Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 39


Episode 39: Silver Princess and Noble Rose

Leaving school grounds, we made our way down a hill dyed by the setting sun.

“Well then, bye bye—”


“See you later Yuzu, Honoka”


Each of us said our farewells as Honoka and Yuzurin split away from us. Ranko gave an especially large grin as she watched Honoka back away from us with her arms waving through the air.

“Honoka, you’re not going to get lost are you?”

“It ⋅ is ⋅ right ⋅ over ⋅ there! We can see the dorms from here!”

“No, I was just thinking if it’s you, you might end up taking a detour……”

“Good point.”

“Nonesense! I’m a good girl who heads straight home after school!”

Honoka fumed at Ranko before heading off towards the dorm. Yuzuriha quickly scampered after her as she did……honestly though she’s the one I’m more worried about……

“Yuzu, watch over Honoka to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble.”


“Eh!? Yuzurin’s the one protecting me—!? Isn’t she just as danger-prone as I am though!?”

“So…’re admitting that you yourself often cause trouble……”

“In that case we’ll just have to fold our arms together! Then neither of us will mess anything up!”

“Good idea……”

Yuzuriha and Honoka went through their usual routine, crossing their arms like they were cross at some small animal and began stomping their feet in the direction of the dorms. So cute….. How lucky they are to be rooming together…… I wonder if I could maybe……

After seeing them off, the three of us continued on our way down the hill towards station below.

“Our club activities have finally begun~”

I was considering what we should talk about, but Saki cut her way in without ever giving any kind of silence to settle between us.

“Indeed. It feels like it took a long time even though it hasn’t been that long at all.”

“School started on Monday, and it is still only Thursday you know? I would say that’s pretty quick.”

“So it’s only been three days. All things considered, you’ve changed your attitude towards us quite a bit in that short amount of time Ranko.”

“Well……I mean. Honoka is that kind of person.”

Ranko might say Honoka is ‘like that’ however without her natural cheerfulness and pushy behavior, I doubt any of us would really be friends together, so I don’t think she means it in any negative kind of way.

While I recalled those first few interactions we all had together, Saki wrapped her arms around one of Ranko’s.

“We’ve become good friends together though, right Ranko~?”


Ranko’s face turned a bright red after having somebody suddenly stick so close to her. Her expression made it clear that she didn’t know if she was supposed to pull herself away or not. Has she really opened her heart to us that much?

“So sly—. I want to be good friends with Ranko too.”

I moved to the other side of Ranko and grabbed her open arm. Is that rose perfume I smell? The Noble Rose. Yet that elegant and mature image of hers has flown away to parts unknown; replaced by her now restless and confused mess of an appearance. She looks kind of suspicious actually since she isn’t directing her attention to either her right or her left.

“What are you two……”

Naturally Ranko is perplexed. Her face was a mixture of sullenness and shock, but I think I see of tinge of sheepishness thrown in there as well. Is this what people refer to as gap moe? Whatever it is, it is making my heart squeeze like no other. 

The three of us continued down the hill towards the station just like that, with the two of us glued to the third’s sides. It was the archetypal scene you often see in manga to display just how close a group of girls are together. It’s something I’ve never gotten to do before but always wanted to try.

Although, I’m also secretly keeping Saki in check. She didn’t do anything in the clubroom, but now that it is just the three of us, she is forcibly flirting with Ranko and embarrassing her. Is this what girls schools are like? My worries are only growing in number. 

“You two went home together yesterday right—? What did you talk about?”

Seeing that nobody else was going to say anything, I asked something I was curious about. Is this how it is when I’m not around as well?

“Well~. That’s what I thought we’d do, but Ranran remembered she had something to do at home and called a taxi.”

“Is that so?”

My gaze shifted up towards Ranko.

“Y-Yeah. Well, it was a family issue…….”

She was stuttering… ran away from Saki didn’t you? Yeah, she definitely ran away. Her eyes are swimming around in her skull. To go so far as to order a taxi though…..

That being the case, I can rest easy though since it seems like nothing happened yesterday. If somebody were to move Ranko’s heart before I can get close to her, it could put my entire yuri harem project in jeopardy.

So while Saki was clinging to Ranko’s side, I decided to start flirting with her too. After we finally made it to the station while filling our time with sweet yuri yuri time, I asked Ranko about where she lived.

“Down this line, two stations from here.”

“Hoh. So not that far from school. We’re one station further down.”

“Meaning we’re pretty close together”

“At that distance, couldn’t you walk home if you wanted to?”

“Well yeah. But this area can be scary after the sun sets.”

“If you’re scared, I could walk with you~”

Saki nestled up closer to Ranko and used her usual coaxing voice on her. I don’t like it. The cute Saki, is it wrong for me to be frustrated that she’s using her coaxing wiles on someone other than me? No, but, it’s cute…..but I’m irritated…….but she’s cute……

“I am no longer a child. I am a grown woman and more than capable of walking home by myself.”


Saki’s pouting. Ranko was clearly at a loss for what to do with her pushing so hard. 

We waited for the train to arrive at the furthest platform. The conversation disappeared as soon as we stopped walking though, making it feel a little awkward between us.

But after a moment had passed with Saki staring at Ranko’s face, she opened her mouth.

“Ranran is cool, but now that I’m getting a good look, you’re cute too.”

She then slowly extended out her hand. Placing her palm against Ranko’s cheek, she then slowly raised her own face while continuing to stare at Ranko’s.

Ignoring me as I watched from the side, the Silver Princess closed in on the Noble Rose.

Both of them are as beautiful as models, and the space around them became mixed warm shades of scarlet and indigo like a scene straight out of a love story. I watched with bated breath, not moving an inch so as to not disturb them.

They were staring into each other’s eyes. Although the distance between them was no longer shrinking, I still could not help but think they were about to kiss, and my heart became a swirling mess.


I was so drawn in by the scene that I’m not sure how long it actually took, but eventually Ranko did pull away. I can say for sure that it was long enough that you couldn’t say she immediately refused her though.

“A~h. Meanie~”

“…….meanie is a bit juvenile a word don’t you think?”


The princess released a strangely cute moan over Ranko’s tsukkomi. I hear people use the word meanie quite often in anime, but it’s considered juvenile? I’ll have to be careful not to use it anymore.

But now isn’t the time to be worrying about that. I didn’t not notice after all. Ranko’s cheeks were dyed slightly red as Saki brought her face in close.


This……isn’t funny. It’s true that they are both exceedingly beautiful and look great together, and I almost want to see them get together. It feels like I’m watching a real life example of my favorite yuri anime.

It is almost as if I have just witnessed the moment two people fell in love with each other. No, what if that is exactly what happened?

This isn’t anything like yesterday morning. Has my existence been completely erased from Saki’s heart? Or maybe I really have been full of myself, and she never thought of me that way to begin with. 

But I can’t dwell on the past. Saki’s number one will be me, and Ranko’s number one will be me. I won’t give up on my yuri harem. If she’s changed her mind, I just need to change it back. 

Once the train had arrived, Ranko got off two stations later. Stepping onto the platform at the next station, Saki and I passed through the ticket gate together. Saki’s smile was beaming and she looked beautiful, but it was a little painful listening to her talk. 

On our way back home until we separated, Saki continued to talk only about Ranko.

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  1. Saki’s extremely jealous of Ranko originally getting Yuri’s attention, so shes trying to make Yuri jealous, oho~

    Thanks for the TL! Already looking forward to the next chapter, I cant wait!


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