Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 1

I thought long and hard about whether I should start a third series. My brain made some good arguments about why I shouldn’t do it, so I decided to ignore that stupid thing and did it anyway. The chapters are relatively short, the translations are simple, and each chapter feels like a handful of potato chips I just kept wolfing down. The cover image is something I took from the author’s twitter. I hope everyone enjoys

Section 1
Episode 1: Yuri Dream

Glancing up at the sky, a bright fresh verdure mixed with the blue to bring about a soothing harmony. 

When I looked down to the ground, flowers danced and smiled under the bright beams of light.

A warm whirlwind blew through as if to melt away the cold winter air, sweeping up those stubborn mushed together cherry blossoms and scattered out their petals.

The heart dances, and everything is in bloom――

A wonderful season……..

“A perfect time to bring people into my yuri garden!”

A sudden declaration. My head turned up towards the sky like a stage actress. Even if there are no other people around me, I cannot stop the buzz in my heart. I~am~looking~forward~to~this~

When I shut my eyes, a beautiful girl like a princess naturally floats in my vision. A cool beauty with long, black hair. I have always known that if you want to be my lover, you cannot be a man but a beautiful girl instead. So long as you are a beautiful girl then my heart can be at ease. That is to say the following statement is self-evident: beautiful girls are justice! However, I may not be satisfied with just one beautiful girl…….there are so many different types of cute and unique angels out there after all…….

You guessed it. My dream is to form my own yuri harem. At this very moment I am headed to the illustrious Himeyuri Girl’s Academy, and I shall capture the young maidens’ hearts and experience a true, pure romance.

“How do you do?”

“Hm, oh, how do you do?”

Oops, I got caught off guard……. I was a little flustered when somebody suddenly greeted me, but I hurriedly returned the smiling girl’s greeting with my own refreshing smile. I’ve been practicing my smile every morning and night to perfect a natural smile, so it is fine…… is fine right?

I absentmindedly watched as the girl wearing the wool newsboy cap gradually grew further and further away from me. Did she unironically use, “How do you do”? It seems this famous school really is meant for fine young ladies just as I had heard.

Pushing the bud of anxiety that had sprouted in my heart into a corner, I took a deep whiff of that fresh new school year air to purify my heart and began walking once again.

After traveling up the slope of the main road and cutting into the side road that lead to school, I was met with the sight of a large number of elegant looking girls each traveling to school at their own pace. Some were chatting away together in groups while others kept a child-like innocence and frolicked forward……. Ah, there’s another child walking quickly down the road while absorbed in a book…….. I want to make that kind of cool girl my own the most.

I presented my student handbook with the built-in IC chip that had been delivered to my house ahead of time when I reached the ticket gate, and I was allowed to head into the school. Have private schools recently been going high-tech……..? As someone coming here from a public middle school where funding through taxes was limited, I have to say that is pretty awesome.

Which class will I be in……..such a customary, heart-pounding event would not happen. It’s a little unfortunate, but I’m afraid I already knew my class number well in advance. Now it is just a matter of following directions and heading straight for my class. Then my classroom should be class four……. Oh, looks like I climbed up from the wrong side. However it will be convenient to have my classroom be so close to the stairs so long as I remember to use the opposite side staircase instead.

Oh, and what a nice scent…….

It was like stepping into a dream after opening the rococo-style door. An elegant……..sweet……..maidenly space that would never allow something as dirty as men and women being mixed together. The glorious girls’ school wasn’t an urban legend after all…….

I took the lead and greeted two nearby girls with a, “Good day,” this time around. It’s okay. The other girl gave me a big smile when I said it to her, so there shouldn’t be anything unnatural with me saying it……. Such girls descended back into girl talk after I moved away, and flowers began blooming around them. Oh, so pretty……. Just like I thought, girls must be gorgeous.

What about me………? Well, I have slipped apart from the creature known as a lady, so it would be difficult to compare me to the others. But no matter how boyish or androgynous other people may claim me to be, that isn’t reason enough to toss aside the glamourous. That is why from now on I shall live as gracefully and elegantly as possible so that I may properly blend in with this school for well-to-do young ladies!

However this truly is a wonderful and gorgeous space. All the girls here are charming, and their eyes flutter about like a flower inviting in a bee. No, stop it. It doesn’t matter how much I want to immediately surround myself with beautiful girls and build a yuri harem, I must resolve myself right now to not give in to any vulgar impulses. Before anything else I must accustom myself to my new setting. From there I can begin collecting beautiful girls who look like they would all get along with each other little by little.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down and not raise any suspicions before looking for my seat……would the seat in the far back by the window work? It’d be the best seat, but it will make it difficult to get along with others. It would be easy to find myself all alone because there aren’t too many other seats nearby. I must be careful to avoid that at all costs……..I would rather not experience that again…….

I took my seat with that line of thinking, but there was one thing I hadn’t noticed. No, perhaps it was  so dazzling that I had unconsciously stopped myself from making direct eye contact out of fear of making myself blind.

Sitting right next to me was a――

――――silver princess――――

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