Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 35


[Erina]: “William-sama~ Is it okay if I call you Will-sama too~?”

(Uwaa, what terrible timing. Will-sama looks disgusted……but he’s getting his just desserts after sitting back and enjoying himself while watching her constantly come at me~ So then, let’s just pretend I didn’t notice anything…….)

[Will]: “Sorry Miss Erina. I’m afraid the only women who can call me that are Sophia and Miss Roselia.”

With those words Will-sama yanked on my arm, pulling me in close.

[Roselia]: “Heh?”

[Erina]: “B-But why though~!? I want to call you Will-sama too~”

[Will]: “Because Sophia is my fiancee.”

[Erina]: “Roselia-sama isn’t though~!!”

[Will]: “True, but she is like a little sister to me, so it’s fine.”

Will-sama started stroking my hair. Seeing us like that, Erina turned a vicious glare my way.

(Hiii!! Scary! Stupid Will-sama!)

[Roselia]: “Will-sama, I appreciate you thinking so fondly of me. I never knew you felt this way. … then, I’ll just be……..”

I immediately tried running away, but Will-sama refused to loosen his grip from my arm. As such Erina-sama’s glare continued to bore a hole through my skull.

[Erina]: “……why isn’t this working?”

Erina mumbled something under her breath, but neither I nor Will-sama could quite make it out. But she then suddenly raised her face and once again glared at me.

[Erina]: “Why does Roselia-sama insist on being a nuisance~!!”

[Roselia]: “Eh? Nuisance?”

[Erina]: “That’s right~!! Roselia-sama wants to be Eric-sama’s fiancee, yet you’re constantly flirting with William-sama while following after Julius-sama and Lucas-sama~!!!”

[Roselia]: “You seem to be misunderstanding something here. I have never thought something so presumptuous as me wanting to be Prince Eric’s fiancee. For that matter, I rarely ever speak to Prince Eric either.”

(It’s just that Will-sama and Lou hate how you act, so they’re always avoiding you. And even if I do get along with his two friends, that doesn’t mean I like Prince Eric. Meanwhile Julius-sama tries to get close to everyone……just an ordinary playboy.)

[Roselia]: “Now that she understands, I really must be going soon.”

Now that Erina-sama had fallen silent, I turned my eyes away from her and spoke up to Will-sama to try and get him to let me leave.

[Erina]: “…..Roselia is a nuisance. Nothing’s going well even though I’m aiming for the reverse harem. I wish Roselia would just disappear…….”

(……did she say a reverse harem……)

Will-sama didn’t seem to hear her, but just as I was thinking about asking her to repeat herself, Erina-sama ran off somewhere.

(Don’t you think it’s embarrassing for a young maiden to just start sprinting away like that? No wait, if she knows about a reverse harem, doesn’t that mean she’s probably a reincarnated person too? No wait, putting that aside, a nuisance!! She thinks I’m trying to get in her way!? I don’t want to have anything to do with this though!!)

Realizing that that troublesome Erina-sama was probably a reincarnated person too, I had a premonition of future trouble to come. I could feel a migraine coming on as it dawned on me that she saw me as an enemy.

Routh (El) POVChapter 36

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