Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 14


Episode 14: Friends With the Ice Queen?

“What was with her!?”

As soon as we left the infirmary, Honoka finally unleashed her anger and began stamping her feet on the ground. 

The nurse looked over Yuzuriha’s legs, but since there weren’t any injuries and the pain had faded away, she was just supposed to take it easy for the time being.

And now that we’re finally heading back to the classroom and all of our worries had been abated, the previously delayed anger was being allowed to boil over. 

“What does she mean, ‘I’m an adult’!? She is definitely still a child!”

“Well, let’s calm down for now Honoka.”

I’m calm. Is it unforgivable to her because it looked like Yuzurin was being bullied? Perhaps Honoka is a deceptively caring girl after all.

“You meet people like that sometimes right? A child who wants to behave like an adult. She didn’t seem actually angry and was simply pointing out we didn’t apologize, so let’s forgive her.”

Please? A unique girl who is a bit of a loner gives off a good impression. And when she’s a beautiful girl to boot, it’s only natural that she should become a member of my yuri harem. 

But Honoka grimaced and growled at the thought. I can’t blame her. It’s only natural that you would find someone distasteful after an incident like that. It’ll be difficult to get that girl to join at this rate.


While I agonized over what to do, Yuzuriha timidly raised her hand to signal she had her own proposal.

“Huh! Yuzurin has something to say!”

“No, we already did that bit earlier.”

“I was exposed~!”


Her anger immediately switched to her usual high energy. Even during a time like this, she’s a fun girl.

“What is it Yuzu~?”

Saki peered into Yuzuriha’s face and spoke like she were addressing a child…….no wait, that’s how she always talks? Cute, isn’t it?

That girl, is scary, but not a bad person………is the feeling, I got……”

“That person, Suzushiro?”

When I asked, she nodded. It wouldn’t be strange for something like that to have resulted in a small trauma, yet she’s bravely accepting……. The person at the center of it all is giving the yes. Your big sis is going to cry over here!


“That’s a little……..right?”

However both Honoka and Saki are a no…….well, that should be expected. Should I make a big play?

“A moment please?”

I clapped my hands together to grab everyone’s attention. 

“I would like to try getting along with that girl.”

Two of them were clearly surprised. After a moment, Honoka reluctantly let out a long, drawn out, “Eh~?” Saki didn’t look any more convinced. 

As for Yuzuriha, her eyes were practically sparkling as she looked at me.


I was asked while being stared at. In this case, they aren’t being purely skeptical. They are genuinely curious. But considering we’re talking about a prickly girl who seems like she’s usually alone, my answer is already decided. 

“She doesn’t seem that coldhearted, but with the way she talks, she’s probably going to end up alone. She’s a unique and interesting girl, so I was hoping she could become friends with us.”

“Eeh!? Friends with the ice queen!?”

“Ice queen……”

What’s with that…….but depending on your viewpoint, I guess it could look like she’s cold to people. Maybe the nickname is unavoidable.

“Ice queen~. She has a personality that stands out, but shouldn’t we not? She has a nice face, but it’d be painful not being able to talk with each other.”

“But then she would simply float around the classroom. With her sitting directly in front of me, it would always be on my mind.”

She’s already on my mind as it is, but that’s because she’s a beautiful girl. Being a beautiful girl can be the reason for just about anything!

“There’s no need to be that nice?”

Well that’s one way of seeing it. Saki was nodding her head at Honoka’s words. Hmm, maybe I could convince her to agree with me?

“What do you think Saki?”

Saki leaned her head to the side and stuck a pose with her index finger resting under her chin like she was thinking. Do you realize how cute you are?

When she was done, Saki brought her hand down and straightened out her back. 

“Hmm, well…….I think it’s fine to ignore her.”


I figured she would give me a no, but……..heh?


“That’s right. I mean, there’s no reason to force ourselves to get involved with her~.”

Oh thank goodness. I was starting to think my beloved princess would resort to bullying…….it’s not good to purposefully ignore people you know. 

“……so Saki doesn’t want us to invite her into our group either?”

“Mm, that’s right.”

She may have been smiling a bit, but her expression was icy cold and completely lacked any sympathy――her real feelings are leaking out.

“Well, I suppose it can’t be helped that you two would feel that way even if Yuzu is willing to forgive her.”

Saki and Honoka really love doting on Yuzurin. With their inability to forgive anything that could be even construed as bullying, I wonder if they’re already on the level of being doting parents. It’s only the second day since we met each other though? Isn’t this too quick?

Well, everyone in the world has the desire to protect clumsy, beautiful girls in their hearts. 

It’s a shame though. Do I need to give up on Suzushiro…….? Never! I won’t give up on such a unique girl that easily……!

“Okay, let’s forget about this and go have lunch.”

I change the subject as we reach back to the classroom and I open the door. Glancing around, Suzushiro doesn’t seem to have come back yet, so let’s just peacefully enjoy a meal with these children for now.

However in my heart, I vowed to bring her in to my yuri harem――a fiery blaze of determination has been lit that won’t be snuffed out.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Suzushiro might be an Ice Queen, but I bet she’s going to end up in a problematic situation, get saved by Prince Yuriha’s harem, and wholeheartedly join the group.


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