Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 33

Episode 33: Room Share

The day after I submitted my club application form without issue.

“Seriously? I turn around and Rantan joins the club!? Nn~ Woohoo!”

Honoka shot off a question towards Ranko looking for confirmation who returned a small nod and a, “Yeah.” In response, Honoka raised the energy in the room, throwing her arms in the air together with Yuzuriha’s. “Oh yeah, sweet! Yuzurin! Let’s dance!” And so they did. These two are incredibly close together……cute.

This is the result I get when they found out I turned in the application. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve already used up my luck in life becoming the club leader of these girls. Fufufu, and they have no clue that the poisonous fangs of my yuri harem are slowly sinking in…… What? It shouldn’t be a problem even if yuri poison circulates all throughout your body. So my yuri harem is perfectly fine!

“Then Then Then—! Then a word from our newest member Rantan!”

Honoka raised a loud voice. She threw out her hand like an announcer welcoming on a guest to their talk show. That meant though that she took her hand away just as she was spinning Yuzuriha around…….I made sure to support her before she fell down.


“No, the club hasn’t started yet, nor is the club’s formation set in stone.”

“Hmm~, well isn’t it fine?”

Ranko tilted her head. I hastily tried tempering everyone’s expectations, but Saki’s smooth voice brushed mine away.

“It sounds like it’s already been decided anyway—! So then. A word a word a word—!”

“Show us…….your enthusiasm”

“That’s our Yuzurin!”

My words have gone completely ignored as Honoka continued to raise the tension and Yuzuriha pointed a fake microphone towards Ranko’s face. Honoka is jumping on the bandwagon and acting like a reporter’s cameraman. 

Ranko shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. She then let out a long, amazed sigh.

“I’m just going to do what I want.”

“Sounds good—! Do what you want! Freedom is our motto around here!”

“Freedom……spread the wings of liberty……”

“It’s no exaggeration to say that is the point of everything! Yes! Freedom!”

Honoka is already dancing her way across Ranko’s nerves. 

“First thing in the morning and she’s this lively”

“So true—”

Saki and I watched them go. Sometimes I watch them and the image of me and Saki being parents flashes through my mind. Mama Saki and Papa Yuriha. Hm? You don’t think it suits me?

“By the way!”

Honoka abruptly threw her arms into the air.

“What is it all of the sudden?”

“What could it be~?”

It caused the both of us to jump.

“Fufufu—. Surprised—? What what what—?”

She’s picking a fight. After that, “Dururururururururururu,” she started her own drum roll with her tongue.”




“Too long”

She finally ended with a flourish after I gave in and released a tsukkomi. She then spread out her arms and legs in a 大 pose.

“Yuzurin and I are now sharing a room together!”

Dun Dun Dunnn. The drumroll was replaced by an orchestra¹. There was a second where I didn’t quite understand what the words, “sharing a room,” meant, so I mindlessly exchanged a look with Saki during that time.

“A-A room share?”

“Yep Yep!”

“As in, the same room as Yuzu~?”

“You got it! I’ll be intruding on Yuzurin’s room every day!”

She stuck out her index finger and pointed it towards the heavens, striking a tremendous victory pose. Cute every single time, but……

“Hoh…… The dorms is it? I thought you had to fill out an application before the opening ceremony, but were there cases where they let people in after the fact?”

Yeah, the cut off point should have passed almost a week ago now. Ranko was thinking the same thing I was and brought it up.

My gaze invariably fell on Yuzuriha as I pondered the reasons for the exception――somehow or other she was able to guess the conclusion that formed in my mind from my expression alone.

“I-I……I’m not good with people……I was scared, so I stayed with my parents in the beginning……but…..because it would be with Honoka…….”

“Yeah! And I was in a room by myself anyways. So we just had me move to a different one—”

Honoka was suspiciously moving her hands in the air like she was casting some kind of spell……you didn’t hypnotize Yuzurin to get this result did you?

“That’s fantastic then~! I’m glad to hear you’ll be able to enjoy yourself now~”

“M-Mm. I was lonely……”

Saki was just like a mother with her hands entwined together in front of her chest. Yuzuriha blushed and shyly averted her gaze, but she looked happy. 

“Hehehe—. Will I get in some sexual harassment every day now?”

“You aren’t ‘getting’ to do anything.”

Again and again I have to cut down her wild ideas.

