Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 68

Episode 68: Hi-Chew

Our unfinished leftovers were taken with us for our lunch break. We were more tired than we expected after all that cooking, so we ate our lunch in silence. Saki had to leave early to turn in our report, so it can’t be helped. That being said, it isn’t like we always have to be together with each other anyway. The sense of security you feel from being with a friend is different from the security you feel from being with someone you like. Someone could feel smothered if we forced ourselves to be together all the time, so moments like these are good for us.

While walking back from the bathroom thinking about those kinds of excuses, I encountered Honoka on my way to the classroom. She was sitting in a small alcove at one end of the corridor, enjoying a cold breeze that came through, so I decided to take a seat next to her. I wouldn’t think she would be able to spend her time quietly, but here we are.

“I go here when I want to calm down—”

“So you like narrow spaces.”

“Yeah~. But only two people would be able to fit.”

“Oh, I suppose that’s true.”

“Meaning it’s a spot for me and Yuu-chan alone—”

“I, suppose…..?”

Honoka gave me a wide, bright grin as she said that. It’s making me a little nervous. No matter how airheaded she is, she is still a beautiful girl with the smile of a dazzling angel.

“I like keeping myself busy, but there are times I like being quiet and relaxing too.”

“Mm, I know what you mean. We were so busy today that I needed a break.”

“Yeah, yeah”

We’re sitting incredibly close together, and Honoka’s acting strangely calm despite this being the first time we’ve ever been alone together. This might not be bad either.

“Hold on”

I could hear a rattling noise as Honoka put up one of her fingers and opened a pouch she had in her hand.

“Here Yuu-chan, I’ll give you a Hi-Chew.”¹

“Huh? Aren’t you full?”

“It’s a palette cleanser. We have separate stomachs for dessert!”

“Isn’t that a lot though?”

A family pack of red, green, and purple chewy fruit flavored candy was soon brought out…..did she bring the whole candy box? It was probably something she brought for all of us to share together from the start. A nice lunchtime snack.

“What flavor would you like? How about muscat?”

She scoured through the inside of the pouch and arranged the different colors in front of her.

“Sure, muscat sounds nice.”

“”Got it—. Pulling one out now”

Unwrapping the small wrapper, she brought her face close to mine before putting the muscat-flavored candy into her mouth, and……



I-Is this mouth to mouth? N-No~. Here of all places~? So embarrassing~ But, we are in a blind spot, so our classmates won’t be able to see us unless they look out the doorway….no no, that won’t do at all. Sure we’d be sharing some food together, but this would also be sexual harassment. I sat down and suddenly I’m being fed mouth-to-mouth… it fine for things to develop this fast…..? If I’m just a little off, our lips will…..

Guh. I can’t understand her boldness. And maybe because I’m already a yuri girl, I can’t tell if this is something real or just my delusions. Is she in love with me? Or am I reading too much into it, and this is something common among friends?

Is my hubris taking me for a ride? No, but…..I try not to let my confusion show on my face.

“W-What are you doing?”

“Sfine~, fwere, huwry!”

Honoka completely side-stepped my question and continued to ‘hurry’ me up. If we really were to force through this kiss here, it would have a big impact on future developments. Especially if it turns out she really is in love with me. This action does raise the chances that she’s a lesbian… other words, this is my chance to earn some serious points……that’s not what I should be thinking about right now!

Maybe, she’s been trying to get close to me by having everyone get along this whole time…..?

My thoughts are as serene as the ocean during a storm. I can hear my heart pounding in my ear. But I have to settle down. If I rush through this without thinking about it…..


What’s a good way to divert things? I can’t think of anything good no matter how seriously I think about it.

“H-Huh? Hey~?”

Honoka was growing impatient while I played with my thoughts. Her face is getting closer, and my back is against the wall. I can smell the faint sweet scent of the muscat coming from her mouth.

“…..I-I-I’m actually not that good with muscat.”

“Huh!? That’s gah-!”

I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind out of desperation. The truth is I actually like muscat flavored candy. A lot.

However that makeshift excuse managed to do the trick, and Honoka was left babbling nonsense. I really would’ve liked it myself though…..

“So—, what are the other flavors? Oh, strawberry. I love those ones.”

“Nya, what’s that!?”

“Do you eat those ones two Honoka? Strawberry?”

I quickly snapped up a new strawberry Hi-Chew from the package. I shook it in front of her face as if to show it off and began slowly chewing it in my mouth.


Honoka’s puckered face couldn’t get much tighter, and I noticed the muscat Hi-Chew she had in her mouth hanging there on the tip of her lips.

This should be enough. My nasty lie of hating muscat should have done the deed. But it’s mentally painfully saying you hate something you actually love though.

“I’ll take that muscat”

Seeing my chance and a gap in my opponent’s defenses, I stole Honoka’s lips……I mean her muscat candy.


With a screaming Honoka at my side, I chewed on my stolen prize. After that initial shock wore off, she started grumbling under her breath. I feel sorry about it. But whether it’s an accident or something else, I would prefer it if my first kiss felt a little more special.

“Actually, I love muscat. Thanks”

“R-Really? You bully!”

“Ahaha, sorry sorry”

I repeatedly apologized with a laugh. I was teasing her while doing it though.

However this incident did make my heart race. It’ll be a problem if I’m roped in this easily. I want to be able to connect to my yuri harem members, share in their sadness as well as their happiness. The more we struggle together, the more our love swells. That’s why I need to keep things serious between as much as I can.

“All right then”

I jumped to my feet and turned around. When I looked around though, I suddenly saw Saki standing in the doorway, but she turned away from me before I could say anything.

Huh? Was I just ignored?

Maybe she couldn’t see me in the shadows. Shrugging my shoulders, I turned around to look back at Honoka once again.

“Saki’s already back, so we should hurry over too.”


I grabbed her thin hand and pulled her up. She felt warm, and I could feel her excited pulse through our touch.

But perhaps it is simply my imagination, but contrary to that uplifting feeling in her hands, her eyes looked sharp, almost cold.

1. A type of Japanese candy similar to Starburst. They come in a wide variety of flavors.

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  1. I’m thinking honoka saw saki before yuu, and saki probably saw everything the two of them were doing, that’s not going to work.


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