Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 2


Episode 2: Silver Princess

I rested my hand on my seat. Next to me was a fair, flowery maiden. Suddenly our eyes met.

Her gorgeous cheeks were as if decorated by cherry blossom petals, and her lips were the same vibrant pink as fresh, plump peaches. A well-featured face with big, almost pinkish brown eyes. What stood out the most though would have to be the long, wavy, silver colored hair billowing down her back. My heart was captivated by a brilliance that not even the moon shining high in the midst of utter darkness could hope to match. 

“How do you do?”

“Good…….How do you do?”

I tripped up my greeting again….. Maybe my mind is running too deep into my delusions, and my thoughts are having a hard time catching up to reality as a consequence? Should I be careful with my delusions from now on?

“Ufufu, I am still unused to saying my ‘how do you do?’s.” 

“Me too. ‘Good morning’ still sounds more natural to me.”

Thank goodness. Thanks to her, I was able to jump back into the conversation.

“Did you perhaps transfer in from one of the unaffiliated schools as well?”

“I did~. And I am feeling nervous because of it.”

“Eh~. But you look just how I would imagine a young lady to look~!”

“Eh……? Y-You think so?”

Her eyes shone after my compliment, and her whole expression brightened up as a result. How is it that this child is so cute?

Honestly rather than a young lady……I would go so far as to say she looks like a princess.

While I was wrapped up in admiring her beauty though, she tilted her head in response to my silence.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, I just realized I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Fujisaki Yuriha. I suppose we will be neighbors starting today.”

I quickly diverted the subject towards self-introductions.

“……..Hanazono Saki¹. Feel free to just call me Saki~”

“Sure thing Saki. Nice to meet you.”

Our way of speaking to one another is a bit formal like we’re playing parts in an overseas drama……. I wish we could be a bit more informal around each other. But considering how bad I am at talking with other people, this might work out in my favor. 

Me aiming for a yuri harem is nothing short of a joke, but since it’s my dream, I have no choice other than to persevere forward.

The first step is friendship. I hold out my hand for a proper greeting with Saki…….oh my god, why is her hand so smooth? So lovely and pearly white. Did she craft her own hand out of marble or something?

Saki stared at our hands for a moment before suddenly nodding her head and murmuring “MmHmm,” aloud as if she had figured something out. I wonder what that was about.

“By the way Yuri, you use ‘boku’ whenever you refer to yourself?”

What, you’re going to dig into that? Isn’t questioning a person’s first person pronouns supposed to be taboo?

“Well, it’s just something I’ve always done. For some reason I’ve never wanted to switch over to ‘watashi’ or ‘atashi’.”²


Saki’s smile morphed into a smirk. Why is even her smirk so cute? Is she that loved by God…….?

But I guess I really do need to keep a close eye on my appearance. I’ll need to make sure to stay at a certain level if I want to become good friends with a girl this cute.

“Very good……success…….”

I overheard her mumbling something to herself, but when I asked her about it, she simply waved her hand and as if it were nothing while diverting her gaze to the upper right before then casting her eyes downwards. Again and again and again, every gesture she makes is just so cute I keep getting drawn in.

“Haa~, this is my first time talking to someone at this school~. I do not know anybody else here……so would you mind being my friend Yuri?”

After breathing out a sigh of relief, Saki once again held out her hand for me. So, she is alone here too? I could feel a sense of kinship already budding between us. 

“I would be more than happy to become friends. Saki is cute, so it works out just as I wanted.”

Hold on a minute. If I say it like that, she’s going to think I only want to be friends because she’s cute. I’m an idiot.

“Your lovely smile makes you look like a nice girl.”

I impatiently added on a supplement to try and fix my mistake. But, it wasn’t much better than what I said before………why am I so bad at talking!?

However, it wasn’t clear whether she heard me or not. Saki had opened her mouth a bit, but she was otherwise expressionless. Mmm, cute.


“I’m, cute?”

“Eh? Yeah.”

“And lovely?”


What’s going on now? However Saki’s expression broke into a wide grin in the blink of an eye――

“Oh you~! Just coming out and calling me cute like that~!”

Both her hands came up to her cheeks, and she started bouncing up and down in her seat. She spun around as if she were trying to scatter her heart around her. Her already cute face then transformed into a full-blown maidenly sweet smile.

“S-Saki! Are you okay!?”


It’s no good. She’s drifted off into her own world…..

Who knew just saying the word ‘cute’ would raise the tension this much…… This girl, is probably going to end up being fooled by a man some time in the future……. So I guess I’ll have to protect her. As I hardened my resolve, the little me inside my head did a fist pump.

1. The name Saki has the kanji ‘princess’ inside it.

2. Boku is the male form of I/me. Watashi is gender neutral and Atashi is female. A lot of kids use boku too, so while most girls switch over as they grow up, it’s not too weird for some to have never made the switch.

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