Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 29


Episode 29: Rantan and Lunch

“What is it? I was just about to head to the cafeteria and listen to the elegant tune of the violin as I have my lunch.”

Oh, so they’re playing classical music there. They call it a cafeteria, but I can only laugh at all the different kinds of teas and cakes they have available. That place is a café. It is a café that happens to serve meals as well.

One mistake and you’ll end up having the aroma of your tea mixing together with the smell of ramen, but perhaps that’s also a kind of pastime tailored to well-to-do young ladies? It’s an unusual space where the elegant and commoners mix together.

“Ranko, do you want to eat with us?”

“No, I’ll eat by myself.”

Exactly what you’d expect from a loner…….as a side note, the way she smartly snaps up her index finger to answer my question is just one reason why this handsome girl is so cute.

“It’s fine~, isn’t it? I like classical music too.”

“Hoh,” Ranko suddenly began showing some visible interest.

“The atmosphere in the cafeteria is actually quite relaxing. Mozart’s violin sonata. You can enjoy an elegant mood even when the cafeteria is bustling…….”

“So true~. The violin is wonderful~”

“It’s the kind of song…….you want playing through an afternoon. Instead of reserving it for only lunch, I wish they would have it playing in the halls throughout the day as well.”

“Ah~, that does sound nice~”

As their talk went on, I noticed that Saki’s eyes were beginning to swim around. Somehow……Princess, are you unable to follow along with the conversation?

“Each person has their own tastes of course, but while the music is not quite resounding, the beautiful melody and light rhythm feels as if it resonates with the heart even without focusing on it……an amazing venue to rest and relax.”


An unskilled interjection. Now, how to naturally bail Saki out of this. 

At least, that’s what I thought I’d have to do, but

“Oops, my apologies. I’m not too well-versed in the matter, but I am still so passionate about it……it’s not good for me to dominate the conversation like this and talk up only my own personal preferences.”

Ranko stopped on her own, and although she looked a little regretful as she did, put an end to the conversation. Good for you Saki. 

“It’s all right~. I cannot remember the title of the song, yet I am still fond of the music~”

Eh, the song’s title? It’s not like knowing it is super important.

I always end up getting Mozart’s “Sonata in C Major” and his “Sonata in A Minor” mixed up because of their similar names, so I understand how they feel. I don’t think I could memorize all the names of popular classical songs if I tried……

“It is more than enough to simply enjoy it. Rather than contemplating some vast stock of knowledge, how about the two of us simply enjoy the violin to our heart’s content while sharing a cup of tea.”

The beauty of the Noble Rose and Silver Princess gossiped about by our classmates――it looks like the more noble-acting members of our group will get along. But, it’s a little dissatisfying you know? What about all my anguish until now……

Plus, wasn’t Saki getting jealous because of me talking with Ranko――so how did the situation change to the point where I’m the jealous one?

On that note, Honoka stepped forward, unable to stay quiet any longer.

“Hold on here! Did you forget I’m here too—!? Talk about things that I can understand—!”

“Oh Honoka, when did you get here?”

“I’ve been here the whole time!”

“Ah, sorry. You’re so short I must have missed you.”

“No, Rantan is just so big~. Then are you saying you couldn’t see Yuzurin either?”

“Yuzuriha is……well, she’s cute. I could never overlook her.”

Saying that, Ranko reached out her hand and began patting Yuzuriha’s head. Yuzurin seemed comfortable enough with it…….is she being tamed…….? Honoka is sure to get worked up about this at least.

“Fuu~…… This could be good every once in a while.”

When I thought she would start patting Yuzurin’s head as well, Honoka instead released a small breath like she was satisfied. She then rose to her feet and quickly made her way to the door.

“What’s wrong? Weren’t we heading to the cafeteria?”

“R-Right. Let’s go”

That was surprisingly simple. I was worried she might’ve been feeling left out, but instead it was a level of foresight that left me completely bewildered.

The rest of us finished gathering up our things for lunch before meeting her at the door. The five of us then left the classroom together.

“I’ll look forward to Rantan’s recommended classical music.”

“Me too……look forward to headbanging……”

“Yuzurin. They’ll be playing classical music, not heavy metal.”

“No matter what it is…… can always shake your head.”

“Were you that type of character!? A true metal soul!”

Honoka and Yuzuriha continued their conversation while moving forward…….so she’s actually a metalhead……..?

I filed away this new piece of information when Saki picked up the pace and walked ahead of us…….

“Come on~. Let’s go~”


All the while entangling her arms with Ranko’s who was looking mighty confused at the moment.

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