Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 8


Episode 8: Mascot Character

“Huh, Otori? Your first name is Yuzuriha right?”

“Yep! I always call her Yuzurin though. She failed her tests too, so I brought her along.”

“I-I see…….”

I’m not sure you should be going around and talking about people’s bad scores without their permission though……. The laid-back ditzy girl Honoka is making me a little anxious.

But for the time being, let’s turn our attention back to the topic girl on hand.

“How about it? We can study together and have these two tutor us!”

Honoka peered into her eyes and gently patted her shoulders…….almost like a mother seeing off her child before their first day of kindergarten.

“I’m, Otori Yuzuriha…… Let’s…….to….gether”

Yuzurin’s words came out broken and choppy…….adorable. I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of her.

“I’m Yuriha. All right then Yuzu, let’s study together.”

After I said that though, Yuzuriha’s lips began to tremble, and she diverted her gaze away from me. Did I treat her too much like a child…….?

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah– that, she did the same thing to me too! She just isn’t used to people giving her nicknames, right?”

She quietly nodded with Honoka.

“Do you hate me calling you Yuzu?”

“No… made me……happy”

Gah~! What is with this mascot character!? How could anyone be this bashfully cute!?

With my thoughts wrapped up with that……


“Oh, sorry”

……I didn’t even realize I had started patting Yuzriha’s head. But it’s not what you think! It’s her fault for being too cute! It would be a sin not to pet her! I am innocent!

But there is no point in trying to argue on my behalf inside my brain. I need to apply the proper follow-up in reality.

“But geez, Yuzu feels like a younger sister. It makes me want to pour all my love onto you.”

Why am I saying something like this to someone I’ve only just met……. Well it’s the truth though.

Still, contrary to my worries, Yuzuriha seemed happy about it…….giving an almost suspiciously relaxed and happy smile.

Hm? Is this intimacy I feel? Her adorable face is blushed red like a tomato. She’s the perfect combination of the bashful little sister and a moe character isn’t she?

While I was thinking that, 

“Ah~, Yuzu is such a cutie~!! I just want to take you home~!”

Without bothering to introduce herself, Saki launched a surprise attack and threw her arms around Yuzu’s shoulders. She then used all her strength to rub their cheeks together. 

“What the!? I won’t lose!”

And then with the naturalness as if it were expected of her, Honoka jumped in and began rubbing her own cheek in there. Though Saki, you sure are being friendly with everyone…… I want to mix in too?

“Yuzurin’s skin is so squishy–”



Yuzurin looked like she didn’t know what to do as Saki and Honoka continued playing with her cheeks. Aah, yuri flirting between angels, I can feel all my worldly desires melting away…… This is heaven…….no, it’s a school for young ladies…… basically heaven…….

…….hah!? I was almost purified and forgot my goal here…… I’m supposed to be in the middle there. I need to awaken them to their homosexuality and pull them into my yuri harem. I have to establish myself.

For now though, I’ll have to think about this moment.

“Your skin really is comfortable to the touch.”

I moved in front of her and brushed my hand against her cheek. ……Ah, it’s not just her cheeks, but her lips are cute too. 

I lifted up her chin and gently brushed my thumb across her lips……hm? It feels kind of hot……wait, it’s her?


Her face had become redder than a ripened tomato.

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