Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 83


Will-sama gave me the opportunity to talk with Erina-sama.

The only defense she’s given this entire time is, “I am the heroine.” We have enough evidence against her even if she doesn’t confess, but still, being the heroine doesn’t give you free reign to do whatever you want.

[Rose]: “…..hey, Erika. I, was always jealous of you.”

At this point, I figured Erina-sama wouldn’t say anything to Roselia. So I decided to speak with Erika as Nozomi instead.

[Erina]: “Hah!? Jealous? A popular girl like you!?”

[Rose]: “I don’t know if I was really that popular, but yes, I was always jealous of you. You had something you could completely immerse yourself in and two parents who loved you.”

[Erina]: “What? I don’t get what you’re talking about.”

[Rose]: “No matter how frantically I studied, it was never enough for my parents. From the moment I became aware of the things around me to the day I died, my parents never once had anything good to say about me. I know the other kids in class only ever bad-mouthed me when they thought I couldn’t hear them too. And not once did I ever get drawn in by something I really loved……. Looking back, even now I can only think of it as a lonely life.”

[Erina]: “….are you trying to get my pity now!? Well it’s pointless! I didn’t know any of that! Neither Nozomi nor Roselia ever told me about it! So I didn’t do anything wrong! And as the heroine, I should be allowed to do whatever I want. Because I’m the heroine……”

[El]: “……what kind of person thinks it’s fine to hate somebody just because you don’t know them.”

El’s voice was a low, cold droll as he glared down towards Erina-sama.

[Will]: “Honestly, I understood very little from what I’ve heard, but it is still clear to me that you require a serious lesson on the difference between what is right and wrong. You have been going on and on about this heroine thing since before, but a real heroine would never act like this. And I’m not naive enough to overlook the crimes you have committed. You’ve hurt Rose, someone I cherish like a younger sister. You are a baron, and she is a duke. Understand this.”

Will-sama’s voice was gentler than El’s, but his gaze was just as hard. There was no mistaking the anger burning in his eyes.

[Erina]: “……..why, why…….I wish I’d never met you.”

Her face turned a pale shade of blue as a result before she once again started glaring at me.


In our previous lives, I went ahead and misunderstood us as best friends of my own accord, and in this world she would want nothing to do with me.

(Just like her, I didn’t know anything. ……but even so, that doesn’t mean I can forgive her for those letters from that viscount, the blood written harassing letters, the curse doll, and the kidnapping either.)



Afterwards, Erina-sama was sent to a monastery.

The baron’s family couldn’t make an enemy out of a duke household and the royal family, so her name was quietly removed from their family registry. For the time being, the matter was settled after an apology letter was sent.

William POVChapter 84

5 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 83

  1. Thanks for the update! Probably Execution is the most suitable for Erina, but it is as well an easy way out since she was reincarnated once, so probably there is still a second chance to be reincarnate again. Sending her to Monastery is like a life sentence imprisonment since someone, and always keeps an eye on her.

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  2. One cannot just determine roles all that easily. I guess it’s because she thinks of the world as a game solely dedicated to her as its center, but unfortunately, this IS a world. So even if you did do events and whatnot, things can still change because it’s not a game, it’s already your reality. A villainess can become a heroine, and a heroine can become a villainess. Because this world may not take kindly to designated roles, no matter how much you wish for it otherwise.

    “…but a real heroine would never act like this.”

    Truly, those people reincarnated as heroines but are truly villainous should hear this, even if their brains are filled with grandiose delusions and their ears are stuffed with nothing but their own disguised voices blocking out whatever else that may contradict what they want. Just so they can be aware that no, the world may not necessarily see you as a heroine, even if you spend a lifetime declaring so.


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