“It’s okay, Honoka doesn’t do those kinds of things…….”


Honoka let slip a small groan beneath Yuzuriha’s pure, innocent eyes. It seems she can’t bring herself to dirty a pure and innocent lolita girl. To tell the truth, I was a little worried, but Yuzurin…’re joking right?

However before we could go any further, I had a bucket of cold water thrown over me.

“Fujisaki. A minute”

When I looked for the voice that called my name, I found Sensei rifling through some paperwork at her desk in the front of the room. 

“Yes, I’ll be right over.”

I pushed back my nervousness and answered back.

“Did you do something—”

“Well, it probably has something to do with the photography club.”

Honoka tried teasing me a little as I got up out of my seat.

“See ya~”

“See you later—”

I had Saki and Honoka waving their arms in the air as they saw me off. Yuzuriha and Ranko were a bit more sensible, waving their hands from in front of their chests. With their support calming down my nerves a bit, I made my way over to our teacher. 

“So, do you know why I called you?”


A short reply.

“You might be shocked, but are you ready to hear…….?”


“It’s about your club……..”

Her voice trailed off. That’s worrying.

“What? Don’t tell me……”

Sensei averted her gaze towards her feet and shook her head. I kept opening and closing my mouth to say something, but the words got stuck in my throat every time. A feeling of weightlessness washed over me. She told me this was a sure thing, but…….

“I-It didn’t pass…….?”

When I finally manage to choke out the words, Sensei took a deep breath and finally met my gaze. 

Ku…… Well, I was prepared for this……so I guess I’ll just have to accept it. There are other places I can use to promote my yuri yuri time…….

is what I thought.

“……it passed”


“Your application passed. How about it? I said you would be shocked.”

She laughed with a large smile on her face and spread out her arms like she was revealing some grand trick. There was a second there where my brain had gone blank, but after her words finally sank in, a wave of relief washed over me. 

“Sensei, please don’t scare me like that—”

“Hahaha. Sorry sorry. It’s because you’ve been stiff since all this first began. You needed to lose some tension between your shoulders.”

Did I look that uptight? It’s true that I didn’t know what kind of distance I should take with this person. No but, what’s so wrong about trying to look strait-laced in front of your teacher…… Oh jeez, I tried expressing my annoyance brushing away Sensei’s hands as she continued to poke fun at me.

“You seriously scared me. I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest.”

“It’s my signature delay technique.”

“It’s not necessary.”

I crossed my arms and looked away. It worked in getting Sensei to back down, and she began patting my shoulders while laughing, “My bad”

“I just wanted us to get along better. Forgive me”

“Well, it’s fine I guess”

I moved my head a little and looked Sensei over with one eye. Her firm expression was still playful, but there was also a certain level of seriousness exuding from it.

“It’s the club you put the effort into starting up. I may not be participating in it myself, but I want to support you.”

“Is that the truth?”

“Of course”

Sensei gave an enthusiastic nod when I asked. 

“Because you have no experience with this right? No, it’s because you have no experience that I want you to see the beauty of this school through the photography club with clear eyes, enjoy it, and capture what you want.”

Her gaze never left mine as she spoke. Mm, she really does have an emotional attachment to the photography club.

“You sure do like photography Sensei.”

“I think it’s only natural that someone would. Doesn’t it feel like a shame for something to fade away without anyone being able to experience it? Even if it’s an amateur doing it, I want someone to leave behind a record of the scenery for future students.”

“I see”

I fell back into thought and nodded. 

“I’m not sure if I’ll be able to meet your expectations, but I’ll do my best.”

“Fufu. Sorry to put so much pressure on you. Feel free to do what you want.”

“I most certainly will~”

I responded with a light tone after figuring it was okay to be honest with her. I’m more than happy to do as she says and take photos at my leisure.

Well, I won’t be just shooting the scenery though.

“That’ll be all. First period will be starting soon.”

“Oh, already?”

When I checked the clock hanging on the wall, I saw that there was only another five minutes until class began. However when I looked back down, Sensei was already on her way. 

“See you later”

Sensei was already halfway down the hall, waving her hand without waiting for my reply. I saw her off and bowed, knowing she wouldn’t see. 

There is a part of me that feels like I’m being made to dance in the palm of her hand, but so far it everything has been going my way.

Yosh, all that’s left is to claim our paradise, our clubroom.


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