Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 58

Episode 58: Station Gathering

“Sorry for the wait—.”

In front of a donut shop resting inside the train station, we were suffering through the delicious sweet smell wafting out the door when Honoka rushed over from the ticket gate. By Yuzuriha’s account, who shares a room with her in the dorms, she refused to wake up this morning. And as she got close, she slowly lowered her raised hand……?

“…….Nuh uh! No casual sexual harassment allowed!”

“Eh, but I told you what I was going for from the beginning?”

“You’re supposed to be apologizing for keeping us waiting! Have some decency!”¹

Her hand was dangerously close to touching way too low. Even sexual harassment has lines……

“Guu……a miss… Why is your face red? Did you fall for me?”

“Fall nothing idiot! I’m angry!”

Even though we’re in a public space, I’m yelling at a girl who’s wriggling her body around while speaking with a coaxing voice. Well it’s a large hall, so I’m sure I can be a little noisy without bothering anyone……

“God, at least stop with the sexual harassment when we’re around other people.”

“But—, I just couldn’t help it—”

“Are you some pubescent boy with the girl you like……”

“I thought it was normal to greet other people in the morning with a slap to the crotch!”

“That’s between boys! We’re girls!? We’ve never done anything like that before!?”

“Yeah but, we’re closer than we were before?”

“Bosom buddies…..even though we’ve known each other for less than a week…..”

It’s troublesome if this girl’s sexual harassment goes too far. While I was wearily rubbing my temples, Ranko took a step forward with a frown after watching all this unfold. 

“W-Well. Everyone has……different ways to communicate…….”

“See, you’ve left Ranko practically speechless.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. That’s how she communicates.”

“Don’t just roll with what she was saying…..”

When I think about how these kind of exchanges are likely to continue into the future I feel a small headache coming on……

As it happens, this sexual harassment play might as well have been a wind’s breath for one person. Yuzuriha was wholly focused with the ring donuts she was munching away on. 

“Are they good Yuzu?”

She gave me a tiny nod as I tried changing the subject. 

“Ah! Those are the seasonal matcha donuts! Let me try one—!”

“Too late. They’re all gone.”

Yuzuriha shook her head, doubling her munching efforts after seeing Honoka’s greedy look. Furiously chewing……that is to say, she’s packed so much food into her mouth she looks like she has cheek pouches. Yuzurin the hamster girl. 

“In that case—, some mouth to mouth feeding should be fine right?”

“Knock it off! Don’t go polluting our Yuzu!”

I was about ready to karate chop the top of Honoka’s head, but Yuzu mumbled out an “Mm” of agreement before I could do anything. And then without any hesitation, she held out a finger covered in matcha chocolate. 

“W-What’s that? You want me to lick it…….?”

A silent nod. Wait, there’s no way……

“Oh! Then, thanks for the meal—!”

As soon as Yuzuriha had given the go ahead, Honoka put the finger in her mouth. Does that even work though? Can you really even taste the chocolate?

And, Honoka is more sucking than licking. 

What’s with this scene…..

I wonder if these two have completely forgotten they’re in the middle of a train station with scores of people passing by. Even if my heart is racing over this unexpected yuri development……. These two are way too free-spirited. 

After a moment passed and Honoka looked like she was completely satisfied, she finally lifted her head back up and released the finger. I immediately used a wet wipe to clean off Yuzuriha’s finger and Honoka’s mouth. 

“Thank ya— It was de-lic-ious! Why don’t you try it Yuu?”

“No, I’ll have to pass……”


Yuzurin let out a meek sound when I shook my head. She looked a little sad that I had turned it down, but her face was flushed and looked a little happy too……? I’m starting to really think this girl might be an S……

That exchange was the first thing to come about when the four of us met up together. Despite getting so easily side-tracked so quickly, we were soon on our way to the department store to find what we wanted to buy. 

It’s currently slightly past 9am on a Sunday morning. A whole day to shop and play with everyone. 

And Saki was nowhere to be seen. 

1. The word ‘omata’ used here can mean “thanks for waiting” or “sorry to keep you waiting”. It can also mean crotch. I am not imaginative enough to find a way to make this pun work in English. 

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Look it is just friends… Really really close friends, no bad intentions in there…. Hopefully?


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