Grimoire Master Ch. 169


Chapter 15
Section 19: Benefits?

If I’m going by just my feelings, then I want to help the oldest gnome sister.

However there is no guarantee that her brainwashing will wear off. For all we know, Mippo and Moppo returning to their senses after we beat them could be the exceptions to the rule.

[Iris]: “……..”

The strategy of sitting back and enduring Linzflare-san’s assault if her brainwashing were to continue without attacking back…….I can’t indulge that thought lightly.

[Iris]: “……I know I’m repeating myself, but I…….I want to save Mippo and Moppo’s older sister Linzflare-san.”

So steeling my resolve, I raised my face and took the challenge head-on. I won’t kill her no matter what.

[Litzreich]: “Hmm, is that so? You really are kind. I’m falling even deeper in love with you. However…..”

Litzreich, however, didn’t look convinced. Storing away her tools, she asked me once again.

[Litzreich]: “You understand then that depending on how the situation develops, you may as well be telling your comrades to go die?”

[Iris]: “That…….yes, I do”

This choice of mine could put my comrades……..and Litzreich’s and Ashel-sama’s lives in jeopardy. I understand that.

The first time I saw that ring for the Goddess Knights inside Soletta’s guild, I was struck by the weight of the lives that were now my responsibility. 

That same pressure now hung on my shoulders at this very moment.

(It’s a dangerous gamble……I know that very well. But, I still want to help. Everyone should already know I’m that kind of person. And yet, they stand by me……. So……this feeling of mine…….)

Sure of myself, I opened my mouth to answer.

[Rose]: “You’re mistaken Litzreich-san”

But Rose-san spoke up before I could say anything myself.

[Carol]: “Yep yep. Litzreich is making a basic misunderstanding.”

[Toslin]: “For your information, it’s not like we blindly listen to whatever Iris says, sacrificing our lives, or anything of the like.”

A beat later, Carol and Toslin followed after Rose-san.

[Litzreich]: “……..What are you saying? The Goddess Knights are in service to Iris, of which all of you are members. Her commands should be absolute.”

[Saluena]: “Oh, no not quite. That may apply to me, but these two have been with Iris long before our knight order was formed. They might be formal members of the Goddess Knights, but if there’s an order they don’t like, they will definitely disregard it and run away.”

[Toslin]: “Hey, are you trying to make us sound like the bad guys? But well, obviously it’s better to run away rather than getting killed…….. But if it came to that, I’d drag Iris with me? I’m not heartless. Probably.”

[Carol]: “I’ll listen to Iris’s request, but I hate what I hate and I won’t do what I don’t want to do. The reason why we’re going along with what she says without saying anything ourselves is because we’re confident we’ll be able to do something about it.”

[Litzreich]: “That’s easy enough to say, but if everything the gnomes have said is true, that older sister is a primordial spirit. And if she’s capable of altering this entire dungeon like this, she’s definitely a greater spirit. You already fought a greater spirit, the carbuncle, in Soletta Ritta, so you should already understand the horror that carries don’t you? And yet still…….”

[Saluena]: “And yet still, despite everything you’ve said Litzreich. We are different from the ordinary knight order in both form and structure. Each of us are here because of her own decisions. So everything you are worried about does not apply to us.”

Saluena brushed off Litzreich’s worries.

[Ashel]: “Rinrin-sama. It’s up to them as to how they conduct themselves in the dungeon. We’re the ones who followed them here.”

Litzreich frowned when she saw even Ashel-sama was against her. It almost looked like she was about to start crying. 

[Litzreich]: “W-What……I’m just trying to say I’m worried about you all…….it’s like I’m the bad guy here……..”

Coupled with the frilly clothes that make her look like a little girl and I’m starting to feel bad, like we’re bullying her. 

[Litzreich]: “Moreover, Moreover!! Why does it feel like you’re rubbing in the fact of how well you all understand each other! How enviable, how annoying! Like this, it looks like I’m the only one here who doesn’t understand Iris! Sure compared to you lot!! Of course I don’t, butーーーーーーー!!”

Litzreich began rolling around on the dirty ground, her arms and legs flailing around her as she threw a fit. 

[Litzreich]: “Me too!! I wanna be close to Iris too!! I wanna watch her all the time!! I wanna be Iris’s friend too!! I wanna, I wanna, I wannaーーーー!!”

