Grimoire Master Ch. 188

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Chapter 16
Section 18: Capitol Defense – For Everyone’s Sake

Lanselva-sama and the other knights set their feet on the reconstructed merlon and slipped down to the ground 30 meters below. 

[Rose]: “Iris-san”

Rose-san turned back towards me with a refreshing smile that blew away all my fatigue.

[Rose]: “You have become more used to your role as princess as of late”

[Iris]: “W-What!?”

Rose-san said something beyond my imagination, and it completely threw me off. She then turned forward with a calm expression and murmured, 

[Rose]: “Then, let us be off”

And she followed after the others, leaping off the top of the wall. 

[Lapris]: “Huh, wai-, oi……we’re going too?”

Lapris’s head popped out from inside Unicorn’s mane. Linzflare-san’s head was positioned right next to hers and making the exact same expression. 

Linzflare-san has always carried herself more maturely than her sisters, but she is always addressing Lapris as senpai. And it looks like she has her childish moments as well. You can definitely tell she is related to Mippo and Moppo. 

[Iris]: “Do you even need to ask?”

Unicorn bent her front knees when I got close. 

[Iris]: “Unicorn, Sarah…..could you lend us your strength, for just a little longer?”

She’s the one who I’ve had summoned this entire time, from the very beginning. I heard a small, happy neigh as I straddled her back and brushed some of the dust out of her mane. 

[Sarah]: “Obviously. I’m not running away after all this.”

Sarah’s voice sprang forth from Unicorn’s heart.

[Iris]: “I see. Thanks.”

This time I pet the side of Unicorn’s neck with my hand in thanks, and she forcefully rose to her feet.

[Lapris]: “Oi Linzflare. Captain’s orders. You stay here and guard the wall. If this thing gets even a crack in it, you’re gonna fix it up lickety split.”

[Linzflare]: “Roger Lapris-senpai!”

[Lapris]: “I’m your captain right now! Call me Captain Lapris!”

[Linzflare]: “Roger Captain Lapris!”

Linzflare-san straightened her back and quickly corrected herself. She then hopped off of Unicorn’s head.

[Iris]: “What will you do Grides? Will you stay here? Or…..would you like to come with me?”

I twisted my waist and looked down on my classmate.

[Grides]: “…..That, of course I’m going with! It would be reprehensible for an aristocrat like me to silently watch while you are out there fighting!”

[Iris]: “Yeah, I figured you would say that.”

Grides grabbed my held out and swung her leg around Unicorn’s back. 

[Lapris]: “You, are way too damn serious.”

[Grides]: “Shut it!! All sorts of stuff keeps happening, so my head got overloaded!! So don’t you mock me!”

Grides’s voice sounded like the barking of a small puppy dog behind my back. Until very recently, I never would’ve thought we would fight together like this.

(But, I could say the same thing about Ashel-sama as well.)

She’s the descendant of the hero and a hero in her own right. There’s no way I would have thought a day would come when we’d fight side by side together.

I chose, on my own initiative, to become a spellcaster, an adventurer, and to leave my hometown of Soletta Ritta. 

The confrontation with Carbuncle could be attributed to the will of the Goddess. 

Sanz Wanz called us performers on a stage. 

But even if that is true……what’s so wrong about it?

*Taka*…..*Taka*…..*Taka*…..Unicorn flew up to the top of the merlon.

Below us was Rose-san and the other knights who had formed a platoon to orderly and thoroughly trample the advancing dragon golems.

And further beyond the advancing army was Sanz Wanz, who was repelling Phoenix’s onslaught of attacks after gaining a mountainous body from sacrificing his ability to fly.

[Iris]: “…..Grides. Don’t bite your tongue.”

[Grides]: “Huh…..? Um, Calvafon-san? What are you about to do? Because, you’re not seriously about to just jump off……”

[Lapris]: “Ah, you didn’t see how we got up here?”

[Iris]: “I don’t have the courage to do something like that Grides”

At my signal, Unicorn stepped out into the open air.

[Grides]: “KYyyaaaaaaaaa!!”

Whoosh……the wind whipped around us as Unicorn charged through the air.

Our aim was Sanz Wanz. We were only slightly higher than the heads of the Knights of the Goddess and the dragon golems they pummeled.

[Lapris]: “SHUT UPPPPPPPP!!!”

Grides was screaming right behind me while Lapris had begun shouting at her right next to my ear.

[Iris]: “You’re both noisy.”

[Grides]: “It’s because of you!!!”

[Lapris]: “I’m not the one in the wrong here!! Oi curly hair!! You won’t die even if you fall off, so shut up for a bit!!”

[Grides]: “W-Who has curly hair!?”

[Lapris]: “You do!! You’re the only one here who does!!”

We ran through the air for several seconds while listening to the two’s duet before catching up to the backs of my knights.

Unicorn’s hooves touched ground and dug into the soil.

Just as we landed, some kind of black ball passed overhead.


A second later, an explosion rocked Sanz Wanz’s upper body.

[Grides]: “W-W-What is it this time!?”

[Lapris]: “Cannon fire. Linzflare must’ve built a couple on top of the wall and set ’em off.”

[Grides]: “What is that spirit thinking!? What would’ve happened if that had hit us!?”

