Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 19


Each child was locked inside their own cage, and one by one, we were taken up onto the stage and sold for an extraordinary amount of money.

(…..Next is my turn)

“…..El, j-just in case…….if help doesn’t come, you have to run away. If I’m sold, it’ll be your turn next, so you have to escape before that! Do you understand?”

I looked towards El in the next cage over. He was shaking his head like he didn’t want to.

“El…… I want at least you to be saved. You’re a beastman, so you’re a lot more valuable. That’s why I would absolutely hate it if you ended up being sold to some weird customer and ended up getting hurt.”

El continued to just stare into my eyes without shaking his head.

“Oi! What are you talking about!? You’re up next. Get her out there you lugs!”

And so on Kiddo’s instructions, some men dressed all in black picked up the cage I was in and carried me on stage.




“Up next we have an exceedingly beautiful girl from a noble family. She has emerald green eyes and platinum blonde hair, two truly rare features in this country. She would make an excellent daughter, with the right upbringing and care she could become a wonderful pet, and of course she’d clearly make an excellent slave……no matter what kind of tasks you might have in mind for her. Come come now, how much do I hear?”

After the moderator skillfully introduced me with a bright tone, a clap echoed through the venue as attendees continued to raise their signs and my price with them.

(Please let it be somebody with some common sense. No bad people please!)

I finished my prayer just as the bidding came to an end, and a man stood from the audience.


“I’m not handing over my daughter to a single one of you!!!!!”


The booming voice echoed across the venue as if the ground itself had begun to shake.


“Rose, I’m sorry I’m late. This place is already surrounded. All of you scum quietly surrender!”

(…….hm? Father, I was…….I was so scared!!)

“H-Hold on, why is Duke Winsley here!?”

“Dark auctions are illegal in this country Earl Skarl. ……What’s more, you threw my cute, beloved daughter Roselia in a cage. You didn’t stop at selling children from our own country or beastmen from the neighboring nation, you tried to auction off my daughter. Your sins are heavy! Prepare yourself!”

(…..Father, so cool)

The kind Father I always saw at home or who would always act frailly in front of Mother was nowhere to be seen. This was Father in work mode, trembling in anger……and he was so cool.

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