Grimoire Master Ch. 145


Chapter 14
Section 9: To Become Special

[Iris]: “……..”

Grides-san, is walking right next to Rose-san.

There are four, no, five other people as well? Each of them are students about the same age as her all crowding around Rose-san.

Rose-san is wearing her usual smile while taking the time to address each of them in turn. At this distance, I can’t tell what they’re all saying.

But, it’s clear to see that they are having fun.

[Lapris]: “……oi, what are you doing? Aren’t you going to go talk to her? You usually run straight over to her while wagging your tail like a dog.”

Lapris gave me a strange look.

All of the sudden, being able to see long distances like I can now has become inconvenient.

I have learned today that being able to see things clearly can make your heart ache.

I moved to take off the pair off glasses I was wearing, but just as my fingers brushed up against the frame, Grides-san–not Rose-san–noticed me.

She looked at us for only a second before turning back towards Rose-san, but she wrapped her arms around Rose-san’s arm and clung to her as if to show off as she did.

Rose-san was clearly surprised at Grides-san for suddenly sticking to her, but she didn’t seem to mind it.

She has been and always will be kind to everyone equally. The proof was in how she simply turned to Grides-san and gave her the same smile she gave the other girls.

I told Rose-san about what happened with Grides-san during magic practice the night that it happened.

And yet, here she was, having fun with that very same Grides-san. It was shocking to say the least, but more than that……

[Lapris]: “And there they go. Hey, what’s wrong? You’ve been quiet for awhile now.”

[Lou]: “Are you okay Airi-chan? You look pale.”

[Iris]: “Oh, yeah, I’m fine. They looked like they were having so much fun I just figured me running over there might dampen the mood……..that’s all.”

――it felt like Rose-san had betrayed me.



That night.

Rose-san and I were alone together, walking down the castle hallway on our way to the bath after finishing dinner.

I was walking right beside her as I normally do, but what I saw earlier today during lunch keeps flickering through my mind.

[Iris]: “About Litzreich, it sounds like her talk with the king is dragging on.”

[Rose]: “I thought it would. We do not know how many gnomes have awakened in the dungeon, so a cautious strategy is our best option moving forward.”

[Iris]: “………”

[Rose]: “………”

Our conversation ended there and the silence set in.

This kind of thing happens often when I’m alone with Rose-san.

I’ve always felt comfortable with the silence and never felt like I had to think of something to fill it in. Until now that is. Compared to the other times, this silence feels……..heavy.

I could hear some kind of music coming from a place I couldn’t see, but I didn’t feel like enjoying it right now.

[Rose]: “Is something the matter?”

Whether she knew what was going on in my heart or not, Rose-san asked the question.

 ――with the same smile she gives to everyone.

[Iris]: “N-No…..nothing at all.”

[Rose]: “……?”

It’s just that something I thought was special turned out to be…….

“What if it’s all perfectly normal, the kind of thing she’d show anyone?”

I might have been making a terrible misunderstanding until now. 

I got conceited and asked her for a date. And when she said yes, I got excited and became even more conceited…….

And now that I’m realizing that I went and misunderstood things all on my own, I’m feeling hurt and betrayed.

What a troublesome woman I am! When did I become such a creep?

[Iris]: “……..”

No, that’s not it.

[Rose]: “Iris-san?”

I surprised Rose-san a bit when I suddenly looked up after spending so much time with my head hanging down. 

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been yanked around by Mycena and constantly getting dragged into her tomfoolery.

We were always getting in trouble. And that’s the reason why Mycena was always my only friend and all the other kids ostracized the both of us.

After growing up in that kind of harsh environment, it takes more than a couple of snide comments to make me lose heart.

No matter how much someone criticizes me or feels the need to brag about themselves in front of me, their words would be nothing more than a summer breeze to my ears.

So, being wishy washy like this doesn’t suit me.

I like Toslin.

I like Carol. 

I like Saluena.

And Lapris, of course I like her too.

And if someone were to ask me if I loved Rose-san, I, I wouldn’t be able to deny it.

Mycena doesn’t sit around and just think about it if she thinks someone is special.

That’s the one thing I respect about her.

Her aggressiveness.

If you want to be special to someone else, you can’t afford to hesitate. You need to step up and claim them yourself.

[Iris]: “Rose-san, Rose-san. Today I will wash your hair for you.”

[Rose]: “Oh my, it’s no trouble?”

[Iris]: “Of course not. It has been a while since we took a bath together. I will make your hair so clean it’ll sparkle.”

[Rose]: “Fufu, then I will leave it to you.”

[Iris]: “You won’t regret it

I then cheerfully hugged Rose-san’s arm.

I’m greedy.

And although it’s probably wrong for me to say this about myself, but I am quite spoiled. 

Don’t underestimate my desire to monopolize someone after all the years I spent being spoiled by Sarah.

You aren’t taking away what’s mine without a fight.

And this spot at Rose-san’s side is private property.

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  1. Unless something develops later, I guess this is confirmation of Iris’ monogamous attraction. It’s a bit disappointing to me, but casual flirting between friends is fun too so w/e.


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