Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 57

Episode 57: Sister Attribute

It looked like the sun was trying to hide itself behind the mountains, and the cold air was finally creating a chill across my skin as a result. A white and cool fog had quickly descended on the city. It’s not strange for something like this to appear in the early morning before dawn, but it is rare for it to settle down at a time like this. 

“Apparently the train is late because some gnomes are puffing on their pipes, but what are gnomes?”

“The spirits of the earth, it seems the long-standing seal on the gnomes has finally been broken…… If that’s why the fog is so thick here……we must quickly sign the contract to appease their wrath…….”

“That’s awful! Is there going to be an earthquake!?”

“With a contract with the gnomes, I will shake the heavens and the earth……”

Yuzuriha began swaying her body side to side as if to demonstrate the “shaking”. 

“Indeed— Yuzurin’s boobs are definitely shaking all right—”

“――!? N-No thank you…..!”


Yuzuriha playfully slapped Honoka. They look like they’re having fun. Although it goes to show that Honoka’s a pervert even if she’s not groping……

The delay wasn’t for very long, and in a few minutes the train pulled into the station. The three of us leaned on one side of the train, watching the abnormal sight of the setting sun diffused through a foggy sky. 

It wasn’t until the wheels finally started to turn and the train got on its way that I was able to sit back and relax. Meanwhile a wide smile spread on Honoka’s face as she looked at each of our faces. 

“Yahaha—. I had a ton of fun today—”

“I think it was a little too busy don’t you?”

“Wassat—? Are you saying it wasn’t any fun being with me!?”

“Yeah yeah, it was fun”

I patted my hand on Honoka’s head to calm her down, and she started giggling. She might always be causing a ruckus, but today wouldn’t have been so memorable without her. I tried expressing those feeling through the gentle pats on her head. 

“Only Honoka is unfair…..pat me too……please”

Huh? Staring at me for a second, Yuzuriha soon put her head out for me. Are both of you natural little sisters who like having your heads patted? That’s cute. 

In contrast to the healthy, energetic Honoka, Yuzuriha is more reserved and has that “need to protect” air to her. Her blundering and numbskulledness just amplifies the cuteness. But the relationship between us almost feels like a master and her servant? Or maybe it’s closer to an owner and her pet. I don’t mind doing what she says, but even if she and Honoka are both airheads, there are parts of her I can’t read unlike Honoka. 

The three of us talked about this and that as the train rolled and shook, but whenever the train came to a complete stop at a station, we would pause whatever we were talking about until it started going again. I would pick up the bags of books off the floor to get them out of the way and set them down again when everyone got settled. The bags were so jam-packed it was impossible to completely close them. Because of that, anyone walking past could easily see the covers depicting different girls kissing each other if they looked, so I had to work to cover them up with my body. Geez, it’s like I’m hiding contraband here. 

Incidentally, there looks to be some risqué works in this stack of yuri manga, so is that going to be a problem? Honoka and Yuzuriha said before they were going to read these together when they got home. Two girls of similar ages lying down in the same bed and reading through these dangerous images……naturally leading to the two girls with the little sister attribute to want to imitate the yuri flirting they find in the manga……. Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up forgetting all about me and entering a world for just the two of them. Although the yuri lover in me is giving the thought two thumbs up. 



Over the speakers we heard it announced we had reached the next station as the train started to slow down. The inertia pulled us all back, but since I weighed as much as two people with the added luggage, I kept the other two from falling over……to be clear, it’s because of how petit these two are that this is possible. I don’t weigh that much on my own either. 

“Oooh, thanks Yuu. But, we’ll be saying our goodbyes soon.”

“Farewell…….serenade of sadness…….”

“I suppose so”

I thought back over our busy, bustling day. As I did, an important question popped into my mind.

“Are the two of you going to be able to carry all these books on your own when I’m gone?”


