Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 78


El started attending school again after that.
He goes to see Erina-sama and listens to her droll on and on every day. Unfortunately she apparently never says anything useful, so El comes home every day looking exhausted.

(Sorry to tire you out like this.)

[Rose]: “El, are you all right?”

[El]: “Yes, I’m fine! But, I feel like nothing is going to come out of this even if I keep it up. It looks like Prince William is doing something on his own though, so I’m sorry to say that we might have to wait for him.”

[Rose]: “Thanks for your hard work. We’ll talk to Will-sama and then decide what to do from now on. I will start going to school again tomorrow. I’m sure I have worried everyone, so I need to let them know I am okay.”

(Honestly the thought of having to meet with other men still scares me a bit, but I can’t hole myself up in my room for the rest of my life! I’ll be okay so long as I don’t get too close to anybody! Good luck me!)

[El]: “Rose, don’t push yourself too hard. If it’s too hard for you, you can always head home early.”

El pinched my cheek while trying to comfort me.

[Rose]: “Y-Yeah! I won’t overdo it. Thanks”



[Sophia]: “Rose-chan!!!”

Sophia-sama ran forward as soon as she saw me and threw her arms around me.

[Rose]: “It’s good to see you again Sophia-sama.”

[Sophia]: “Rose-chan, Rose-chan, Rose-chan”

Her hug tightened around me more and more until finally reaching the point where I couldn’t breathe.

[Rose]: “S-Sophia, sama……h-hurts……”

[Sophia]: “Ah! I’m so sorry. I am just so happy to see you…….Rose-chan”

Sophia-sama’s grip slackened around me, but she did not release me from her hug. I wasn’t able to see her face because of this, but I think she might be crying.

[Rose]: “Sophia-sama, sorry to have worried you. Thank you for the letters and flowers you sent me.”

[Sophia]: “No, it’s fine. I’m just glad to see you safe! Honestly, thank goodness……..”

[Anri]: “Rose-sama~~~~~~~~~!”

Anri-sama ran up to me, crying all the way.

(The always composed Anri-sama is discomposed……or rather, I don’t think a lady is supposed to be running like that.)

Sophia-sama was still clinging to me as Anri-sama rushed us both. The collision knocked me off balance, and there was a second where I thought all three of us were going to fall to the floor. Luckily El was standing behind me, so I managed to not get hurt thanks to him catching me.

[Rose]: “It’s good to see you too Anri-sama. I worried you as well right? I’m sorry.”

[Anri]: “Please, don’t apologize~”

[Rose]: “Fufu, come now. A lady shouldn’t be so loud when in public like this.”

[Anri]: “T-That’s because”

[Rose]: “Thank you, Anri-sama.”

Sophia-sama and Anri-sama were both so worried for my safety that they were crying over it. I know how this sounds, but still, it makes me happy.
I thanked them both once again from inside my heart.

Sophia POV 2Chapter 79

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