Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 84

Anybody ever know you have to go to bed, but right before turning off your computer, you see somebody recommending you read some really good manga like Tomodachi Game, so you read one chapter just to get a taste before going to bed, but that one chapter transforms into binging the whole series, leaving you a tired and broken wreck? It’s a strange feeling that combines equal parts bliss and sadness. Don’t be like me kids. Go to bed.


[Sophia]: “Rose-chan! You’re finally here. Well now, let’s here about it.”

After speaking with Erina-sama, Will-sama told me Sophia-sama was waiting for me in another room nearby, but…….

[Rose]: “……u-umm……”

[Sophia]: “I wish to hear more about what you were discussing yesterday.”

[Rose]: “Ah, yes”

It started with Sophia-sama, but soon Will-sama, El, Allen, and Anna were anxiously waiting to hear from me as well.

[Rose]: “……I don’t know if you’ll believe me about it”

As a prelude, I told all of them that I retained the memories from my past life, that I died in an accident while saving a cat, and how this world is the same as a game from my past life. Well, I wasn’t sure that the idea of a game would be conveyed properly, so I described it as a novel instead.

[Rose]: “So because Erina-sama read the book, she recognized herself as the heroine after reincarnating. That’s why she keeps saying the same thing over and over. But, because I came here as well, the story got messed up which is why everything she’s done has been so chaotic.”

“Not that any of this excuses how she acted,” I made sure to add on.

[Sophia]: “I see. So, Rose-chan remembers her memories from a past life. And from a different world…….it’s an incredible tale. But, it does make some sense. Right Will-sama?”

[Will]: “Yes, I agree. You were always clever and composed when you were younger. Hearing this now, it all fits.”

(I never thought they would accept this so easily. I wondered if they might start thinking me creepy, but thankfully things are turning out well.)

I was relieved because of how easily Sophia-sama and Will-sama were willing to accept me, but El remained silent while looking like he had fallen deep in thought.
Meanwhile both Allen and Anna said, “No matter what kind of past Rose-sama(Mistress) has, we will serve you for the rest of our lives,” and left it at that.

[Rose]: “I thought you might all say I’m weird for being able to remember things from my past life.”

[Sophia]: “We would never think like that. When you were talking with Erina-sama yesterday about your painful past, I was unable to understand most of what you were saying. And yet, I felt jealous that you were able to speak with her about it and not me. Fufu, so if anyone here would be considered weird, it would be me.”

[Rose]: “Sophia-sama……”

[Sophia]: “It is vexing knowing that I only understand half of Rose-chan’s past despite all the years we’ve been together.”

[Rose]: “I’m…….really glad, I was born here.”

I could feel my eyes starting to well up, but it would be embarrassing to cry like this here, so I fought against them despite the difficulty.

[Sophia]: “Rose-chan……”

But when Sophia-sama got to her feet and gave me a hug, any type of resistance gave way, and the tears streamed down my cheek.
Sophia-sama sat there with me, holding me in her arms and rubbing my back until the tears stopped.

After I managed to calm myself, I thanked Sophia-sama and Will-sama for their help before returning home with El.

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