Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 21


Episode 21: Invitation

“What? You guys again?”

Ranko was perplexed for a second, but her mood quickly shifted towards irritation when she saw the three behind me. 

“I thought it would be fun if you joined the club with us. Or is it no good?”

I brought my hands together, giving her a long, “Please~,” alongside a toothy grin.

“Is this an invitation for the photography club? Unfortunately, I have no interest such a thing.”

Right when I thought I may have a chance when she peacefully closed her book, she turned me down while brushing her glossy long hair behind her right ear. Dang, exactly what I expected.

“I see. Sorry to bother you with this.”

“No, it’s okay. I’m sorry, but you will have to ask someone else.”

Oops, I didn’t think she would say that much though. I shivered because of how cold she sounded, but it didn’t seem like she meant anything bad about it. 

Ranko returned to the world of her book as soon as it became apparent that our conversation was over, so I quickly turned back around and returned to the other three.

“There you have it. That’s why you shouldn’t have invited her.”

“Honoka, she can hear you, so you should stop.”


She grew sulky after I warned her against criticizing Ranko. There’s hostility there even though they barely know each other. I really think if Honoka took the time to talk with Ranko though, they would end up getting along quite well.

Am I going to have to give up after all? Yeah, no way. There is no other girl here with a personality like hers. Huff, I took another quick glance behind me……and realized she’s listening to our conversation. That’s still the title page you’re on isn’t it? That’s so cute!

“Well~, guess we don’t got a choice. Let’s write in one of our classmate’s names in randomly!”

“No, there’s no way that would be okay.”

“Then we’ll make somebody up and write their name down!”

“That’s a crime!”

Honoka is falling back on illegal methods so quickly. Should I be scared?

“Then how about this? One of us simply needs to ask someone they are already close to.”

Saki calmly evaluated the situation and came up with a well-sounding plan…….

“Do you have anyone like that Saki?”


Her face froze in place. Ah, my bad. She told me our first day at school that I was her first friend, so this unfortunately confirms that she has no other friends here. I get it though. When I forget my textbook and the teacher tells me to borrow one from somebody else in class, I’m the type to have a lot of trouble……. I gotta stop. I’m hurting myself here too……..

“Unfortunately I don’t. I transferred here from an outside school.”

“T-That’s right~! Don’t worry Yuri, I’m in the same boat!”

I offered an immediate way out, and Saki jumped at the chance. This should hopefully minimize the mental damage we both just took.

Unfortunately this caused an unnecessary amount of damage to Yuzurin who had no other friends despite having gone to this middle school…….so all our hopes are on Honoka?

“Honoka then? Anyone at school that comes to mind?”

This is an escalator school, so just about everyone from the middle school section should have made their way up to this high school. With as personable as she is, I’m sure there are at least one or two people close to her that we can hit up. Although to be on the safe side, I avoid using the word ‘friend’ until I’m absolutely sure.

“Hmm, it’s difficultー”

“Heh, that’s surprising.”

Shoot, my honest thoughts leaked out. Hope that doesn’t hurt her feelings.

“No, I have a good friend, but……there are various things you know? Ahaha”

She was laughing, but an obvious shadow had been cast over her expression.

“I see. I guess it can’t be helped then.”

Yeah, it can’t be helped. If someone uses the word ‘various’, it means it’s a topic they don’t want other people touching. I need to change the subject and quickly…….

or so I thought, but Yuzuriha had my back.

“I…..d-don’t, have anyone. But, I like everyone here……… I don’t want to ruin the relationship we have…….”

Her words were a bit quiet and broken in places, but her deep feelings came in loud and clear.

With this timing? She can’t read the air…..there’s no way I would think something like that. She’s like the clumsy girlfriend who wants to express her feelings in her own way. Honestly what she said makes me so happy I think I might cry.

And I wasn’t the only one.

“Ahhhhh~ Geez! Yuzurin is so cute!”

“You said it so nicely~! I feel the exact same way!”

Honoka and Saki through their arms around Yuzuriha’s shoulders, rubbing their cheeks together with hers. Well, I’m glad nobody seems opposed to a little same-sex skinship at least.

“You’re right. There’s no reason to force someone in who we might be awkward around. We have to take our time and look for someone we get along with well enough.”

Considering how impatient I am feeling though, you can call me a hypocrite. But no, I have to keep a calm mind to not show just how much of a hurry I’m in.

If we spend too much time together as a group, we will get used to each other. If the relationships between us become to secure and stable, it will be difficult to get them to fall in love with me later.

So then……

“Let’s fill in our names for the time being,” I presented them the application form and urged them to sign now. With the decision that I would be the head of the club swiftly made, Saki, Honoka, and Yuzuriha signed on as my club members.

“Whether we’re able to participate in club activities together or not, we’ll at least always be able to hang out with each other.”

All three of them agreed to my slightly corny declaration. Good, it looks like the connection between us is nice and strong.

However while confirming that, I took another quick peek towards Ranko with my heart’s eye.

I want that perfect beautiful girl in my yuri harem by all means. It has to be her. The Noble Rose. A maiden of overwhelming beauty. And that thorny personality…….

I think everyone could really get along well together. They’re all oddball beautiful girls, and they’re all my targets. 

My selfishness is brought on because of my personal tastes, so I won’t give up easily. Thus, I have no other recourse than to keep trying my best.

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