Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 18


“We’re heading to the auction site now.”

A minute before, Rix and Kiddo had entered the room and handcuffed each of us one by one. A rope was then attached to each handcuff so that nobody could try running away, and several of us were taken.
When my turn came, El and Will-sama were standing right next to me as the men yanked on the rope and pulled us to the venue.




When we reached the venue, each of us were put away in a cage.
It’s only now that I’m alone in a cage that I realize just how comforting it was always having El and Will-sama there next to me.

(Haa…….when is Father coming? It’s already about to start……)

Perhaps they couldn’t pin down where we are and are still looking for us? I started getting anxious with thoughts like that running through my mind.

“…..what if they’re not coming……”

El stuck out one of his fingers from his cage towards me, probably because he was able to sense my anxiety.

“…….El. ……I’m not this timid! Help is definitely on its way, so we just need to believe and wait!”

[I am here].

Perhaps that wasn’t what he actually said, he only mouthed the words so I can’t be sure, but I could tell he was trying to make me feel better.

“………Thank you!”


Just having El close by makes me feel incredibly strong. If I was by myself, I’d surely be a bundle of nerves, unable to believe that help was actually on its way. That’s what I think at least.

(That’s how El must have felt when he had to go through this all alone too. And they even abused him as well! How infuriating!)

All the anxiety and loneliness I was feeling before completely vanished, and instead a newborn rage was bursting forth towards the sponsor and his comrades for everything they’ve done to the cute El.

“When I get out of here, I’m definitely going to complain!”

As I made my decision, I started to hear a voice from what must be the stage portion of the venue, and I started getting a little impatient to leave again.

(It’s finally begun…….at that time I submissively let myself get caught so I could discover the mastermind holding this auction, but I wonder if that was the right move~? It’s lucky that Allen managed to escape, but if he doesn’t manage to bring anyone back with him……it’s scary just thinking about it…….but all I can do is believe in him now that it’s started. Someone is definitely, absolutely going to save us……I know it.)

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