Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 26


Episode 26: Besties

“What, you people again?”

Honestly…….with the number of times I’ve been hitting her up, it’s only natural she would think us obstinate…….

However if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Yuzuriha over the last couple days since we met, it’s that she isn’t very good at communicating with other people. Even though just yesterday she was all choked up because of the brouhaha over the chair……. If Yuzuriha is going to courageously try and approach Ranko, I have to do my best and support her. Mmm, Yuzurin’s courage nets her a perfect score! You’re going to make Big Sis cry~

“Ranko, could we borrow your health science notes? We need to copy someone’s down for ourselves.”

She took a moment to think about what I said.

“I would be willing to lend them out, but unfortunately, I do not take notes.”


My brain turned off for a second there, unable to register her response.

“Just kidding.”

“What’s that? Geez”

“Payback for before.”

“Oh, Ohh”

Now that I think about it, I did get her a couple times like that……. Such a trivial counterattack……..that’s so cyu~te!

“Gotcha, then can we borrow them?”

Honoka stepped forward, asking for a favor without a smile. She clearly hasn’t forgiven Ranko yet.

“I don’t mind”

“Great. Then here—”

She held out her hand with a dry attitude…….don’t you think it’s a bit shameless to ask for a favor from someone you clearly don’t get along with?

Ranko gave Honoka a firm look.

“Those two can borrow them, but not you”

“W-What was that!?”

“Just kidding”


Ranko has Honoka dancing in the palm of her hand. But, maybe I was right with what I said before. Perhaps these two could get along unexpectedly well……..?

Ranko then pulled her notebook out from her bag and held it out with an inappropriately smug smile.

“Here, I’m sure you too shall fall in love with my beautiful handwriting…..”

A sudden bout of narcissism. However while I had come to expect it to a degree, Honoka was clearly surprised. She cupped her hand behind her ear and leaned forward. 

“Heh, what? What was that—!?”

A deliberately overexaggerated response. However Ranko didn’t mind it one bit and instead doubled down with a prideful snort.

“I’m sure you too shall fall in love with my beautiful handwriting”

“One more time!”

“Fall in love with my beautiful handwriting.”

“Like an order…….”

Even I was amazed. As for Honoka…….

“Ahahaha! What a riot—!”

Out of nowhere she started clapping her hands and laughing out loud.

“Fall in love with your handwriting? How beautiful it must be to pull that off—! I’m looking forward to it~!”

She excitedly opened the notebook she had been given. Now, what kind of reaction will Honoka……..?

“Fall in love…….”

“Too easy”

Honoka’s twinkling eyes quickly turned serious after glancing through the notebook. She silently handed the notebook over to me, giving a mysterious nod as she did. Then turning back towards Ranko, she immediately shifted to a wide, toothy grin.

“Seriously—, I thought you were a scary person because of the bullying thing with Yuzurin, but you’re actually pretty funny—. I like it!”

“Is that so? I am talking plainly and haven’t said anything of interest though?”

Does she honestly think that? If so, then Ranko is more of a weirdo than I thought. Good thing I like weirdo girls—.

“I always thought you were a cold person—. Sorry for that.”

“I don’t mind. I didn’t think anything of it.”

“So cold! Think about it at least a little!”


Ranko’s showing her usual dignified attitude, but at least there’s a healthy level of give and take between them. There wasn’t any wall causing things to get silent.

Seeing that, Yuzuriha brightened up and started getting antsy.

“Ranko…….um. Would you, possibly, like to be our friend………if you want”

All of the sudden, Yuzuriha clumsily came out with her pure feelings capable of moving any heart.

“Well, it’s fine if you want to. I always do what I want anyway, so you should do the same.”

I guess that counts as a positive answer? She’s pretty clumsy in her own way.

“Woohoo—! Then we’re besties from now on!”

“Hm? I never said I would be friends with you.”

“Gah! What a shock, I’ve been blocked!”

“Just kidding”

“Again!? C’mon!”

The exchanges between Ranko and Honoka have already begun falling into a pattern. I guess it’s safe to say that all our previous problems have been safely resolved?

“So it was Yuzuriha, Honoka, and Yuriha? I will address you without honorifics.”

Ranko ran through our names, checking that each of us were fine being informal around each other as she went.

“Okay, Ranko. Good to meet you.”

I casually used her name without any honorifics since I had the opening. We then exchanged a firm handshake. She was giving an invincible laugh, so it doesn’t look like she hates it. Guess I’m good to go.

“Nice to meet you……..R-Ranko…….”

Yuzuriha also went in for a handshake. The difference in size between their hands was like that of an adult male and an elementary school student, so Ranko took extra care when holding on to Yuzuriha’s. 

Honoka was standing to the side, patting Ranko’s back.

“Best regards for the future Rantan!”


She was unable to hide her confusion. However, you’re just going to have to roll with it.

“Yeah! Isn’t it a cute nickname? Rantan”

“W-Well I suppose. I am always shining anyway¹. It’s only suitable that someone use me to cut through the dark night.”

Honoka was pushing through with a mysterious nickname. As for the woman herself, Ranko was holding a hand over her face and striking a narcissistic pose.

“My dazzling light illuminates the area……..”

A flash of light……. Opening her eyes, there was a dazzling glimmer any sane person would be unable to look away from. This girl is way too funny……..

“Ahaha—! You really are the best!”

Honoka was happily slapping her hand against Ranko’s desk in a fit of laughter……I wonder if her hands hurt from always reacting like that……

“You’re right. I am the best.”

“No, we’re the best! Together we’re the best! Together we’re friends! So that makes us besties!”

“What an awful pun……..”

Energy was running high……at the very least, I’m glad Honoka has forgiven Ranko.

With these three getting along, things should be a lot easier for me in the future. That just leaves……

1. Rantan is also the word for lantern. 

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