Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 29


Some time has already passed since I said goodbye to Prince Routh, and I am now thirteen years old. I’ve been able to exchange letters with Prince Routh, but I haven’t gotten to see him again. He’s apparently very busy with public affairs and his studies. Of course I have also been doing my best with my studying and dance classes so that I don’t embarrass myself as a duke’s daughter.
And starting tomorrow I will be attending a school meant exclusively for nobles.

“Hey Alto¹, I’ll be going to school starting tomorrow. You’ll be lonely right…….I know I’ll be lonely not being able to spend all my time with Alto.”

Alto is an actual dog that my parents gave to me back when I was still depressed after saying goodbye to Prince Routh. He’s a very charming doggy with fluffy black hair and two mismatched eyes. One of them is blue and the other green.

“Hey Allen, I wonder if I should just go to school with Alto, and then we can take classes together…… It’d be a lot of fun having Alto in school with me.”

“Haa, I understand how you feel Rose-sama, but it’s impossible. Alto cannot go to school with you. Only Anna and I are allowed to travel with you. Please endure it.”

Recently Allen has started talking more like an adult, and even though we were the same height when we were kids, he’s now gotten to be one……no, almost two heads taller than me. It’s getting hard always having to look up. Also, his face has started to change from a cute boy to a refreshing young man.

“I’m happy and relieved that Allen and Anna get to come with me, but it’s different with the classes themselves……”

“Is My Lady not looking forward to attending school?”

“Yeah~, I really don’t see anything fun about it.”

Anna is a maid who has been with me for a while now, and along with being Mary’s second daughter, she is a firm woman who is one year older than me.

(Because as soon as I get to school, I’ll definitely be acknowledged as a villainous noble girl. I don’t really plan on bullying anyone, but my face is so intense that everyone will definitely be scared of me as soon as they see me…….it’s making me feel a little miserable when I’m the one saying it myself.)

“You should be able to exchange information and make friends with nobles of various ranks. It would be too much of a shame if you were not able to enjoy yourself.”

“Yeah. You’re right. Plus I can learn all sorts of things while I’m there. But, it’s just too sad that I’ll have less time with Alto.”

“Yes now that I think about it Rose-sama, is it not a relief of mind that you are enrolling in the same school as His Highness Prince William?”

“His fiancee Sophia-sama will also be there to help you.”

“…..Yes. No wait! This means I’ll be in the same class as Prince Eric since we’re the same age! Haa, so depressing…….”

I buried my face into Alto’s fluffy stomach so that I wouldn’t have to think about the dreadful school life that was sure to start tomorrow.

“……Allen-sama, did something happen between Prince Eric and the Lady?”

“That’s right, Anna had not even met Rose-sama back then. When Rose-sama was six, she was introduced to His Highness Prince Eric. At that time Prince Eric completely denounced Rose-sama, and afterwards even went as far as to call her ‘fugly’.”

“Well! What a terrible story. And Our Lady is so beautiful as well.”

“Ah, indeed. He deserves to be erased from this world.”

I thought I heard something particularly ominous coming from behind me, but I was too busy enjoying Alto’s fluffy fur, so I didn’t worry about it.

1. His name is actually Elt, so his name is very similar to El’s. So similar that I changed his name to Alto to avoid confusing myself.

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