Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 17


Episode 17: Surprise?

“Awesome~ Tomorrow’s supplementary lessons are going to be a breeze!”

“You changed your tune right quick.”

I gave Honoka’s forehead a small poke.


“I guess you deserve some small praise though?”


She gave me an overexaggerated reaction. A complete comedian.

By the time we finished our study session in the library, the bright yellow sun had fallen far into the west, and a glowing red sky stretched out from the window.

We walked down an empty corridor. Our shadows as we left the library swayed and stretched with each step we took.

“I’ve taught you most of the basics, so you should should be A-Okay for tomorrow’s supplementary lessons.”

Saki gave Honoka and Yuzuriha a beaming smile.

“Mm, thank…….you”

“Let’s do our best together tomorrow~ Yu-zu-rin~!”


Honoka raised her hands up and cheered. Yuzuriha raised her own hand up, and gave a soft, “Yeah~……” in support. MmMm, they’re great friends.

There were all kinds of worrisome factors when we began, but as we kept going, they were eventually able to reach the point where they could understand the practice tests we had――everything after this would be up to them. I’d say “You can do it,” to them if I wasn’t sure they would think I was treating them like kids.

*Clop* *Clop* *Clop* Our footsteps echoed throughout the red dyed school building.

Right now……we’re going home together…..

“Hold on everyone”

As everyone stepped ahead of me and started down the stairs, I stopped and called out to them.

“Is something wrong Yuu?”

“Did you forget something~?”

The princess has me figured out. But it’s not some ‘thing’ that I forgot about.

“I just remembered there was an errand I wanted to run, so is it okay if you three head back first? I’m not sure how long this will take.”

“Ehh!? But well, I’m staying at the dormitory, so I would’ve had to split up from you soon anyway. So it’s fine~”


Honoka understood, and Yuzuriha quietly nodded her head as well. There are no problems so far.

And then…….

“Really~? Then I’ll wait here for you.”

Like I thought…….

I had kind of assumed that, with no reason for Saki to leave on her own, she would wait for me as long as it took. It could be just because she thinks of us as such close friends, but then again……

“Sorry. I really don’t know how long this will take, so I think it’d be for the best that Saki goes home first.”

With that being said, it might be bad if she finds out about this before I’m ready, so I make up an excuse to see her off.

“Yeah? But it’s already getting dark, so it’d be better for us to go home together~”

Gah! My heart! It’s tearing itself apart! She’s just so cute that I want to–wait, wait!

She’s bowling over my excuses. Hmm, what to do…….. In order to ensure that nobody finds out about my yuri harem plans until I’m ready, I should crush any seeds of anxiety before they sprout.

Alright, I guess it can’t be helped.

“All right, then you two should head back first.”

Honoka and Yuzuriha waved goodbye after everything was settled before heading back down the steps.

“Okay~ See you tomorrow then!”

“Bye bye…….”

My current obsession is enjoying that difference between how Honoka and Yuzuriha end their sentences. Honoka is always so high energy and draws out the end of her words while Yuzuriha is quiet, and her words always trail off. Mm, a sweet, meek girl.

“Bye bye~!”

And then, it’s just me and the princess……

“So, what is it that you have to do?”

I don’t want to say…… Regardless of the content, I’m going to have to put on a small act from now on, so it’d be for the best if I could avoid anybody getting a peek behind the curtain. 

Come on, calm down me. Keep up your poker face. So long as you don’t say any lies, you’re good. 

“Saki. Could you calmly listen to me?”


I’m the one who needs to calm down. On instinct I grabbed her shoulders and stared directly into her eyes. Oh, she’s turning red. So I do make her heart race.

“After this, there’s something I’m going to be doing…….for your sake.”

“M-My sake?”


Saki looked away from me after I nodded.

“Is it something I shouldn’t know about?”

“Yeah, for now at least.”

She took a moment, humming “Hmm” to herself as she thought. For Saki’s own good, it’s for the best that she doesn’t know about this yet. In her mind, just having the two of us together is probably enough――

“……I see. Then I guess it can’t be helped.”

She gave in.

“Thank you”

“Hmmmmm~? Is it that~?”

Perhaps she thinks this is meant to be part of a surprise? I would have to change up the plan a bit, but if it makes her happy, I’d be more than happy to put in the effort. From now on, this is all part of a surprise I’m cooking up.

“Sorry, I feel bad making you go home alone this late.”

“It’s all right~ If Yuri is going to go that far……what else can I do~?”

A small star shot out from Saki’s powerful wink. So cute, let’s get married already.

“Then I’ll head back first. Be careful heading home!”

“I will!”

I waved my hand goodbye, and Saki shook her entire arm in the air as she finally started down the steps. Big smile. Cheerful reply. Okay, I think I nailed that.

Saki skipped down the steps, singing to herself “Happy, happy, happy, happy”……..isn’t the way she sings out her emotions just the cutest?

“Now then, really hope this works.”

I mumbled aloud to myself after I was left alone on top of the landing. From an outside perspective, this might not be something to really worry about, but it’s no exaggeration to say that my entire yuri harem plan is dependent on this working out.

Please, gift me with a wonderful present.

With that prayer in my heart, I headed over to the staff room.

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