Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 20

Episode 20: Gathering Members

“Photography club!?”

There was no way you could say that these three were in harmony……..Honoka’s voice was completely overpowering, and the other two’s surprise was just backup music.

“But there was no photography club in the presentation……..”

Saki pulled out the pamphlet listing all the clubs we got yesterday and began seriously looking through it. Immediately double checking the information available to her. Real honor students are something else.

“It’s different……right? You want to make one instead of entering………”

“Eh, oh…….so that’s it~!”

For a refreshing change of pace, it was Yuzuriha who was quick on the uptake and Saki who needed things explained to her. That’s right, I said make instead of enter.

It was right before the morning homeroom was about to begin. I’m starting to think young ladies are strong in the mornings as there were many students already here, and each of these students was as bright as a flower in bloom. Everyone was gathered in groups of three or four people, so it looks like the class has already coalesced into assigned friend groups.

We were no exception to that fact as all four of us had gathered around Saki’s seat. By the way, the princess is the only one of us sitting…….she’s flaunting her status, but I’ll forgive her because she’s cute. Obviously.

“That’s why I was wondering if everyone would want to join with me. I’m sure it will be lots of fun~”

I glanced over all three of them, throwing a wink and hoping they would agree.

“Of course~! I’m in~!”

“Me too! Doesn’t it sound interesting!?”

Saki and Honoka readily agreed.

“Yuzu? You won’t say it’s impossible right?”

I came to everyone under the assumption they would say yes. Yuzuriha especially wouldn’t be the one to choose to go against the group.

Yet for some reason her entire body is shaking while she holds both of her hands together in front of her chest.

“W-What’s wrong?”

Worried, I reached out towards her. Am I going to have to abandon my plan like this? Dang it.

When I came in close though, I saw that her face hidden beneath her bangs was slightly blushed and she had a silly grin spread on her face……..

“Photography…….I’ll do it……..”

“Eh, what?”

Was that…….a yes? While I was wondering just that, Honoka

“Show some spirit! Raise your voice more!”

raised her right hand into the air and increased the tension.

“I, will do photography……..”

“All right! Your passion has been fully transmitted! If you really want to do photography, just follow me! Your teacher!”


“Aim for the setting sun!” Honoka grabbed Yuzuriha and took the lead in a slow motion run. What is this farce? We’re not making a sports club you know…….

Saki and I waited the ten seconds for the two of them to run to one end of the room and return.

“This sweat is what youth is all about! Doesn’t it feel great!?”


“No, she’s speaking nonsense.”

As soon as I pointed that out, Honoka let out a long sigh and the both of them fixed their clothing. Their timing together is flawless.

“Bringing it back to what we were talking about, so everyone is okay with joining my club?”

“Oh yeah!”

“I am~”


I received a proper okay from all three of them. So all I need now is a fourth member to round out the numbers. Which is why…….I glanced to my back left.

However I caught Honoka holding out her hands and lightly raising and lowering her arms in the corner of my vision, so I returned my focus to her.

“Honestly, the best part about this is that we’ll get to prepare our own clubroom!”

“Eh, yeah, we will.”

She noticed pretty quick…….rather, that’s one of the big reasons why we’re doing this. It’s all for our yuri yuri time. Meanwhile Yuzuriha was breathing heavily and seemed to be exuding pleasure.

“Photography…….roof……..? The best…….Uhehehe………”

Another quick realization……these two immediately picked out the two reasons why I’m doing this in the first place. Are they both espers or something?

However there was one girl who was quizzically looking my way.

“But~? Don’t you need at least five people to run a club? Who is the other…….”

Seemingly having already sensed my intentions, Saki’s words trailed off in the end.

“N-No way!”


“Yuzurin? You’ve already figured it out too?”


Yuzuriha gave Honoka a complacent laugh after her dispirited tsukkomi. I then spun on my heels……..

“Ranko. We’re making a photography club. Would you like to join us?”

and asked the girl quietly reading a book behind us.

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