Villainess Wants to Live Freely El(Routh) POV


It’s been almost two weeks since we rescued Rose, but Rose is still reluctant to leave her family’s mansion.
Well that’s natural I suppose. I was afraid to go outside for a while when it happened to me too. However, the bigger issue here is that Rose doesn’t seem to want to see anyone other than her family either.

Rose still treats me and everyone else at the mansion like normal, but she looked stressed when Prince William was here before. She might have become scared of men.
Some friends from Rose’s class sent her a letter wanting to visit her at home, but it seems like Rose turned them down.

I have never asked Rose for the details on what happened in that prison. “He just separated me from Anna and tried to get me to become his mistress.” That’s all Rose said on the matter. She did mention that they had properly fed her as well. But, she was looking thin when I saw her in that cell…….

If I had just managed to save Rose sooner……



[Rose]: “El? Are you already asleep?”

[El]: “No, I’m awake.”

Having just gotten out of the bath and already changed into her pajamas, Rose looked even more mystical under the light of the moon.

[El]: “You look like a moon goddess.”

[Rose]: “Fufu, what are you saying?”

Rose chuckled as if she had heard a younger brother tell a joke. She then slipped into bed where I already was.

[El]: “I’m serious.”

[Rose]: “Thank you El. Hey, what was that reward you mentioned earlier today?”

[El]: “Ah, so you remembered.”

[Rose]: “Of course, isn’t that natural?”

[El]: “I will talk to that nasty girl, the one who keeps giving Rose all those terrible looks. ……so I want a ‘do your best’ kiss in return.”

[Rose]: “Eh?”

Rose’s cheeks turned a bright red as my words slowly sunk in.

[El]: “Because I don’t want anything to do with a girl like that. But, Rose wants me to get involved with her right? So, I want a ‘do your best kiss’. Please, Rose”

I know Rose has a hard time saying no to me when I look up at her with my ears and tail hanging down. Anna, Allen, and Alto already called me sly for using that fact earlier. I know they said it, but I will use whatever advantage I can get!

I want Rose to be aware of me.

I want her to choose me.

And that’s why I’ll do whatever it takes.

My beloved Rose, choose me…….

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