Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 40

Episode 40: Bygone Days of Teacher and Club Activities

The day after that murkiness with Saki fawning over Ranko.

I arrived at school earlier than usual and headed to the teacher’s lounge. I needed to give a report on the club room, and in addition, there was something I was curious about.

“Sensei was pretty close to the previous members of the photography club.”

“Well, I was their advisor, so it’s only natural……is there a reason why you would suddenly bring up something like that?”

“I found your picture left behind on the camera’s SD card.”

“Ah……is that so……. I could have sworn I erased that one…….. No, I should’ve just replaced the card from the beginning…….yeah”

Sensei seemed to somehow come to a conclusion on her own. So in other words, she checked over the SD card herself before putting it back in the camera? On purpose? Did she want to leave some memories of the previous club behind?

Well, I can’t really understand the feelings of some past members whose faces I don’t even know.

“I simply, wanted to leave a piece of those girls’ time there behind. By no means did I intend to get involved in that love affair……..”

Love affair? Was there some kind of drama between Sensei and the other club members that affected the club?

So what I’m doing right now might be a teensy bit wrong. I hope it doesn’t cause her too much trouble.

“Somehow, I can guess that something happened there at least. I just wanted to give you the report this morning, so I won’t press you on it. Rest assured.”

“Thanks. It’s good to hear you say that. You’re quick on the uptake, and it’s a huge weight off my shoulders.”

“Not at all. I simply don’t want to lose the club I just started.”

I’d really like to not stir up any unnecessary trouble…….

“Maybe, eventually……we can talk more about it. The previous photography club’s activities……. So for now, focus on your own club and what you girls wish to do.”


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