[Lapris]: “No minion of mine is going to make that kind of mistake.”

[Sanz Wanz]: *Grrrooooaaarrrrrr!!!*

Sanz Wanz’s head, which reached higher than any of the city’s walls, directed a mighty grudge-filled roar our way.

[Lapris]: “Well… didn’t do crap anyways. What’s going on with this guy?”

[Sanz Wanz]: “That twin card pattern on those shields……. How could I ever forget. That Ranroot had the same pattern on their shield as well.”

Despite being peppered with Linzflare-san’s bombardment, Sanz Wanz’s outer shell was very much intact. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “The Goddess Knights…..How awful to be hearing that name once again after a thousand years!!”

*Tap*……*Tap*……water began dripping from the cloudy sky.

The smell of the rain came in strong as it mixed in with the dirt, dust, and ash hanging in the air.

The thinly hanging clouds from before had grown thick, filtering the light from the setting sun and dying the royal capital red and black. 

[Rose]: “Smash!!”

On Rose-san’s command, all the remaining dragon golems were reduced to rubble. 

[Rose]: “Vault Oath!!”

As the city fell into darkness with the slow growing intensity of the rain, only shields of the Goddess Knights shone brightly, forming a wall of light as the warrior priestesses stood side by side in a row.

[Sanz Wanz]: “But, how serendipitous to have you save me the hassle and come to get slaughtered on your own.”

Sanz Wanz’s neck shot forward, and sunk its fangs into Phoenix’s leg. 

[Iris]: “Phoenix!?”

But she didn’t flinch. Hovering in the air, Phoenix used her other leg and began trying to claw out Sanz Wanz’s eye.

The heat radiating off her claws instantly evaporated the falling rain, causing a thin white mist to form around Phoenix’s body. However even that heat wasn’t enough to crush Sanz Wanz’s eyes. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “And you, you dared to touch my precious wings.”

Sanz Wanz shook its head back and forth, waving Phoenix around in the air with its fangs sinking further into her flank. And at the end, it was about to slam Phoenix into the ground.

[Lapris]: “Oi, that’s not good! Call her back!!”

[Iris]: “――!”

I shut Phoenix’s grimoire just before her body collided with the stone street.

At that moment, Phoenix’s body shrunk down, and with her diminutive stature, she was able to yank her foot free from between Sanz Wanz’s teeth. 

The grimoire transformed back into a ring and fitted itself on my right index finger.

*Cheep peep*…….

Little Phoeniko glid over, softly chirping when she reached me. 

[Iris]: “A-Are you okay? Thank you. You can take a rest.”

I gently stroked the top of her head after she landed in the palm of my hand. I then placed her in my chest pocket to keep her from getting wet in the rain. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Fufufu, it’s already impossible for anything to befall this body of mine. Next….it will be your turns to be crushed.”

Sanz Wanz slowly swept its gaze over each of us in turn. 

Lifting a leg which had reached the size of a castle spire by this point, he stepped down towards Rose-san and the other knights.

[Rose]: “Disperse!”

Rose-san gave out immediate instructions, and so the knights raised their shields and stepped back. 

A second later, *CraKoom…….!!* Sanz Wanz’s feet sank into the ground where Rose-san had been standing just before.

[Rose]: “Smash!!”

On Rose-san’s signal, several knights swung their weapons at the base of Sanz Wanz’s foot.


But with even Phoenix’s claws unable to break through, the blades uselessly bounced off Sanz Wanz’s outer shell. 

Only Rose-san’s mace was able to cause any damage, but it was such a minor crack compared to the dragon’s now massive body. 

But that wasn’t all. 

[Lapris]: “O-Oi… he still growing?”

All of us stared at Sanz Wanz after hearing Lapris’s leaked impression. 

And sure enough, the legs, body, and neck…..each was growing thicker like a tree planted in the dirt. 

[Lanselva]: “What a monster…..”

[Luotung]: “How do you kill a thing like that……?”

[Sanz Wanz]: “Heheh, MuWaHahahahahahahaha!! No, this body will soon be unable to withstand its own weight and collapse on itself……but, will this country still stand by the time that happens?”

Sanz Wanz’s gleeful laughter mixed together with the pounding rain. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “I will lose my body……and once again fall into my slumber. For one hundred, two hundred years. And when I rise again, into a world where all of you are dead and gone, I can fulfil Oshunel-sama’s long held wish…..and sink this world into oblivion.”

The sound of thunder rolled in from the distance. My hair was getting matted down from the heavy rain, and droplets started falling off the ends of my bangs. 

[???]: “…….No, you……you won’t!!”

Seeing Phoenix beaten and Sanz Wanz’s growing majesty had left all of us speechless. 

But, I snapped out of my trance when a loud voice pierced my eardrum from at my back. 

[???]: “If it is Sanz Wanz, it must be the Pterosaur of old. There are few in this world who would not recognize that name. Especially if you are one who has grown up here in Oshunel, it is a name that inspires fear and awe….but even so!!”

Grides jumped off Unicorn’s back. 

[Grides]: “You are making a big mistake if you think we are all going to cower away just because of that!! I am Grides Montifi, and I’m, a member of the Goddess Knights!! And we will stop you… and now!!”

And while glaring down Sanz Wanz, she opened her torn spellbook. 

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