Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 18


Episode 18: Rooftop Dream

I have a meagre dream. 

What would make for a splendiferous stage where I could experience the pleasures of youth with little no chance of being disturbed by outside parties?

The two answers I came up with were a clubroom and the rooftop. A club room should go without saying. But while a clubroom would be able to enrich our daily lives, the rooftop is a spot representative of youth that will make our school lives truly shine. ………or so anime has led me to believe. 

To maintain my yuri harem, I must pin down the best possible spot to make things fun for everyone. This super excellent strategy to deepen our relations――won’t work. Apparently the rooftop is closed off to students. I’m guessing it’s to help avoid any accidents?

I hear other schools actually have teachers that regularly patrol and check to see if anyone has gone up there. It’s some kind of phantom space that people rarely ever use. 

Ah, I want to enjoy a lunch picnic with a group of beautiful girls without any outsiders disturbing us just like they do in anime……

But what can I do to make that dream a reality? I have no choice but to take this matter into my own hands and make it happen.

Thinking about it, even if I were to find a way to normally open it up, reserving the roof for just us would end up being completely unfair to our classmates. 

If a school does allow students up on the roof, it usually ends up as a popular dating spot for boy girl couples. In our case the men would go explode though………but wait? Since this is a girl’s school, I suppose it would become a popular dating spot for yuriples? ………Why don’t they just let us up there!?

Tirade aside. What if I managed to create the perfect conditions that would allow us to monopolize the roof……..?

……..that’s when I realized if I used that method, it might be possible.

All I need to do is get my own copy of the rooftop’s key.

But how do you get your hands on a key for a door that is never supposed to be opened?

Well, the entire reason why I need the key is because it’s a door that is never supposed to be opened. This is all to create a unique space for my harem of beautiful girls. Although it is a shame I won’t get to see any other yuriples.

Would there be any greater setting than this though? Thinking about it a second time just reinforces my resolve. And in order to get this key to the rooftop so I can enjoy as many yuri moments with beautiful girls as I want, I have come up with a convenient plan. 

I just need to say it’s for club activities.

I’ll get to personalize my clubroom how I want, be able to enjoy practicing club activities with everyone and create a bunch of fun memories, and get to visit the rooftop whenever I need to…….if everything goes well, doesn’t this kill three birds with one stone? I was already considering forming a club with everyone anyway, so the rooftop is sweet, sweet, icing at this point.

When it comes to having to use the rooftop, an astronomy club would be the first thing you would think of, but that would mean we would only have an excuse to go up there during the night. Besides, it’s kind of doubtful that an astronomy club would be able to carry on any kind of regular activities in a school setting anyway. 

An art club…….I doubt I would be able to draw anything on the roof enough times to justify me being able to borrow a key. Even if they did lend it to me, it’d be difficult to convince the teachers to let me have my own copy.

There are schools out there that have their bands practice on the roof, but that is definitely out of the question. With how difficult the practices would be and how many people it would require to set up, it’d be next to impossible for me to get a clubroom, get a key to the roof, and get to use both as I see fit. I would like the music, but I’d also like to avoid catching the attention of any ill-mannered girls. Plus I’m sure there would be those who would insist on us doing performances to help cheer on the sports teams. 

Well, arguments don’t really matter too much with those last two since the school already has an art club and band, so I had to quickly eliminate them from consideration anyway………

But then I found the perfect solution. A certain school club that is already assigned its own clubroom but zero members. Plus it would provide me with the perfect excuse to regularly head to the roof. With my answer in hand, I decided to visit the best person for this…….

“Pardon me”

While running through my rooftop plans through my head, I knocked on the door to the staff room before heading inside.

“Oh, is that our class’s top student Fujisaki? What are you still doing at the school this late?”

Shibuya Kaede, my class’s homeroom teacher, was sitting in the seat closest to the entrance. She spun around in her chair right after I walked in. How lucky, I was greeted by the exact teacher I was looking for.

“Hm, was there something you needed to talk to me about?”

“Yes, actually…….”

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