Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 30


Episode 30: A~hn

“Here, Ranchan. A~hn”

“I am more than capable of feeding myself.”

“Don’t say that~. I want you to try it~. Tell me how it tastes~”

“Is that so………”

Ranko took a bite of the omelet held out to her, albeit a little unwillingly. She soon got to chewing……and after thoroughly savoring the taste, she swallowed her food and responded, “Not bad.” A dull answer.

“Really~? That’s good~”

Yet Saki was all smiles about it. It was the picture of a sweet girlfriend and rugged boyfriend sharing a lunch together…….

For some reason Saki was sticking like glue to Ranko.

“Why are those two shamelessly flirting with each other?”

“I-I’m not sure…….”


“It’s a little too one-sided for that……..”

I was doing my best to answer Honoka and Yuzuriha’s questions.

Saki and I brought our own lunches from home while the other three were going to order something off the lunch menu. I figured we would split the seats so that the lunchbox group would sit together across from the cafeteria group, but Saki grabbed Ranko’s arm and guided her to the seat next to hers. The pink, bubbly flirting time began a second later.

“S-Saki……might you be a little too close to Ranko?”

“Hmm? But didn’t you ask for me to get along with her a minute ago~”

“Yeah, that’s true…….”

I have no idea what’s going on.

Even though I had reached the point with her this morning where I was pushing her down and we almost kissed…….. I thought we had a good mood going……. A maiden’s heart is so complex.

Was she taken aback because I slipped away when we reached a good spot? Pushing back her aftercare was an even greater blunder than I thought…….! I’m an idiot!

It’s possible that Saki has changed her intended prince to Ranko…….and when the girl is the cool Noble Rose, who can blame her.

But I’m not going to let myself be thrown away that easily. I need to make a grand motion.

“Saki~. Let me have a bite too—”

I open my mouth and try getting myself spoiled.

In turn, Saki’s expression slackened a bit as she looked me over.

“Well~, what should I do~”

She placed her left hand against her cheek and alternated her gaze between her lunchbox and me.

“It’s fine isn’t it—?”

Tilt my head to the side and give her the upturned eyes. It had an immediate effect as a smile broke out across Saki’s face. Uhuhu, cute! I’m cute right?

“I suppose I don’t have a choice~”

“Hooray. Then, A~hn”
For once, I took the lower position. I opened and closed my lips like a puppy ready for her treat as she picked out another one of her omelets. 

She moved her chopsticks forward and brought them towards my face. When they were a few centimeters away from my lips, I closed my eyes, looking forward to the taste of omelet on my tongue…….
On my tongue……..?

I don’t taste anything……..?

“Then again~”


So cruel. 

When I opened my eyes, Saki was eating her omelet herself. Guu……I’ve been deprived of my princess a~hn event……I’m jealous of Ranko guu…….


“Fufufu~. Maybe next time~”

Sad……She’s still cute, but I’m sad.

Next to me, Honoka paused from eating her cutlet curry and set down her spoon.

“Just when I think she’s flirting with Rantan she sets her gaze on Yuri. Saki Saki Saki—, who will she choose—”

She gave Saki a small complaint. 

“Hmm~? Yuri and I are just playing~?”


Her answer makes me grimace. Are you sure you don’t mean you’re playing with me? Vexing. But you’re cute Saki, so I’ll forgive you!

But if I’m not mistaken, that gesture earlier was certainly something you would do with a lover. So is the princess trying to draw a ring around us? Make us switch places and turn me into the one jealous of her? Whether she’s onto me or not, Saki is trying to put a stop to my harem plan.

For now at least, I can set aside my worry that she’s gotten tired of me. In addition……

“Hm…….? What is it Yuriha? You’re staring.”

“No, it’s nothing.”


Ranko takes another bite of her food, paying no mind to the hot gazes Saki keeps sending her way.

The Ranko in question has been bewildered by Saki’s advances, so it doesn’t look like she’s fallen in love with her yet…….not that she will because I will most certainly prevent that from happening. No way, no how.

From my side, I noticed Honoka begin to pout as she looked me over.

“Yuzuri—n. It feels like there’s something going on between those three—”

In contrast, Yuzurin has been slurping up her soba this entire time as if everything was normal. When her name was called, she met Honoka’s gaze and titled her head with noodles still hanging out of her mouth. She hasn’t heard a single thing any of us have said. She then hurriedly tried gulping down what was left in her mouth. 


“S-Sorry Yuzurin! You can keep eating at you own pace.”

Honoka hurriedly began patting Yuzuriha’s back after the effort of swallowing her food without chewing almost caused her to choke. There’s no flirting here, just two good friends. 

But once Yuzuriha had calmed herself and no longer looked like she was about to cry, a small smile spread across Honoka’s face as she began to laugh.

“Fufufu, if that’s how it is going to be—, I can play along too—”

Then with an “A~hn” playing across her lips, she pointed her spoon towards me.

“O-Oh—, is the the cutlet curry good today……..?”

“Tremendously shocked…….”

I’ve already wolfed down all of my food and honestly can’t eat another bite. I’m sorry Honoka.

I did my best to not pay any attention to the, “Fufufu, be ready for some serious sexual harassment after this…….” that Honoka was grumbling under her breath. I almost forgot this girl is a serious sexual harasser who loves to flirt……. I’m scared for my future……

“With the violin sonata we have playing, it might be a good idea to take our time eating.”

With everyone having fallen silent, I changed the topic to the background music I had completely forgotten about until now. I was simply saying my thoughts aloud, so while I didn’t get any answers back, everyone did quietly nod their head in agreement. For some reason Yuzurin gave me a thumbs up at the time with her eyes glittering like diamonds. Cute. Honoka jumped on the bandwagon a beat later. Double cute. 

Well, anyhow. I’ve finally gathered four beautiful girls around, although each of them are problem children in their own way. The next step is to make each of them crazy about me without causing them to fight with one another. So, how to do that……..

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