh yeah!? So you know everything that’s ever going to happen in this world!? Then why didn’t you tell me that the bread I left out to have for breakfast in the morning was going to have mold grow on it overnight!?”


I, have never seen this before.

Sally-oneesama has been left completely speechless.

In the depths of my mind, I wholeheartedly apologize for my aunt who is saying such strange things.

“I have been charged with safely escorting that child to the royal capital!! I figured I was lucky and didn’t have to assign her a guard with you around, but your weak sense of crisis is a clear miscalculation on my part!! Clearly the greatest mistake of my life!!”

Having originally come here to offer a prayer, Auntie spun on her heel and ran out of the church at full speed.

“……your aunt has quite the amusing personality.”

“She always has been a bit boisterous. But she is still a good person?”

“I can tell. Well she’ll understand once she sees for herself. Her worries are just needless anxiety.”


With my prayer finished, I started on my way out of the church. But along the way, Oneesama leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Did it bother you that your aunt misunderstood our relationship?”

I spun around on the spot. It was there that my eyes met with a beautiful, sculpted face and a pair of beautiful blue eyes as deep as the night sky.

“……n-no…… Nothing of the sort…….”

“She is an interesting person. And I thought it would be even more interesting if she were to continue her misunderstanding. Although whether she was misunderstanding things or not, I would be happy if she were right.”

“J-Jeez, Oneesama…… Please don’t tease me.”

I am unsure of how serious Oneesama’s words were. Any conclusion I would try to draw from them would be unreliable and a source of embarrassment either way.

Rude as it was, I quickly made my way out of the cathedral with my head held down, knowing full well how red my face must be.

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    1. The dragon killer prince(cess) is a joke to you? Iris is MC which is a very OP character in all soft of different ways. So FA is impossible. Also, in author Twitter has updated new illustration of a new character. This means it wil be divided equally for everyone. So, fear not buddy


    2. You seriously didn’t think of harem route? Considering that Saluena and Rose(she, if i remember correctly, was dreaming to go on date with both Sally and Iris) clearly have feelings for her. The question is rather will our gay mc pull in Toslin and Carol. Also what about marriage between sisters, since her imouto clearly gay for her.


    1. Up to raw, we got 6 characters (human size) in total. So triangle love may soon be break down. So, here is your tissue.


  1. I expected this is a continuous of previous chapter but turn out it is completely difference. Why the author skip the dating? Or the hilarious run-away after wakeup of Carol? Why? I keep asking me self 🤔


  2. Saluena, I’m confused. I’m not sure who are you trying to end up with any more. At first she flirt around with Iris, but now she seems really assertive toward Rose. As for Rose, I still believe that she is still into Iris and consider Saluena as her Onee-sama.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. So it did seem that Sally does “NTR Rose/Rosa and the elf/werecat duo are in love as well. In the end Iris has still her sister and childhood friend (at least she wanted to have both the sisters^^). I really hope that Sally and rose will share a sister oath with Iris to or at least that maybe that princess will make something like that


  4. uwahh seriously rose is worse girl ever in yuri story.

    pls make iris with someone else, do not let her with rose.

    even in harem route, let her outta the harem.


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