Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 67

Episode 67: Let’s Eat

“Okay, everyone put your hands together”

Four people clapped their hands together at my signal.


Pick up a spoon and savor each bite.

“Woah! Yumm~y! Isn’t this perfect?”


“Is it? Honoka didn’t seem too thrilled over sweet curry, and Yuzuriha didn’t want anything too spicy. So I chose medium spicy and sweetened the taste.”

I took a relieved breath in response to the two who were satisfied with the taste. I only used some basic seasonings, so I’m glad they liked it.

“Hmm. What’s that extra bit I’m tasting—?”

“It might be the apple and honey. I brought along a whole apple and cut it up myself.”

“Woah—. Housewife energy—”

“Smart and high femininity~?”

“Not really”

Saki praised me, but I shook my head to gently deny it. If there is anyone here with high femininity, it would be her.

Yuzurin quietly did a guts pose with her mouth slightly open.

“I want you as my wife…..”

“I’d be the wife? Yuzu is much more girlish than me.”

“Alright then—! A frilly maid!”

“Uu… need to go that far if I’m just making Honoka lunch.”

“Perhaps a pet would be a better fit?”

“Ranko-chan!? Definitely not! How come my status keeps going down!? I’m not even being treated like a human anymore!”

Two people here were set to follow up Yuzuriha’s sweet words with their own brand of evil. Honoka is on the level of a hobbiest, so it’s still fine, but the ‘Ranko-chan is secretly a sadist’ theory is gaining traction, and……it scares me.

Then each of us took a few mouthfuls of food and began expressing our impressions like how good the ingredients tasted or how soft and gooey it turned out.

Saki paused in the middle of her meal, and after looking at me for a second, she immediately turned her gaze towards Ranko. Just when I was wondering what she was doing, she scooped up a little bit of her meal into her spoon, and

“Here, ahn~”

“……? I’m capable of feeding myself.”

Ranko naturally tilted her head to the side.

“Now now, none of that. It’s just skinship~!”


However Saki’s flirting made Ranko flustered and confused, so she was forcibly made to take a bite.

“Is it delicious?”

“We’re eating the same thing, so it doesn’t taste any different?”

“Wrong~. Times like this you have to say it’s delicious.”


They were flirting during lunch last week too. And those times too it felt like Ranko felt perplexed over Saki’s pushiness.

Has Saki’s heart moved on from me? Was I misunderstanding things when she approached me with a big smile and her cheeks dyed red? Wasn’t she feeling shy after that surprise party?

Well, that’s how it goes. If people were to always start acting bashful after a single event, all the love affairs in the world would go perfectly.

I smiled wryly at the different thoughts running through my anxiety-filled heart.

But when Saki’s gaze met mine, it looked like those thoughts may have leaked out.

“Is something wrong Yuri-chan?”

The look on her face was so innocent it made me ashamed of the jealously I had let grow in me.

That was when Honoka slammed her hands onto the desk.

“Hey hey! Those two over there are having fun flirting—! Let’s share our own food too—”

She then looked between me and Yuzuriha.

“The three of us?”

“Of course!”

“Love triangle…..precursor for carnage…..”

“That’d be a problem.”

“Can’t we be a trio of good, lovey-dovey friends? Doesn’t that sound great?”


I thought about it. Saki and Ranko were looking at us puzzled, waiting to see what we’d do. Well this could help quell that sense of alienation I’m feeling as well as serve for a bit of revenge.

Yuzurin moved her spoon while I was still thinking about it. It was a bit of a big bite, but since I was prepared to get the sides of my mouth dirty, I went ahead and just ate it.


“Of course. Yuzu is the one who fed it to me after all—”


We responded to each other face to face.

“Hey hey over here too please!”

Honoka had her mouth open and waiting, so riding the flow I scooped up a spoonful of curry and flew it into her mouth.

“Mmm. The best!”

“Fufu. I put in a lot of love after all.”

“Uhehe. You can taste it—”

Like this the three of us were playing up the game.

“Here! Return”

The flow got reversed and Honoka moved to feed me.

Well, the taste didn’t change any, but when I took a bite, Honoka wrapped her hands around my cheeks and squeezed.

“Did you receive……my love?”

“Hmm, it’s a bit bitter.”

“What’s that!?”

I told a joke since things’d get boring if we were only sweet. When Honoka moved back, I picked up another spoonful and held it towards Yuzuriha’s mouth.


“So? Is it tasty?”

She nodded after swallowing her food.

“Underneath the curry spice, Yuriha-chan’s saliva mixed with mine, making a sweet taste inside my mouth, and…..”

“W-Way too graphic!”

You’re going to make me feel embarrassed…..I bitterly flicked her forehead. It’s a sugary, honeyed, sweet taste. Like fried butter.

Then when it becomes Honoka’s turn…..

“Ah! I can’t feed Yuzurin because we’re too far away! Grrr…….”

she made a regretful moan. However hearing that, Yuzuriha,

“Continue in the dorm……alone”

“Oh!? That’s an option!? We’re going to be super lovey-dovey together—!”

The girls were flirting and giggling with each other with me sitting in between them. It made for a good piece of eye candy. An overly energetic Yuzurin is pretty skilled in her own way though right?

“You sure get along well~”

Saki narrowed her eyes while watching us……she’s smiling, but I don’t see any joy in those eyes of hers, and it is really scary….. Is she mad? But you’re the one who started this.

Ranko is frowning next to her too…..okay. I think she’s feeling jealous, so I’ll have to follow up with both of them later.

In the meantime, I’m going to have to end this before anything turns for the worse.

“Come on. If we don’t move it, we’ll never finish before class ends. Hurry up and eat.”

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