Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 79


After Sophia-sama and Anri-sama had calmed down, Will-sama, Lou, Rudolph, and Julius-sama came forward to tell me about how they were, “Worried,” and “Glad to see me safe,” as well. Coming back to school after such a long time was a lot less scary than I thought it would be.
I was feeling anxious, thinking I might unconsciously reject Lou and the others because they’re men, but I was able to act fine so long as we were just talking. The thought of someone I don’t know touching me is still scary, but this is a school for ladies and gentlemen. That’s why there shouldn’t be a reason for me to worry about someone casually touching me unless they’re an idiot.
I had jumped away from Will-sama when he visited me at home because it was just after the incident, but I should be okay now.



There were a couple places I wanted to stop by, so I told everyone we could talk more later. On the way to my first stop, I started down a set of stairs while thinking about what I would do in the future.




[Rose]: “Eh?”


As my foot touched that first step, I felt something hit my back, and my body titled forward as a small floating feeling came over me.

(W-What!? I, I’m falling!?)

There was a moment where my brain couldn’t understand what was happening. When reality finally set in, I swung my hand towards the handrail, but it was already too far away. Knowing what was going to happen, I shut my eyes tight and clenched my teeth, waiting for the inevitable crash.



[El]: “Rose!!!”

El’s flustered voice passed through my ears. It took a moment for me to realize that the pain I had braced myself for wasn’t going to come. It took me another minute after that to realize I was in El’s arms after he caught me.

[El]: “Rose, are you all right!? Thank goodness I made it in time”

[Rose]: “Y-Yes. Thank you”

(Somebody, pushed me……didn’t they?)

[Rose]: “I…..”

[El]: “Yeah, it’s okay now.”

El started stroking my back to reassure me.

[Will]: “You’re really willing to go this far?”

[Sophia]: “Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Things came back into focus for me when I heard Will-sama and Sophia-sama’s voices from back on top of the stairs. Looking up, I saw the both of them standing there with Rudolph, cutting off the escape of a ghastly pale Erina-sama.

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