Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 76

Sorry for the extra long wait on this one. Turns out my first 11,000 word chapter is a lot longer than I though it would be.


[Allen]: “Erina Wallace. We found the name of that baron’s daughter. Other than her, we found the name of a commoner and a merchant who have nothing to do with Rose-sama.”

(Well I had a feeling, but I put it out of my mind since I didn’t have any evidence. So, it was her……Erina is the one who contacted Count Damiel.)

[El]: “Just as I thought. She is always picking a fight with Rose.”

[Rose]: “But this evidence alone will not be enough. I will consult some more with Father and Will-sama.”

[Allen]: “Yes, I think that would be for the best as well. It would be a problem if we were to tip her off and she were to cover her tracks. And most importantly, we must make sure Rose-sama isn’t met with danger once again.”

[Rose]: “Allen, do you know if Father has time to talk today? I will write a letter to Will-sama as well. I could talk to him at school, but I would like to take a little more time off…….oh yeah, are you okay taking this time off with me El?”

I haven’t been to school once since being kidnapped and my eventual saving. So, it’s been two weeks since I’ve been back. I received a letter from Sophia-sama, Lou, Rudolph, Anri-sama, and Julius-sama saying how they were worried for me and were coming to visit, but I turned them down, saying I did not want to see anyone besides family for the time being.

(I’m truly grateful for everyone’s concern, but I don’t think I want to go outside yet. It still scares me to talk to any men who aren’t my family, El, or Allen. Maybe if I were to throw myself in the deep end though….. And I did want to thank Rudolph for helping to save me….. Maybe a little later…..)

My parents told me I don’t have to go to school again until I’m ready, so I have been taken advantage of it.

(But, two weeks really is pushing it. And El has been taking off to be with me too. I need to make sure he at least starts going again!)

[El]: “When I’m home, I can be with Rose. But, every moment I’m at school is another moment I’m not with Rose.”

[Rose]: “That’s certainly true……but, you started going to this school to learn right?”

[El]: “…..yeah sure, but my biggest reason was getting to see Rose again.”

(Those upturned eyes…..oh no no no. I’m going to falter if he looks at me like that! And those downturned ears too!? Who could win against that!? It’s impossible for me~!!!)

[Allen]: “Sly.”

[Anna]: “Definitely sly. He knows Mistress is weak when he looks at her like that.”

[Alto]: “Woof!!!”

Allen and Anna were grumbling about something between themselves with Alto giving a swift bark afterwards as if to agree.

[Rose]: “N-No. I want to stay together with El too you know? B-But, even so, you came here to study abroad…….right?”

As I tried persuading him, tears started welling up in El’s eyes as his ears and tail drooped down more than they already were.

(Roselia, you have to stay strong here! You can’t lose to El’s cuteness!)

[Rose]: “…..T-That’s right! Our suspect Erina was always attached to El right? So maybe she’ll drop her guard around you! Won’t you go to school for my sake then?”

[El]: “…..I understand. I will go to school like I should and gather information from her. So please reward me okay?”

[Rose]: “Eh!? R-Reward? ……like cookies?”

[El]: “We can talk about my reward tonight.”

[Rose]: “So long as it’s something I can do.”

[Anna]: “Mistress, you don’t have to accept such a vulgar reward!”

[Allen]: “Exactly what Anna said.”

[El]: “Huh!? How did you get anything vulgar from that? It’s completely normal. It’s okay because it’s something only Rose can do.”

Alto placed himself in front of my legs and let out a firm bark as if he were trying to protect me from El.

For the time being though, it was decided that El would go to school again starting tomorrow, and I still don’t know what this reward is.

Chapter 75El(Routh) POV

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