Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 49

Episode 49: Inventions and Sinfonias

As school wound down to a close, the toll of having put so much effort into that white hot battle during PE finally began to take its toll. After gritting my teeth and powering through the urge to take an afternoon nap, I finally have some free time. Honestly, I thought my head was going to slam down on the desk at some point…….

Our new club room. And although Ranko only recently joined up with our group, she got right to work on her homework as if it were perfectly normal without any kind of hesitation or feeling of discomfort. Rather than dealing with Honoka clinging to my waste and having her beg me to, “Show me your homework~!” first thing in the morning, Saki and I decided it was easier to just teach Yuzuriha and Honoka here, after class. 

“Even though we only just received this club room, you already have tea ready for us. Thank you Saki. Is that sweet fragrance peach tea?”

“You’re welcome~ I love the scent of peaches~ I added some milk for my personal tastes, but what do you think?”

“Mm~, it is delicious. If I had to say something, I suppose I would like it a little sweeter? I have a massive sweet tooth.”

“Righty-o~! I will remember that for next time~”

What a reply. My cheeks loosen as I think about how couple-like our conversation sounds, and I breathe in deep the aroma of the tea Saki gave me. It had a strong tartness to it, but it also cleared my head and relaxed me. 

After that, Saki went ahead and filled the room with some background music. The sound of the two regular speakers and the one square bass speaker synchronized together and created a calming melody by perfectly blending together the beautiful high-pitched notes and the heavy low notes. It’s probably a 2.1 channel soundbar.

The rustic box speaker pushed to one corner of the clubroom looked in no way to be a cheap piece of equipment. Perhaps the former club members liked listening to classical music while sipping tea like we are now. You can really feel the history of the club like this……

I don’t recognize the song playing right now, but it gives off a mysterious elegance like a small village along the Mediterranean Sea where the skies are a clear blue and the cries of black-tailed seagulls can be heard over the rising tides. A heartfelt thank you to the graduates of the photography club.

“Bach’s Inventions and Sinfonias? The repeated strong harpsichord leave a lasting impression, but for some reason it is making it difficult for me to focus on my studies.”

“Hohohou! So this is that famous Bach guy!? I hear he is super fashionable in the west! Ja-ja-ja-jaaan!”

“This kind of music……makes my heart throb……”

“Right~? I wanted to create a refined setting we could relax in~ I thought  Bach would do just the trick~”

After Ranko gave her impressions, Honoka and Yuzuriha quickly gave their own thoughts on the matter. Good impressions should be you honestly giving your feelings without having to force out some extravagant words. 

By the way, the “Ja-ja-ja-jaan” Honoka is humming is actually the beginning medley for Beethoven’s Symphony no 5, Fate. It seems like she isn’t able to tell the difference between classical music composers. Well, that might’ve been inevitable. 

I have to say though, Inventions is very uplifting.

“Ranko, you know your classical music.”

“My mother has been having me listen to it for a long time now. My ears are attuned to it.”

“Is that so? What a wonderful mom.”

“…….What makes you think that?”

Ranko had a simple, inquisitive look on her face. I am absolutely fascinated by how she can look so cool yet so childish at the same time. 

“She probably exposed you to as much classical music as she could because she wanted to expand your knowledge. I am sure this was how she nurtured your palette.”

“You think so…… Well, I suppose it is not impossible.”

Ranko glanced up towards the ceiling. Is she imagining something from the past? After a second of thought, she nodded her head as if accepting something. She likes to act like strict and mature, but in reality she is a considerate, pure-hearted girl. A pure-hearted girl who also happens to really hate losing. It really was the correct answer bringing her in to our group. 

“But most classical music can be……boring…… The melody needs to be more intense… have to raise up the tension…….”

“Ah—, I can understand that—. If the music is too quiet, I end up feeling sleepy.”

“Well I’m sure lots of people feel that way.”

Yuzuriha made a complicated face while seriously wrestling with her homework, and Honoka chimed in support for her opinion. And in doing so, Honoka lured Yuzuriha in, enticing her to purposefully toss away her pen despite how hard she was working and prostrating herself on top of her desk. Was her concentration shattered thusly? An exhausted Yuzurin.

“I… not good with formal things. It is better to be free.”

“I get that too—. If we’re talking freedom, it has to be rock right?”

“Yeah…..but punk and metal are pretty great too…….”

“Booyah! If that’s how it is, we should be headbanging to this Sin-something or other!”

Honoka’s words acted like a shot of adrenaline unloaded directly into Yuzuriha’s system as she suddenly revived from on top of the table. Her eyes were shining brighter than Christmas lights, and the two girls quickly began headbanging together. Yuzuriha’s head was still on top of the table, so her headbangs weren’t as heavy and erratic as Honoka’s however there was a clear back and forth to her movements. 

“Don’t you feel ridiculous like that?”

“That’s right Yuzurin! If you’re going to headbang, it’s gotta be fierce!”

“It would be a waste to wear yourself out right away……headbangs are something you do over a long period of time……”

However, classical music rarely ever follows a constant rhythm. So with the irregular beat constantly changing itself up, I would assume it difficult to headbang along with a classical song. Not that watching these two do their best to try wasn’t adorable. 

“If it’s too hard, it is okay for you to stop.”

“This is my first time seeing someone headbang to classical music……”

“Uyu~n…….our elegant space~”

Ranko and Saki, who wanted to spend their time here gracefully, lowered their eyes as if they were troubled. However, I noticed how the ends of their mouths curved upwards as they looked away, so I’m sure they were just trying to hide their smiles. Honoka and Yuzuriha’s free spirit has already grown on them both. 

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