Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 27


Episode 27: Aftercare

Now, what to do about Saki…….

We’re just starting Classical Literature, and I was multitasking, thinking up future plans while scribbling down old proverbs from the teacher.

I managed to form a good relationship between those three, but the question still remains on how I’m going to make Saki amicable to this. 

It’s plain to see that her relationship with Ranko isn’t a good one——or would it be more adequate to say that Saki wants nothing to do with her?

Judging by the way she reacted when I talked with Ranko this morning, it could be something similar to her being worried that a close friend is being taken away, but there’s something strange about that. She’s been opposed to us getting close to Ranko from the very beginning.

…….Hm? Considering the timing, wouldn’t it be weird that she’d be worried her friends are going to be taken away in the first place?

Is it just that she doesn’t like her best friend getting along with other people, regardless of whether there are feelings of love there or not…….? If so, then it’s possible for other girls to get bothered and want to keep me for themselves as well. Girl friendships can be muddy things……honestly it’s a bit of a pain considering we’re in an all-girls school.

That being the case, I doubt that is what is bothering Saki so much.

She’s disliked Ranko since the day we met because of the incident with Yuzuriha. Other than that, there shouldn’t have been any major interactions between the two. 

Could it be that she’s seen through me and knows the real reason why I want to be close to Ranko…….? Or is it that she doesn’t want me getting close to someone she doesn’t think will mesh well with the group…….?

Either option would make sense. 

Unfortunately I still don’t have the full picture on how she feels about me. Saki wants to be a princess, and that’s making it hard to gauge her true feelings. I’m still running under the reasoning that she sees me as a ‘friend’ instead of as a ‘lover’, so I can’t discount either reason.

So how do I go about getting everyone to get along?

It would be ideal if everyone could be friends together…….or at the very least recognize each other as members of the same group. 

At the moment, Ranko is still steadfast on not joining us, but with me, Honoka, and Yuzuriha speaking with her, she’s already a member of our group in everything but name. So from now on she and Saki will have more chances to meet up, and those two can build up a friendship more gradually.

The only question is whether or not Saki will be okay with that.

You see, there’s a separate problem I’m facing down here. I spent so much time with the others, lending and borrowing notebooks, I couldn’t make it down to the nurse’s office to check up on her.
Even if I can still visit her when lunch rolls around, I should’ve gone to see her as soon as class ended…….
Then again, I was able to draw Ranko into our group during that time, so it evens out…….

Will I be able to expand my harem any further at this rate…….? There were a couple other classmates I was interested in, but I think I have my hands full at the moment.

Putting that aside, what kind of impact did it have on Saki when I suddenly switched from the ‘heart throbbing, push down event’ to the ‘startling misunderstanding event’…….in the off-chance that some level of love has begun sprouting in her heart, I hope acting the way those characters in my romance novels do appealed to those feelings at least a little.

It’s disappointing to say the least though. I really did want to kiss her. However I didn’t want to come off as the type of person who could lightly kiss somebody else. But you might ask, isn’t it possible for a girl to playfully kiss other girls without coming off as a womanizer? That’s the kind of high level technique only those with talent can pull off. If some cheap knock-off like me tries it out, I’ll just screw it up and cause everything to break down. If I’m going to form a harem, I need to do it while being myself.

Huh? You think wanting to make a harem is more than enough to make me a womanizer?

“The ‘godan’ verb conjugation is the basic of the basics, so be sure to memorize it. That’ll be all for today.”

After checking the clock, out Japanese teacher ended class, and everyone began closing their textbooks. As the class vice-president, I led my classmates through the day’s farewell after the chime of the school bell. It’s time for lunch. If things go well, I should be able to deliver suitable aftercare to cheer Saki up as well as getting her to warm up to Ranko.

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