Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 63

Episode 63: What’s so Special About Me?

“See you later Ranko”

“See you tomorrow~”

“Yeah, see ya”

The doors shut behind us while Ranko sees us off, and the train begins its move towards the next station. Once the birthday party finished, we parted ways with everyone one by one until finally it was just me and Saki. There were a lot of empty seats available after that last station, but I chose to stay standing. 

I think my position in her heart has become special once again since I’m the one who thought up today’s surprise party, but how can I be sure? 

A spider web of expectations and anxieties intertwined with each other in a corner of my heart. But I cannot let any doubts hold me back here. I have a chance now that there are only two of us here. I have to use this opportunity to shake her heart again. 

“Did you enjoy today’s party?”

“Yeah! I had no idea you even knew when my birthday was~!”

I struck up a conversation shortly after the train doors closed. Obviously the topic would be centred on today’s event. 

Saki answered with a big smile while hugging the bag containing the stuffed animal tightly to her chest. I did a guts pose in my heart. I have been in the middle of a match with this fancily dressed girl, and I somehow came out on top. 

“Thank goodness you liked it. I came up with the idea when we became friends and exchanged contacts. I was hoping you’d be surprised.”

I gave her a wink as I mentioned my plans, and her cheeks blushed red for an instant. I’m glad she’s conscious of it.

“So you’ve been thinking about this since then?”

“That’s right. That’s also why I put a rush on getting a club room. I wanted to surprise you and make today special.”

I answered honestly. And as a result, Saki’s gentle smile turned to an inquisitive one. 

“Why go that far?”

“……Because, Saki is special.”


She tilted her head and repeated the question. However, if I tell her the truth, “For no other reason than when I saw your sweet, sparkling eyes, I wanted to do my best,” she might think I’m only interested in her because she’s pretty. 




The wind suddenly picked up. Her long wavy hair was being blown into her face, and her body leaned up against mine. What good timing. 

“I wonder why”

I brushed my hand against her forehead to get the hair out of her eyes. The crimson tinge to her cheeks proved it was as effective as I thought it would be. 

You could tell by her trembling lips she was unsettled. She seemed to be trying to say something, but her voice wasn’t coming out.

“Fufu. You really are cute Saki”

I placed my palm on her cheek and smiled. She’s so amazingly cute even without any makeup, of course she’d be special. 

“Geez! You-! You’re always saying cute this and cute that!”

“Ah, you noticed?”

Her mood had switched to anger since she couldn’t come up with a good response, so I decided to play the fool for a bit. 

“But, it’s true though?”


But when I turned around and gave my line with a straight face, Saki tried gently pushing my back at the same time……hey princess, that’s my chest. 

When Saki noticed she didn’t immediately let go, instead opting to feel them for a bit. 


“You’re that interested?”

I could only give a bitter laugh. I didn’t like how big my chest had gotten. They are heavy and make it harder to run. Plus buying the right size bras are a pain. 

“Has these and so handsome…..”

“Eh, what?”


“C’mon, what was it—”

Did she call me handsome? I don’t naturally have the looks, so I’m kind of sensitive about this kind of stuff. I had to put in a lot of work for the sake of my high school debut. 

That aside, she’s been getting pretty flustered around me despite acting so nonchalant before. This could be a good sign. Although, I still don’t know why she gets finicky whenever I’m nice to Ranko. 

When we left the main street leading to the train station and turned into a more residential area, Saki and I began playing like a couple of birds, poking and nudging each other on our way home. 

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