Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 31


Episode 31: Invitation Reprisal

The invigorating light of the clear blue sky faded away, and the faint aroma of dusk began to settle in. 

Saki, Ranko, and I had all stayed behind for cleaning duty. Honoka and Yuzuriha apparently had something to do, so they went home as soon as school ended. 

This might be a school for well-to-do young ladies, but we’re still in charge of our own cleaning. We’re even given a small cleaning manual booklet and pairs of rubber gloves if we want them. There were also several dust brushes for us to use for those small, hard to reach places. Our home economics textbooks describe in great detail the basics of cleaning, so it all feels like training in anticipation of a young lady’s future married life. Although, it’s just as useful for anyone who will be living on their own in the future. It’s also a decent amount of fun for me since I enjoy cleaning.

With that being said, there are cleaning ladies who come by every day for the specialty classrooms, the science room’s experiment equipment, and the toilets that nobody wants to touch, so our only duty is the cleaning of our own classroom. Because they’re all professionals, the school is spotless from corner to corner.

Thinking about it another way, the fact that we only have to clean the classroom we’re using ourselves means that those cleaning ladies deserve our thanks.

“It’s getting to be around that time, so I wonder if we’re good to stop here.”

“I think so. I don’t see anything else that needs to be cleaned.”

“It should be okay.”

Saki and Ranko both nodded their heads to my words. 

“Then we’ll finish up here. You two can head out first.”

“Seriously, thanks. You saved us. I’ll treat you next time. See you Yuri—”

“Thanks from me too. Bye bye Yuriha”

“It’s no problem. See ya~”

I waved off the other two members of our group, Akane and Aoi, as they left the room. Those girls kept saying this and that about their club activities, so I wanted to let them head out early. It was something about a crossdressing club? Others in our class call it the ikemen club or the host club…….oh how I would love to visit…….

Akane is an upfront, candid girl with short, red hair tied up into a ponytail, and Aoi has one of her eyes hidden with her long, blue bangs. They’re both pretty easy to understand people, yet their personalities are strong……. If I had met them both earlier, I would most certainly have immediately tried drawing them into my yuri harem. Then again, perhaps I would’ve been the one who ended up seduced in that scenario. Because those two are most definitely lesbians……. And judging by the air they carry around them, they’re both tops to boot. I have a hard time picturing myself being the one to push them down. 

And besides…….

“Then let’s head to the teacher’s lounge and let them know we’re finished~”

“Let’s go”

I already have these girls.

“Before that”

I stop Saki and Ranko before they walk through the door. The two girls’ gazes fall on me as I pull out the club application form from my desk which I had just finished neatly organizing.

“……a reprisal?”

Ranko laughed.

“I want us to have club together. We’ll definitely need Ranko for that.”


“Because it’s fun having you around. Isn’t that good enough?”

She crossed her arms and, “Hmm,” hummed to herself. It hasn’t been that long since she turned me down the first time, but this is definitely the moment to ask her again. If she turns me down even now though, I’ll have to give up.


Tilt my head to the side and give Ranko the full power puppy dog eyes, 

“Well, I suppose it might be.”

“Really? Thank goodness”

I handed over my ballpoint pen while Ranko was still wearing a large smile. She already knew what to do, readying the pen and etching out her name on the dotted line without me having to tell her to. Thus Ranko’s name was safely added to the list of photography club members right alongside Honoka and Yuzuriha’s. 

“Photography club…..? That could prove interesting every once in a while.”

“It’s okay to take things at your own pace and take some photos whenever you’re looking for a change of pace.”

“In that case I’ll imagine it as a puzzle”

Ranko softly laughed to herself, but that wasn’t a bad way to think of things.

Saki meanwhile had watched our whole exchange from the side, 

“Yippee~! Now Ranchan has officially joined up with us~!”


and after throwing her arms up into the air in joy, she tightly hugged Ranko’s arm into her chest……I’m getting jealous…….. Princess? What about me?

“Then I’ll submit our application while letting the teacher know we’re finished with our cleaning. It might take a while, so you two can head back first.”


“Hmm…….got it”

Saki readily agreed, probably because of last time. Ranko hesitated and thought about it for a moment, but she eventually agreed as well. It’s a little worrisome leaving these two together, but I’ll quietly see them off for now.

With this, somehow or another, I finally have my completed application for the new club.

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