Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 34


Episode 34: Yuzurin’s Cuticles

Two young girls once again appeared in front of my desk as soon as first period was over. They never get tired of this.

But seeing as I’m not too sure how I should build up my yuri harem from this point forward, I couldn’t be happier about it. I need to try and deepen our relationship…….

“By the way Yuzu, did you get your hair cut? It’s absurdly cute”

“U-Uhehe……I did….. It got in the way during class…… A fresh start for a new stage in life……my first time, going to a beauty parlor, in a long time……”

“Hey, that’s good to hear. And you look good with a lighter hairstyle.”


“Yuu—. What about me—? What, about, me—?”

“Honoka? Um…..”

Did she do something…….? If I can’t notice it, I’ll hurt her feelings……but Honoka honestly looks exactly the same as she did yesterday…….

“I’m sorry. I can’t see any difference from yesterday.”

“Seriously—! Even though my hair grew a whole millimeter!?”

“So you’re saying there isn’t any change……?”

I was fooled…….no, I always thought that might be the answer considering I was dealing with Honoka.

“Oh yeah. I haven’t been there in almost a month— A truant slacker cactus—!”¹

“Are you planning on getting your hair done up like a cactus then? Mm, Mm, it’d suit you well Honoka.”

“You think so too!? I’ve got this hair clip that’d look great on a sea urchin head……here, see!”

“Hey! Don’t go using my hair as an example!”

It was a good joke on my part, but in return, Honoka grabbed the end of my hair and began playing with it right in front of my nose.

And on another point, a month…….? Did she mean to say three months……? How often are you supposed to get your hair cut? I got my hair cut recently because school was starting, but maybe it’d be better to visit the barber more often. Is that normal for girls? If it is……ugh, money is going to be tight…….

While I was dealing with my worries, Honoka was still playing with my hair.

“Look! Someone with a long mustache on one side—!”

“Hey! Knock that off!”

“Huhu—! Yuu’s hair is surprisingly silky smooth—. So so surprising.”

“S-Shut up. Even I make sure to properly take care of my hair!”

Aside from the visit to the barber, I’ve also begun properly treating my hair once a week……I’m no longer the unkempt girl I used to be. 

Saki, having been called away for class president duties before, came back with that timing.

“What’s that~? Are we talking about hair~?”

“Yeppers. Yuzu visited the beauty salon and got her hair clipped. Everything’s been straightened out hasn’t it—?”

“Indeed! It’s as glossy as an angel’s halo now!”

“Well, that’s right~. An angel’s glossiness~”


A silly grin spread across Yuzuriha’s face, her cheeks turning a bright red after me, Honoka, and Saki continued to lay on the praise……Ah~, cutie Yuzu~

But, I noticed something in the corner of my eye. Or maybe I just imagined it? I feel like Saki’s eyes were a little scary……yeah this isn’t good, I need to give her some follow-up right away.

“Despite having dyed your hair silver, Saki’s hair is very smooth and beautiful too. You need to tell me how you do it sometime.”

“Eh? Oh, sure~. We’ll make Yuri look like a proper fetching woman~”

“No, my face really isn’t suitable for the word ‘fetching’.”

“Are you serious—!? All it’ll take is a perm and Yuu will become a super beautiful girl!”

“Unless you’re putting a wig on me, there’s no way my hair’s long enough for that!”

I didn’t think people could get this excited about hair. I’m glad I was able to follow along somehow……

But Ranko has beautiful hair too, so maybe I should invite her into the conversation……then again, her hand is zooming through the pages of her book, so maybe I should leave her alone this time. I’ll end up being labeled as annoying if I force myself on someone every single chance I get.

1. It’s a pun. The Japanese word for truant is very similar to their word for cactus.

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