Villainess Wants to Live Freely Sophia POV 2


Apparently Rose-chan did not make it to school today either.

[Sophia]: “I wonder what happened…….”

I tried bringing it up with Will-sama.
I am certain he knows what is going on with Rose-chan, but when I mentioned my worries, “Everything’s fine,” he tried soothing me with a tender smile.

[Sophia]: “Rose-chan is a dear friend. If something’s happened, I want to help her……”



Days passed before Will-sama informed me of the details.

[Sophia]: “Eh……R-Rose-chan is, safe!?”

I learned how Rose-chan had been kidnapped and imprisoned by Count Damiel, a noble infamous for his lecherous personality.

[Will]: “Calm yourself, Sophia. Rose is being properly taken care of as we speak and is currently resting at home.”

That’s a relief to hear.
I should feel embarrassed for getting so worked up after all the lessons I have taken as the next queen, but I could not care less at the moment.
Because she truly is an important friend.

We were all still young when Will-sama invited Rose-chan over for a tea party between the three of us.
When Will-sama was captured for the dark auction, there was a girl there who, even though she should have been as scared as anyone else, worked together with him in trying to figure out a way to save everyone. After hearing about that, I told Will-sama I wanted to meet this girl no matter what.

Meeting her in person, I saw a small girl with sharp eyes before me. She seemed so levelheaded when I spoke with her I found it difficult to believe she was younger than me, and it made me excited to see what she would be like when she got older.
Year by year, Rose-chan continued to become more and more beautiful. She was already a lovely girl when we first met, but it wasn’t long before she became so beautiful that other people found it hard to approach her. I believe her sharp eyes also serve to keep people at a distance. She is quite smart as well although you wouldn’t think it at first considering how thickheaded she is. That is just one more of her cute points though.

[Sophia]: “Kidnapped…….was she hurt anywhere?”

[Will]: “Not physically. However her hands and feet were shackled to a wall, and she was kept in a dungeon. So I am worried about what that did to her mentally. Well, I think she will recover fine considering how caring her family is……”

[Sophia]: “They really are. When things have calmed down, I should write her”

[Will]: “Yes, I think that is a fine idea.”

Seeing how I was still feeling down, Will-sama gently patted me on the head.

[Sophia]: “……Will-sama, it may be unrelated, but”

I was happy to have my head pat, and my cheeks blushed red. However, there was something I remembered that I thought Will-sama should hear about by all means! So I took a deep breath and looked Will-sama in the eye.
Understanding how serious I was, Will-sama shed his easygoing smile and serious looked back at me.

[Sophia]: “It’s about Erina-sama”

I told him about everything Erina-sama had said a few days ago. I then informed him about how strangely she had been acting ever since.

[Will]: “I see, that is something to think about. Thank you Sophia. I will be sure to look into it as well.”

[Sophia]: “Thank you very much Will-sama.”

It is good to hear that Rose-chan is safe, but there are still some questions that need answering before I can feel like things are finished.
I swear to always stand by her side, no matter what.

Sophia POVChapter 78

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