Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 88


[Lou]: “Things have finally calmed down, haven’t they Lia?”

Things really had started to calm down since I returned back to school.
Various speculation and rumors were flying among the other students the day after Erina-sama left. But that fever abated as the days and weeks passed by until it finally reached the point where it was like Erina-sama had never existed in the first place.

And now, I’m enjoying a tea party with Lou, Sophia-sama, and Julius-sama at our usual spot.

[Rose]: “Yes, finally. It’s really thanks to everyone’s help that things were able to end like this.”

After hearing from El about how worried everyone had been for my sake, I sent them all a thank you gift and continued to voice my appreciation until their ears were about ready to fall off.
But, when I think about how hard things would’ve been going forward if I didn’t have their help, then it’s only natural to think it’s still not enough.

[Sophia]: “Jeez! That’s enough already Rose-chan! I only did what I wanted! I’m tired of hearing your thanks.”

Sophia-sama is really cute when she puffs up her cheeks as she talks. She always has a neat and trim look to her when she’s around other people, but around Will-sama and me, and the few other people she considers herself close to, she can show herself to be a little mischievous and playful as well.
One of the reasons why I insist on continuing to thank everyone is actually because of how cute Sophia-sama is when I do. This is what people call gap moe.

[Rose]: “I know. It’s just, sometimes I think about what would’ve happened if Sophia-sama and everyone else hadn’t done anything. ……but, I know it’s not okay for me to ponder on things like that forever.”

[Sophia]: “Exactly! So how about focusing on something fun instead? Let’s see…..aha! How about talking about Rose-chan’s fiancee? You still don’t have one right? So, have anyone in mind?”

Sophia-sama is dropping bombs like it’s nothing with a smile on her face.

[Julius]: “Oh, so Roselia-chan isn’t engaged to anyone yet? Is that really true?”

Having remained completely silent until now, Julius-sama suddenly became interested in the conversation.

[Lou]: “If you keep going as you are, rumors about you becoming Prince Eric’s fiancee might start circulating again Lia.”

And Lou told me a scary story that sounded like it might really happen.

[Rose]: “Eh, t-that would…….”

[Sophia]: “Wouldn’t it be fine if you did? After all, I would love it if Rose-chan would become my actual little sister. However there were various things when you were both young weren’t there? I hear your father is vehemently opposed to any kind of relationship between you both.”

[Lou]: “I wouldn’t put it past that prince.”

[Julius]: “Well, I can certainly imagine it at least.”

Lou and Julius-sama quietly whispered their agreement following Sophia-sama.

[Rose]: “Actually, he’s been rather quiet lately. He’s been looking a bit dispirited too, but I suppose that’s what happens when your two closest friends leave you behind.”

[Sophia]: “Fufu, indeed. I won’t say his two missing friends have nothing to do with that, but it seems the true cause of his depression is because of the scolding he received from Will-sama.”

[Rose]: “Eh? Is that how it is?”

[Sophia]: “Yes, it seems so. Will-sama often chides his brother, but as a member of the royal family charged with protecting this country, Will-sama couldn’t let Prince Eric off easy for this past incident.”

[Rose]: “As a member of the royal family?”

[Sophia]: “Prince Eric is terrible at reading other people. You can say it’s because of how pure he is, but if Prince Eric is unable to tell a trustworthy person apart from a villain, it could lead to severe damage to the country. That’s why Will-sama attached his most trusted retainer, Rudolph-sama, as Prince Eric’s aide in the first place.”

[Rose]: “So Rudolph is actually Will-sama’s subordinate. I never knew. ……..but that does explain why he was at the count’s mansion as well.”

I had thought it was strange that Rudolph came with El when they stormed Count Damiel’s mansion to save me.
I always doubted Prince Eric would’ve given him any special orders, but I guess it was actually Will-sama who had been looking out for me.

Chapter 87Eric POV

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