Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 30


(Haa, depressing…’s the day my school life finally begins. I’ve already prepared myself for the eventual condemnation, but I really want to stay with Alto!)


Allen and Anna are in a different department, studying together with the other servants and attendants that go to school here. Also, the servants’ department is in a completely different wing from where my class is, so it’s almost impossible for me to see them unless it’s lunchtime.

(I don’t have any friends my own age, and most of the people I know are just connected to my house. I’m so bored~)

Both men and women have been calling out to me since a while ago, but they’ve all only been looking to make a connection with the Winsley Ducal House, not me.
Just as I was thinking to myself, I noticed that the hallway was starting to get noisy, so I moved my gaze away from the window leading to freedom and towards where all hubbub was coming from.

“It’s His Highness”

“Oh dear, how fantastic…..”

“I would love to get to know him!”

“Prince William is already engaged, but I heard that Prince Eric has yet to find a fiancee.”

“Since we’re in the same class as him, we can definitely get close to Prince Eric.”

“……but, I heard that Prince Eric’s mouth is a little…..but maybe it’s just a rumor.”

“I’ve heard the same thing though.”

(Gu, seriously……don’t tell me he’s in my class? And all these noble girls want to become acquainted with him. But they’re right though. He does have a foul mouth. And I would prefer to not have anything to do with him.)

Everyone’s focus shifted over to Prince Eric, and unfortunately my solemn prayer that he be in a different class went unanswered.
On Prince Eric’s right was the candidate to be the next prime minister. And on his left was the son of the current knight commander. There was also another noble girl who was following after him…..she looks like she might be from another duke house.

(I don’t know her name. But it has nothing to do with me, so it doesn’t matter.)

“L, Long time no see. Roselia.”


For some reason Prince Eric came over to my seat and called out to me.

“Oi! Didn’t you hear me?”

“… apologies. It’s been too long Prince Eric”

“Hmph. When I’m talking to you directly, be sure to answer right away.”

“I never thought Your Highness would call out to me, so I was lost for words. I am terribly sorry for that.”

(W-What’s with this guy!? He’s even worse than he was before! At this point saying anything positive about him is beyond my grasp. When I get home, I’ll have Alto heal me!)

“Will-niisama and Sophia-sama said they wanted to have lunch with you.”

“I see, thank you for letting me know.”

(It’s been a while since I’ve seen Will-sama and his fiancee Sophia-sama, so it’ll be good to see them again.)

As soon as he finished passing along his message, Prince Eric turned away from me, taking his seat without another word.




“Hey Rose, long time no see.”

“Rose-chan, how was class? Did you already know anyone there?”

“Will-sama, Sophia-sama, it’s good to see you again. I’m afraid I only recognize a few of my classmates just yet.”

At noon one of Will-sama’s servant came to pick me up and guided me over to the dining room.
The cafeteria here is reserved solely for nobles, and it’s so gorgeous and finely decorated, the staff canteen I ate at in my previous life just cannot compete. And that’s not including the delicious food they serve here.

(I’d usually be happy to see Will-sama and Sophia-sama. I mean yes, I’m still happy. But, but you know, why!? Why is this guy here too!? Is it because he’s Will-sama’s brother!? He’s acting like my shadow. This is the worst. …….like this I wish I had just gone to the cafeteria in the servants’ building and eaten with Allen and Anna…….)

“I know things have been unpleasant between Rose and Eric since you two first met, but Eric’s done some growing up since then.”

“…….it’s not like I hold a grudge over something that happened when we were small. I’m just a little nervous because I haven’t really talked to anyone other than Will-sama and Sophia-sama.”

“Hmph. Nervous, or just brainless.”

“Haa Eric……you’re doing it again. How come the only words that ever leave your mouth are like that?”

“Will-sama, I’m sure Eric-sama is just embarrassed. Rose-chan has grown up to be such a beautiful woman……isn’t that right Eric-sama?”

Will-sama was looking positively fed-up while Sophia-sama was looking down on Prince Eric with a sharp gaze completely different from what her gentle tone would have suggested.

(Haa, I just want to leave already.)

And so both my school life and my lunch period turned into something to be depressed about.

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  1. Sophia’s thoughts: If this idiot doesn’t get his act together.. I may have to stab him. Being a tsundere works only if you do the “dere” part of it once in a while jackass….

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