Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 13

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Episode 13: Noble Rose

She reprimanded us with a low, composed voice. No, she might not actually be angry with us. Long eyelashes hung over her deep, black eyes which locked onto us with interest after a short sigh. Her eyes were long and sharp, so if she were actually glaring at me, I would be a bit more scared.

She had a beauty reminiscent to a crimson rose floating in an ocean of darkness. Stiff, finely chiseled features made her look less splendidly gorgeous and more dignified and handsome. If her long, straight black hair was shorter, she would be a true androgynous Asian beauty.

“Ah, Suzushiro……..sorry about that.”

I apologized after glancing over her complexion. Her name is Ranko, and she sits in the seat directly in front of mine. I’ve actually been keeping my eye on her because of her looks and the atmosphere around her. Also, there’s always a weak smell of roses around whenever I walk past her. Her movements and manners are elegant, and despite her superior demeanor that seems to tell those around her, “Don’t talk to me,” she is actually quite sociable. I’ve taken to secretly calling her the Noble Rose inside my head. By the way, both her pen and phone strap are roses. She’s dedicated to the part……

Hearing my words, she slowly opened her mouth, took a breath, and narrowed her eyes.

“I was not speaking to you. This concerns the one who tripped and fell on my desk. I was hurt from the sudden shock.”

She gracefully raised her hand and aimed one of her thin fingers towards Yuzuriha. However that’s no reason for me to back away. Let’s calm her down and smooth things out.

“Sorry, I’m the one who rushed her, so I’m the one at fault. Does it still hurt where you got hit?”

“It doesn’t. And I understand the situation. However she is the direct cause of the incident, so should she not be the one to apologize?”

“I-I suppose……then Yuzu…….”

Well, it’s not like she’s asking for anything outrageous――when I turned to Yuzuriha though, her mouth kept flapping open and shut while the rest of her body was being supported by Honoka and Saki. This is…..

“Yuzu, are you okay?”

“Ah, Ah……Um…..Oh……”

A trembling Yuzuriha. The fear of being pressed for questioning has left her speechless.

“Simply apologize. If you cannot do even that, how do you intend to live your life in the future?”

“What was that!?”

“Calm down Honoka.”

I had to pin down Honoka after she was set off by Suzushiro’s cold logic. Well, this is awkward.

“She isn’t the best communicator. It’d be pitiful if she was cornered too much, so could you forgive her with this?”

After I tried innocently pleading with her by putting my hands together in front of my chest, Suzushiro looked off somewhere in the distance like she was thinking. She closed her eyes for a moment and then slowly opened them.

“Bad at communicating? Then, it can’t be helped……”

She spoke as if she were trying to explain something, but her eyes felt like they were burning in anger. There was a mixture in her gaze of cold sympathy and the venom you’d find in a snake’s eye as it corners a frog. It made me jump.

It seems like she was trying to get that kind of reaction from me though because afterwards, she smiled to herself and laughed from her nose.

“I’ll keep it at this level. I’m an adult, so there’s no need for me to be obstinate.”

Suzushiro gracefully brushed her left hand through her long hair and gave us an intoxicated grin……I wonder what she thinks an adult is.

“Thank you Suzushiro”

“Hmph……I’ve done nothing to be thanked for.”

Her eyes returned to the sharp look they usually carried. Hmm, this is complicated~ But hear me out. Isn’t that bothersome side of her pretty cute? She’s a beautiful woman after all. Yes, cuteness is justice!

Then, Suzushiro stood to her feet, and the two of us had a brief confrontation. I am fairly tall, but comparing myself to her, she’s more of a slender tallness that makes her look cool…….

After Suzushiro made her way towards the classroom’s front door, Saki moved aside to let her through. Her steady footsteps echoed in the classroom as she slowly walked away from us. Once she had disappeared from our sight, I finally exhaled the breath I had been holding and turned to the others.

“Then for now, let’s head to the infirmary.”


“No, it’s okay.”

Saki and Honoka remained silent. Yuzuriha was the only one to respond.

Eventually I had to take the lead, bringing Yuzuriha and the others out of the classroom door on the opposite side of the room from what Suzushiro took.

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