[Ashel]: “R-Rinrin-sama……..”

Ashel-sama was speechless as she watched Litzreich throw a tantrum like a small child, dirtying her clothes on the dirty dungeon floor.

It’s well within expectations for us, but this is probably a pretty shocking sight for her.

[Lapris]: “What was that part about wanting to ‘watch’ her all the time……..?”



[Iris]: “I know you’re just concerned for our well-being. Thank you Litzreich”

[Litzreich]: “Oh, Iris…… You’re the only one who understands me……. My loneliness..”

Litzreich climbed to her feet, running over to me to give me a hug. I bent over and knelt down on the ground to return it. Litzreich is pretty tiny without her Magic Shell. I wonder who’s bigger, her or Sarah? 

[Iris]: “Yes, I understand. Litzreich is really weird, but deep down, you’re also a serious and gentle girl.”

While stroking the top of Litzreich’s head, I glanced over to the gnome sisters who were looking back up at me. Even after being driven to the brink of death, they were still desperately trying to help their older sister. Seeing those girls, there’s no way I could ever consider defeating Linzflare-san. 

[Iris]: “We can do it. We will be able to help.”

I glance down at my right hand as it strokes Litzreich’s head. There is a ring there resting on my index finger. Phoenix’s resting place.

In the depths of the mines stretching out inside St. Noglint, I took the carbuncle into my right hand. By doing so, I was able to correct the power of the jewel, turning it into the correct position and releasing Phoenix from inside the gem. 

If it was possible once……..yeah. I’ll be able to pull this off.

[Iris]: “If it looks like we won’t be able to help her……I’ll do something about it. So, I would like it if you could work with us. Please”

[Litzreich]: “………”

Litzreich was quiet with her head turned down at her feet.

But after a moment passed, she gave a small nod.

[Litzreich]: “Nothing for it. I can’t rightly turn down a request from my future bride. At this point let’s cut to the chase and start going steady.”

[Lapris]: “Who is a future bride? You’re just a pervert after all. Back away from Iris!!”

[Litzreich]: “Never! Iris’s lap is for my exclusive use right now!! And I will absolutely make use of that right!!”

Litzreich collapsed back down onto the ground, rubbing her cheeks against my lap.

[Iris]: “Aha! Hold on Litzreich, that tickles”

[Litzreich]: “My deepest apologies!! However if I don’t do at least this much, my broken heart will be unable to heal!! Iris, please understand!! This lap and my……..huh?”

Litzreich’s head which had been violently moving up and down my legs came to an abrupt stop. 

Her sentence cut off in the middle when her head caught the edge of my skirt, causing it to roll up as her head pushed back up my legs.

[Iris]: “Eh……..?”

[Litzreich]: “O-Oh!? I was just thinking that Iris’s stomach was strangely soft whenever my head hit it…….”

[Rose]: “W-What do you think you’re doing Litzreich-san!?”

Since my head was still devoid of any thought, Rose-san spoke up on my behalf. However even that went completely over my head. More importantly, they’re in plain view. Once again……they’re



[Carol]: “Oh ho, it’s been a while since they appeared.”

[Toslin]: “You’re still wearing them…….well, I guess it is a little cold down here?”

[Ashel]: “Ah, s-sorry…… I didn’t see anything!!”

[Lapris]: “Are you wearing two pairs of them this time?”

[Saluena]: “Hoh, a cat? I didn’t know you were keeping such a sweet critter inside your skirt.”

Father, Mother, Grandpa, Sarah, Mycena

I am currently in the dungeon where the Hero fought the Evil Dragon Oshunel a thousand years ago. 

[Toslin]: “You wore them during the dragon and carbuncle battles too right?”

And yet for some reason, my panties are in full display for everyone.

[Saluena]: “When you put it like that, they start to sound like an amazing piece of equipment.”

[Carol]: “Yeah, maybe they’re blessed by the Goddess too? Maybe we should start praying to them?”

And now it sound like they’re going to start being worshipped?

But I’m fine. This is a road I have traveled down several times before in the past. It isn’t something to be embarrassed about…….

[Iris]: “It’s totally something to be embarrassed about!! C’mon, quit looking at them!! No, more importantly…….”

I had lost my cool. My voice echoed off the cavern’s walls as I held down my skirt.

[Iris]: “Don’t worship themーーー!!”

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