Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 9


Episode 9: Study Session Tomorrow

“Unfortunately we can’t play with Yuzu forever.”

After regaining my composure, I pulled my hand away from her face and motioned for the other two to wrap up the playtime.

“Sorry about that Yuzu”

“I-It’s fine…… I was……happy”

Oh ho ho? Is it okay to let this stuff pass so easily Yuzurin…….actually, of course it’s fine. I will make Yuzurin the mascot of my yuri harem…… I’m going to keep spoiling you until I’m satisfied……

“Ah, hold on~”

“Hm? Is something wrong?”

Honoka glanced up towards the ceiling like she had suddenly realized she had forgotten something, and just as I was wondering what that could be, her gaze fell on the handouts we have sitting on our desks.

“That’s bad! We had committee meetings after class! Yuu, you too right!?”

“Oh that is bad!”

Thinking back, the teacher did say something to that effect…….. Careless.

“Oh Oh, we’ve only got, only got, only got five minutes left!”

Honoka impatiently mixed in a rap as she hurried the rest of us to gather up our things.

“Will we make it if we hurry?”

“I’m sure everything will work out somehow~”

Saki didn’t seem too worried as she responded to my worries.

“Yuzu too”

I held my hand out to Yuzuriha who had just finished throwing her own things together.


And shyly, yet happily, she held my hand back. Yeah, such a good and honest girl.


“Honoka, you don’t need to run.”

While the rest of us speed-walked out of the room, we were left surprised as Honoka ran double-time past us as if it were a race.

“Heheheh~. Unfortunately our study session will have to wait until tomorrow Yuu!”

Then after reaching the end of the hallway, she suddenly turned back around and called out to us.

“Sorry, but it can’t be helped.”

“I know, but I wanted to spend more time with you!”

“Yeah. Me too.”

Honoka was practically jumping in place, but amidst the overabundant joy, I thought I saw a tinge of regret. After agreeing with her, I turned around and added on, “Right Saki?” but

“I won’t lose”

for some reason she narrowed her gaze and gave a dark smile. Scary cute. But why are you making a face like that?

“Hm? Lose in what?”

“…….studying? You’re second to none in both points and diligence, so I can’t afford to lose~!”

When I asked her what was up, the darkness flashed away, and Saki responded with her usual glittering smile. Just as I thought, she’s cute.

“You’re making me motivated. I won’t lose either.”

Saki suddenly pulled off a guts pose and began giggling to herself with a loose smile. Maybe you’re a little too motivated? It’s still cute though of course.

While Saki was in her own little world, Honoka put her hands together and struck a nin nin pose like a ninja.

“Well then! I’m off to the health committee!”

“Right. You better get going.”

“See you~!”

Honoka scampered off while waving both of her arms in the air in farewell. Is she an elementary school student? Such a cute child.

“Then we should be going too.”


Yuzuriha nodded her head while still holding my hand.

“Me too, me too~”

But then for some reason, Saki came up on the other side of Yuzuriha and held her other hand…….why?

In response to my silent question, 

“We’ll all be in the same committee after all~ Let’s be the good friend trio!”

Saki returned a powerful wink that was likely to have a star shoot out from it. Just now, I was shot through the heart. Did anyone get a good look at the assassin~?

Seeing her dazzling smile, I began wondering if the three of us looked like a family to anyone we pass by. Such an embarrassing delusion.

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