Grimoire Master Ch. 27

A quick character sheet for Lapris and a few characters we’ll met soon. Personally I love that picture of Lapris. She’s cute, but I can feel the smugness in those eyes.


Chapter 5: Solretta
Additional Characters Solretta Addition


挿絵(By みてみん)

Age: ???
Height: 10 cm
Race: Fairy

She likes to talk and loves sweets.
She has a cute face and is always wearing cute clothes. Too bad her words are always poison.

She lived in a fairy village located in the Swansea Forest, but her friends scattered after a dark elf attacked their home.
She’s now heading to the capital Osnell in hopes of finding her friends………


Sarah Calvafon

Age: 12
Height: 139 cm
Race: Hyurian

Iris’s sister.
Knitting is her strong point, and she often cobbles together sweaters and mufflers for her sister.
Despite being younger, she often acts as if she’s the older sibling and takes great pride in caring for her older sister.

Her dream is to one day be her sister’s bride.


Mycena Rolft

Age: 16
Height: 155 cm
Race: Hyurian

Iris’s (self-proclaimed) best friend.
She has a lively personality and has been playing with Iris ever since they were both young.
Currently working under her father as a carpenter’s apprentice.

Her dream is to one day marry the Calvafon sisters.


Aronda Lizea

Age: 32
Height: 157 cm
Race: Hyurian

Priestess of Solretta Litta, Iris’s hometown.
About ten years ago after being assigned as a priestess, she became the representative minister from the church in charge of management and maintenance and is essentially the top executive in the city.
She also acts as an older sister for the city’s children.

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