Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 64

Episode 64: How do you do?

It was the day after our surprise party for Saki. 

I went to school like normal and entered the classroom. Looking around, the only one of our beautiful girls already here was Ranko. 

“How do you do Ranko”

“Good… do you do”

“Ahaha. I’m not used to it either.”

I got a weird look in return for my greeting, and I laughed to try and hide my embarrassment. Perhaps the school director is particular about it since this is a young ladies school, but everyone is supposed to start the day with a “How do you do”. 

From there, Honoka, Yuzuriha, and Saki walked through the classroom’s front door. 

“Hey hey hey Yuriha~! Goooooooood morning!”

“Morning…….another peaceful day”


All three of them gave their greetings one after another. But, what? They all had their own flares to it, but they’re all still basically saying ‘good morning’. Even Saki. 

“Thinking about it, some of you came up from the middle school section right? Shouldn’t you say, ‘how do you do’ in the morning?”

Curious about it, I tilted my head and asked Honoka and Yuzuriha about it.

“Ahahaha! Of course not—! Not unless you’re in front of some straight-laced teacher!”

“I don’t know anyone who does…..other than teachers…..”

“That! That’s it! Get with the times!”

“An ‘anachronism’, is what they call it……”

“Yeah! Something you’d say by mistake—”

“Everyone knows that……”

Honoka-chan was going full steam. She’s going on about Japanese vernacular, completely ignoring her own struggles with the subject. 

“So only for official use then. I’ve been tricked.”

“Hmmm~? Huuuh~? Somebody deceived Ranko-chan~? How embarrassing~?”


Fanned by Honoka’s teasing, Ranko pursed her lips in regret. Bothersome cuteness and gap cuteness in one scene.

“I know I said ‘how do you do’ when I first enrolled and didn’t notice until later~. Oh I’m so embarrassed when I think about it now~”

Saki smiled bitterly and covered up her face. This is pretty cute too isn’t it?

“Huh? This school isn’t just pretending to be one for young ladies is it?”

“The facilities are well-equipped with strict school rules…..”

“That’s good enough”

As I thought, it seems like neither Honoka nor Yuzuriha are aware of how special this school is. The feeling of being a sheltered girl is strong here. At the very least, it seems like they have a lot of money at their disposal. 

“Speaking of which, come my ladies! Today is cooking practice! Are you ready~!?”

“There’s nothing to prepare though Honoka?”

“Hm—? We can prepare our stomachs?”

“Can’t you at least say we should prepare mentally?”

There’s no chance she isn’t just interested in the food……

“Sorry we left everything to you Yuriha. Did you get all the ingredients?”

“It’s okay. I dropped off all the ingredients in the home ec room as soon as I got to school.”

“Thanks….buying, worried me…..”

“It’s nothing to worry about.”

Right. I took the initiative and bought the ingredients for our class. Although it makes more work for me, I will get anxious if I don’t do it myself. Perhaps this is a leader’s temperament. 

Although the reason why I thought up this system was because I didn’t know how well a couple of young ladies would do going out shopping, so it might’ve been unnecessary. 

“Unless~, don’t tell me you’re wearing the money(chakuyou) you collected from us—?”

“No, it would be embezzling(chakufuku) money¹……and I would never do that…… Here, I have the receipts and change.”

The home economics teacher told me on Monday how to best use the money I collected. She calculated the expenses to the point where I would have almost no change since Honoka insisted I buy the slightly pricier meat. There are just a few 10 yen coins and 1 yen coins. And a 5 yen coin.

“So, embezzlement(chakufuku)?”

“No, that’s wearing it(chakuyou)!”

As a joke, Honoka really started wearing the money. That said, all she did was stick the five yen coin on her forehead. Silly cute. 

“Ah—, it falls off right away—”

“Careful. You will leave a mark on your forehead~”

“It’ll only make me look like an idiot at worst.”

“That’s what she’s warning you about!”

Honoka peeled off the five yen coin after pressing into it her forehead, showing off a trace indent left by the coin. 

“Behold! My third eye!”

“That….Honoka-chan is….a child of the devil…..!”

“That’s right—! And I’m gonna curse you!”

Us other three watched on as Honoka and Yuzuriha began playing around just like that.


“More a clod than stupid.”


1. It is a pun. Honoka is using chakuyou here which means to wear and put on. She is supposed to say chakufuku instead though which can mean to put on clothes or to embezzle. 

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