Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 37

The college semester is already halfway done. Where has the time gone?

Episode 37: Clubroom Arrangement

Then, after finishing her explanations, Sensei left the key with me and was on her way. Apparently this is a spare key like the one for the roof she gave me before, so there’s no need for me to return them every day…….what kind of authority does that woman have……..? Should I be worried?

“Hey hey! Boot up the PC—! We have the password!”

“The computer? Then we should check the cord first.”

There wasn’t any need for us to clean anything up, so we started emptying the shelves. Let’s see, the room has two outlets and two extension cords we can use. We also have two three-prong converters. Great, it looks like the PC charger and cord will work just fine.

Honoka grabbed the extension cord and began fiddling away with the outlet.

“Hey Yuzurin. I just noticed something terrifying…….”

“What is it?”

“What would happen if I plugged the end of the extension cord into the extension cord itself……..?”

“Woah! An infinite circulation of mana……if such a terrifying energy were to escape, wouldn’t it cause a rapid level of evolution until driving the world into ruin……!? We may have discovered the truth of this world……”

“If we could harvest this infinite source of energy, we could solve the world’s energy problem……”

But that would lead the world to ruin. At least, that’s the end result in the delusion Yuzurin has suddenly started spouting out.

“Wow~! There’s a hair dryer and an iron in here too~! And there are ties here that we can use to tie up our hair if we ever want to too~”

“No way really!? Then let’s tie, tie, and tie up my hair some more—”

“Your hair isn’t long enough to be tied up Honoka”

“I’ve been exposed—?”

“You’ve been exposed”

This stuff must have been left behind by the previous members. For some reason there’s even an iron here to flatten out our clothes. I wonder if they were trimming each other’s hair and ironing their uniforms in here…….weren’t they worried about shorting out the breaker? What a free-spirited club.

“A hair dryer and an aroma pot too? The room is surprisingly well taken care of.”

“Amazing— Their sense of beauty was so high—”

“None of this has anything to do with club activities……”

Were the previous club members like me and just wanted to enjoy some leisurely free time with friends? Although a lot of this doesn’t quite suit a girl’s school atmosphere and gives them a slightly gaudy impression.

At that time,

“I found the camera…….”

Yuzuriha pulled out a box for a single lens camera.

“Uuu, finally to the meat of things.”

“Uuoh! Let me see, let me see—!”

“The thought of Honoka holding it makes me worry, so keep it away from her.”


Ranko chuckled to herself, but the way Honoka obediently backed away was too cute. The way she also hid behind a desk to pout, peeking only her eyes above the top was also seriously cute. In other words, she is just so cute!

I glanced to the side while keeping one eye on Honoka’s adorable display. Yuzuriha had taken the camera out of its box and now held it in her hands.

“With this……we could capture the real and ideal without any distinction……”

“Real and ideal?”¹

“Ah, it’s…….nothing”

Yuzuriha shrank away when I asked. Is she looking to capture a sight of reality and ideals? A spat of English had suddenly come out, and I didn’t quite understand what she meant.

“We will need to charge the battery if we are going to take any pictures.”

When I picked up the charger, Yuzuriha let out a long breath. She passed the camera over to me, seemingly willing to let me take care of it.

“Yeah, it looks like it’s not going to start up yet, so we’ll have to leave it alone for a while.”

“Uue, so boring—”

Honoka swayed her head back and forth from behind the desk at my words. I guess it’s a bit of a letdown that we need to wait on the obvious big, expected climax. Although for me, getting to watch her means I’m never bored.

“Okay, let’s forget about the camera for the moment and continue sifting through the room.”

I clapped my hands together to divert everyone’s attention away from the camera. We should learn everything this room has to offer anyway.

We all began moving. I finished getting everything set up, plugging in the computer with the extension cord and getting the comfiest chair into the comfiest position. And then, Honoka threw her hands towards the heavens and raised her voice.

“It’s already been thirty minutes! Let’s start up the camera!”

“I would like to see it too……..”

Yuzurin was fidgeting too. While Saki, Ranko, and I have been discussing how best to use the clubroom, those two have been curious about the camera and have been stealing glances towards it this whole time.

“Well~. I think it’ll need more charging, but I guess it can’t be helped.”



The two of them were innocently giddy. Because of how expensive it probably is, I’m worried about someone breaking the camera, so I reminded everyone to be careful to not drop it.
But as they started up the camera with my warning still hanging in the air……

“Hm—? No way! Unavailable!?”

“Hah. Did Honoka hammer the wrong button………?”

“O-Oh no…….what do we do……?”

“Let me see it for a bit.”

We’re just getting started, and there’s already a problem. “Cannot read card,” was displayed across the camera’s screen. When I checked the embedded memory card, it was plugged into the slot just fine. Maybe it’s broken……

However as I moved the camera around to get a look at it from every angle, an arm came in from the side and pointed to a specific point on the camera. 

“Here, it cannot read the SD card unless you’ve locked it in~.”

“Oh, really?”

I reinserted the memory card before flipping the lock switch, and the error message disappeared right away. To my surprise, Saki was able to fix the issue no problem. Could she be unexpectedly good with machines? I was really hoping to make myself look cool by fixing it myself though…….

“Woohoo! It’s fixed! Time for some rapid fire shooting—!”

“M-Me too…….I want to hang it around my neck, and run around the school……..”

We’ve got two girls here getting excited on their own. However there is no way I’m leaving this expensive and breakable machine alone with these two children. Because they’re our naughty, air-headed girl and clumsy girl combo……..

1. Yuzuriha was speaking English for these two words.

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