Their mouths fell open when I asked the question as if they never considered that problem before. Cute……

“That’s gonna be a bit difficult—”

“If each of us takes half…….”

Saying that much, Yuzuriha tried lifting one of the bags by herself, 

“My arms would fall off…….”

“The bag might tear too…….it’d be a huge mess!”

Honoka narrowed her eyes, wagged her finger, and smiled. 

“But it’s fine—! This is why taxis exist!”

“Isn’t that a waste of money?”

“Heh, don’t take us lightly. We have the money to burn!”


Making a big show of it, the two of them slowly set down their bags and grandly showed off the hundred dollar bills they had lining their wallets. ……..The power of money is something to be feared. 

“W-Well, I guess extenuating circumstances warrant special solutions.”

“That’s right— Convenient things are meant to be used!”

“It’d be a waste……if we didn’t use it”

“We’d be in the wrong not to use it at this point!”

“S-Sure……I guess that makes sense.”

I’m incapable of fully understanding the thought processes of up-to-do young ladies. But, perhaps this is the correct solution for two girls as small as them. 

“We should’ve used a taxi when we were walking around town too—”

“Wouldn’t we have to call it every time we stopped at another store? That’d be a hassle.”

“How-ev-er! That’d be boring! That’s why walking is the best!”

She pretended not to hear what I was saying. What a free girl.

“And we would’ve had to walk to the taxi stands anyway……”

“Ah…..that’s true—”

She really is an airheaded girl. 

“Should I help you carry these to the ticket gate?”

“Non, non! That’d be bad, so please refrain!”

“No thank you”

Once again Honoka made a big show of wagging her finger in front of her face, but this time Yuzuriha joined in on the motion. The two of them are too cute. 

“With our powers combined, I can guarantee that nothing will happen—”

With that, Honoka bent down and grabbed the bags from below. She then made eye contact with Yuzuriha. 

“Come, Yuzurin!”


A combination maneuver where Honoka holds up the bottom of the bags while Yuzuriha holds on to the handles, thus dispersing the weight between them. But when setting the bags up like this…..

“I suppose the bags probably won’t tear if you carry them like that.”

“It’ll be hard to walk like this though— Fuehehe, but it’s the two of us! Our very first collaborative work! We got this!”

it becomes clear to anyone walking by that these bags are filled with yuri books. 

“I see. Well, be careful”

“The next time we see each other……when’s that going to be?”

“Sometime in eternity, when fate decrees we shall see each other under these stars once again……”

“Ooh! Are you talking about a midnight rendezvous—?”

“It is our destiny to meet…..beyond the river of anarchic stars……”

“Don’t be so dramatic. We’ll see each other tomorrow.”

These kids are one for strange goodbyes…..but the train door slid open before I could really say anything more. The other passengers lined up to file out with Honoka and Yuzuriha quickly joining them. 

“See ya—!!”


“Mm, bye bye”

With a final good bye, they stepped out onto the platform. The doors closed again soon after, and the train began to run. Out of nowhere, a small twinge of loneliness stabbed me in the chest. But then I looked outside the window, and there the two of them were running along the platform while waving to me. The two bags of books they set on the ground behind them looked like they were about ready to spill out. 

“Fufu, how cute”

I smiled alone and mumbled my thoughts aloud. I’m incredibly lucky to have met such nice girls as them. 

I enjoy my time with Saki and Ranko as well, but it’s a different kind of fun when I’m with them. Honoka and Yuzuriha are the playful types. You could file them in the exact opposite category of the mature Saki and Ranko. 

Obviously I’m still aiming for all of them to join my yuri harem. Judging by what happened today, aren’t I in a good position, at least on the friendship front? This might be me feeling an unjustified confidence because of their shared interest in yuri material, but I will continue to slowly work my way into their hearts while making sure everyone remains good friends. 

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Anyway… It moves a little… Much more working and by that I mean the relationships… Like a gear I guess? Of course the bad English is on purpose.


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