Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 36


Episode 36: Clubroom Information

“Aren’t you happy I was the one you guys ran into? If you had bumped into someone else, I can only imagine the problems that would crop up for starting your club……”

“I-I’ll be careful…..”

Honoka looked seriously depressed as we followed after Sensei. 

We climbed up the stairs back to the fourth floor of the school building where the first year classrooms are. Up and up three floors worth of stairs. The sun had grown more dazzling than before and hurt my eyes a little.

“Well, here we are.”

A wooden plate with the words “Photography Club” was lodged in a slot carved into the front of the door.

If you go to the east side, there’s a corridor leading to the club room building. Our room was on the exact opposite corner of where our classroom is. That doesn’t mean I’m not still overjoyed about all this. 

Honoka was the first to slip into the room as soon as Sensei unlocked the door. She made a quick run around the room while humming to herself.

“It’s surprisingly small—”

“Haha. Not as small as your chest.”

“Gah…… That’s a no no Sensei!”

It looks like Sensei and Honoka are on unexpectedly good terms. They’re sexual harassment buddies. Honoka playfully slapped Sensei’s huge breasts while getting laughed at……aren’t they a little too close?

“If you were a club with more active operations, you’d be given a more splendid room in a less out of the way part of the building. Well, you can still have fun even with a place like this.”

The rest of us filter inside. Two long tables are lined up parallel to each other in the middle, and with six of us in here, it’s a little tight but not what I’d call stuffy. Maybe six to eight tatami mats big?¹

“It has a refrigerator and a pot~. If it’s clean, I can make some tea”

Saki’s eyes were shining as she began opening drawers to check what was inside. There seems to be some equipment we can use. 

“Do we have a printer and laptop?”

When I found a tidy vanity case, I took a guess as to what could be in it and asked.

“Right. That’d be where we keep your precision equipment. It’s been less than five years old since we bought them, so it should all still work just fine. There is a camera and a technical book for beginners. I’ll prepare you some ink and paper, but you’ll have to figure out how to print things off yourselves I’m afraid. The software for it should still be in the computer.”

Sensei answered me quickly without skipping a beat. I figured the cardboard in the room would be dusty after how long this room has gone unused, but I was completely wrong. As a mater of fact, this whole room is so clean I would think there were people using the place during school today.

“I thought the place would be more dusty.”

“Of course I took the time to clean the place up? I use the fridge to hide my desserts…….Ahem. Anyway, I personally cleaned the room yesterday. Your welcome.”

Sensei set her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest. I gotta say, those kinds of gestures are cute no matter who is pulling them off.

“And besides, the former club leader was kind of a neat freak who kept the place spotless until her graduation.”

She sounds like she misses her. Maybe that’s why Honoka nodded lonelily alongside her.

What a meticulous person our teacher is. The only items I can see that we might want to clean up are light items like cardboard. The top of the shelves are packed with cardboard boxes that fit snugly underneath the ceiling. Even if we did decide to clean the room, it probably wouldn’t take us very long.

“So the previous club……why did it cease its activities……”

Honoka asked. I don’t think that’s a subject we should touch too much, but it’s natural that she would be curious.

“Because it didn’t have any people. If you don’t add any new members next year or the year after that, the club will be disbanded again after you five graduate.”

“But it’s not really our problem if we’ve already graduated—”

“Hold on Honoka, that’s too much”

I nearly jumped out of my skin.

“Ahaha, I suppose you’re right there. But could you leave me at least one person? Even teachers get lonely when the clubs they run get shut down.”

“Well, I suppose we can try our best starting next year.”

“That’s all I’m asking.”

Sensei lightly tapped my back to calm me down while Honoka continued to mess around. I can tell this kind of conversation is what passes for normal between them, but it’s coming close to driving me mad. I really hope I get used to it soon.

1. About 12 feet around or 4 meters around. I’m rounding values here.

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