Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 87


Word that Erina-sama was sent to live in a monastery spread quickly throughout the school.

(It’s only natural that something like this would get around in no time.)

Apparently it’s thanks to Will-sama that it didn’t get out how she was involved in my kidnapping. I should say that it is expected of the respectable prince to be able to hide something as large as a duke’s daughter being kidnapped, but it once again firms my resolve to never make an enemy out of him.

[Rose]: “She would’ve been the heroine if things had gone normally…….”

She was the heroine of an otome game. There’s no way she wouldn’t be cute. But because she was so desperate to be liked by everyone, she resorted to using harassment like a villainess and was forced into a monastery.

[El]: “Rose, are you thinking about that woman again?”

It’s already been a few weeks since Erina-sama left the school.
But she was somebody I was well acquainted with in my previous life and a domineering existence in my current one. It’d be impossible for me to forget about her immediately. Especially after the things she had done to me here.

[Sophia]: “There is nothing for it Prince Routh. People are not so adaptable that they can forget about something like that so quickly.”

[El]: “…..well, that’s true. But, for now shouldn’t we enjoy the sweets Sophia-sama prepared for us?”

Worried over how down I had been feeling lately, Sophia-sama invited El and me out for some tea. She took out all the stops for it too, serving us some famous sweets and delicious herbal tea.

[Rose]: “You’re right. Pardon me Sophia-sama. ……It’s delicious.”

The sweet taste spread across my tongue after I tossed the sugary delight into my mouth.

[Sophia]: “Is it? Fufu, I hear eating something sweet helps to brighten the mood.”

(I keep causing everyone to worry. Sophia-sama, you’re so kind! El’s been worried this whole time too. But well, his ears and tail always droop down whenever he’s like this, so it looks cute.)

[Rose]: “Yes, thank you Sophia-sama. And I’m sorry El. Thank you both for your concern.”

[Sophia]: “Think nothing of it Rose-chan. You should take things at your own pace. Although, I’m sure everyone would be willing to pitch in to make you feel better if it was a problem of a broken heart. Fufufu”

[Rose]: “Huh?”

There was something Sophia-sama added on there at the end that I didn’t quite understand, causing a large question mark to hang over my head.

[Sophia]: “Well, it’s that you know? Erina-sama was your friend in a previous life. That’s why it’s only natural none of us should interfere. But! If you were feeling down because you had fallen in love with someone only to have your heart broken, then neither I nor Will-sama would be able to stay silent. I’m sure the same goes for your family and Prince Routh, as well as Lucas-sama, Julius-sama, and Rudolph-sama. Fufufu”

A teasing grin spread across Sophia-sama’s face as she added on, “Right Prince Routh?” and turned towards El.

[El]: “I can’t speak for the other guys. But, if something like that were to ever happen, I’d use all my strength to help her forget. That should be obvious.”

[Sophia]: “Fufu, of course.”

[Rose]: “S-Sure…, but…..what do Lou and the others have to do with this?”

Sophia-sama would be willing to help me with just about anything, and El……right. But how does Lou, Rudolph, and Julius-sama fit into all this? Well Lou would be worried for me since we’re such good friends. But Julius-sama is in love with Sophia-sama, so there’s no way that’s happening.

[Sophia]: “Oh my, Rose-chan can be so insensitive at times.”

[El]: “It’s because she’s so insensitive that I don’t have to worry as much.”

[Sophia]: “My oh my Prince Routh!”

What are these two talking about? I don’t get it at all. They both keep calling me insensitive, but I’m calling false charges on that! But despite my puzzled look, the both of them ignored me.

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  1. Thank you for the update… oh dear god I was praising the author the previous chapter and now I wanna kick her again…why are JP authors so in love with the “I’m emotionally deaf!” character???

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  2. ur one to talk sophia, u had no clue julius was in love with u for years

    im pretty sure every girl in this world has a skull made from steel


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